America’s Holiday Confessions

‘Tis the season to be jolly! (And a bit naughty, too.)

Are you thinking about regifting that scented candle you got from your coworker last Christmas? Well, you’re not the only one.

According to our Holiday Confessions Survey, more than half of Americans (58.52%) admit that they’ve regifted a present! (Makes you wonder where your coworker got the candle in the first place.)

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our naughty holiday habits.

As it turns out, more than two-thirds of us have peeked at our holiday presents early, three-quarters of us have kept a present we bought for someone else, and almost 30% of us have gone more than $500 into debt to pay for our holiday shopping. (But there were so many deals!)

Here’s a look at all of the scandalous results from our survey.

America's Holiday Confessions Infographic

Holiday confession survey results

  • 58.52% of respondents have regifted a present
  • 29.85% of people have gone into $500+ dollars of debt due to holiday shopping
  • A whopping 75% of people have purchased a present for someone else, and then decided to keep it for themselves
  • 71.67% of people have looked at their presents before they were supposed to open them
  • 26.67% of people said they would give their in-laws a bad gift on purpose
    • 18.33% said they would give their boss a bad gift on purpose
    • In total, 78.35% of people indicated someone to whom they would give a bad gift on purpose
  • 66.67% of people have lied to get out of seeing friends/family over the holidays
  • 33.33% say they’ve looked up the price of the gifts other people gave them because they were curious to see how much they spent

There’s a little bit of Scrooge in all of us, but giving your in-laws a bad gift on purpose? That’s just downright Grinchy. Santa’s naughty list may be longer than we thought!