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What’s the Most Popular Star Wars Episode in Your State?

— Written by Craig Hanks

May the Force be with you! We love Star Wars as much as the rest of America, and in celebration of our shared cultural pastime, we once again dove into the data and charted each state’s affection for the various installments of the Star Wars franchise.

In other words, we can tell you which movie got searched for most in each state for the last 12 months. So is your state a fan of the old or of the new? The “beloved George Lucas” era, the “reviled George Lucas” era, or the Disney era? The anticipation is thicker than a rancor’s neck.


We collected Google Trends data on each of the nine full-length Star Wars movies for the last 12 months to see which is the most-searched-for film in each state. Using a window of one year allowed us to minimize any recency bias, since The Last Jedi was released only a few months ago. (Sorry, Sad Luke.)


  • As is right and proper, The Empire Strikes Back dominates the competition, ranking as the most-searched-for Star Wars film in no fewer than twenty states.
  • Utah, well-documented as the nerdiest state in the union, may take its love of Star Wars to unhealthy levels. Utah is the top searcher for seven of the nine films, missing only Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.
  • For such a widely reviled movie, The Phantom Menace racks up an impressive eleven top slots. (Perhaps they’re just trying to decide whether they still hate it or not?)
  • The most isolated state in the union sets itself apart in more than one way: Alaska is the only state to search for Rogue One more than for any of the other films.
  • Either they defy the timeline restraints or they display a severe recency bias (or both), but New York, Michigan, and Utah seem to love The Last Jedi.
  • If you divide Star Wars into “the original trilogy” versus “everything else,” the originals still win out, taking 27 top spots and leaving just 23 for the rest of the franchise.
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So which movie is the most-searched-for in your state? Are you one with the crowd? Or do you stand out more than a Gungan in an Ewok village? 

AlabamaThe Empire Strikes Back
AlaskaRogue One
ArizonaThe Phantom Menace
ArkansasThe Phantom Menace
CaliforniaThe Empire Strikes Back
ColoradoReturn of The Jedi
ConnecticutThe Phantom Menace
DelawareThe Phantom Menace
FloridaThe Empire Strikes Back
GeorgiaThe Phantom Menace
HawaiiThe Phantom Menace
IdahoRevenge of The Sith
IllinoisThe Force Awakens
IndianaThe Empire Strikes Back
IowaThe Empire Strikes Back
KansasAttack of the Clones
KentuckyThe Empire Strikes Back
LouisianaThe Phantom Menace
MaineThe Phantom Menace
MarylandThe Phantom Menace
MassachusettsRevenge of The Sith
MichiganThe Last Jedi
MinnesotaA New Hope
MississippiThe Empire Strikes Back
MissouriReturn of The Jedi
MontanaThe Empire Strikes Back
NebraskaRevenge of The Sith
NevadaA New Hope
New HampshireRevenge of the Sith
New JerseyA New Hope
New MexicoThe Empire Strikes Back
New YorkThe Last Jedi
North CarolinaA New Hope
North DakotaThe Phantom Menace
OhioThe Empire Strikes Back
OklahomaAttack of the Clones
OregonAttack of the Clones
PennsylvaniaThe Empire Strikes Back
Rhode IslandThe Empire Strikes Back
South CarolinaThe Empire Strikes Back
South DakotaThe Empire Strikes Back
TennesseeThe Empire Strikes Back
TexasThe Phantom Menace
UtahThe Last Jedi
VermontThe Empire Strikes Back
VirginiaThe Empire Strikes Back
WashingtonThe Empire Strikes Back
West VirginiaThe Empire Strikes Back
WisconsinThe Empire Strikes Back
WyomingRevenge of The Sith

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