The 10 Most Wish Listed Smart Home Items in 2022

The top tech everyone wants for the holidays

Alex Kerai
Oct 10, 2022
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Everyone has a wish list for those items they would get if only they were on sale. Well, with the holiday season fast approaching, you can expect to see more retailers participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ahead of the holiday season.

We asked 1,000 people about which smart devices they plan to buy or upgrade this year to figure out what’s on everybody’s wishlist. There are some of the usual suspects, like tablets and smartphones, but with a lot of people embracing a digital life at home, the responses may surprise you.

So, if you’ve been trying to find the right gift for a friend, parent, or yourself, look no further—we know what they want.

The 10 most popular smart home items for 2022

So which gadgets are people really looking for this year? We’re so glad you asked. We surveyed 1,000 people in the US to see which smart devices people intend to buy or upgrade this year. Here are the top results.

10. Smart Lock

If you’re tired of fumbling for keys or getting locked out of your house, then you need a smart lock. Smart locks allow flexible access and let you in with just a simple access code. But which smart lock is best? We love how versatile the August Smart Lock Pro is because it retrofits on your existing deadbolt. The best part? It’s available on Amazon right now.

9. Smart smoke detector

Everyone needs a smoke detector in their home, but maybe if yours is going off every time you cook chicken wings, it’s time to upgrade to a smart smoke detector. What's the difference? These smoke detectors can sense both types of fire (flaming with little smoke and smoldering with lots of smoke) and are also set up to connect to other sensors in your home. We think the First Alert BRK 3120B (available on Amazon) is the best option with a low price and high quality.

8. Robot vacuum

Are you tired of vacuuming your house? So were we. But when we learned how expensive robot vacuum cleaners are, we decided to wait for Prime Day to buy. Right now, we’re seeing up to 50% savings on the best robot vacuums like Eufy, iRobot, and Roborock. Plus, some vacuum cleaners work with Amazon Alexa too.

7. Smart plug

Are you tired of vacuuming your house? So were we. But when we learned how expensive robot vacuum cleaners are, we decided to wait for Prime Day to buy. Right now, we’re seeing up to 50% savings on the best robot vacuums like Eufy, iRobot, and Roborock. Plus, some vacuum cleaners work with Amazon Alexa too.

6. Doorbell camera

Millions of packages are stolen each year, but luckily a doorbell camera can help you catch the culprit. (They’re also good for knowing who’s at the door and if you want to answer it.) We think that the Google Nest and Arlo doorbell cameras are great—and they’re already marking down Arlo by 25%. Another option is the Ring Video Doorbell (which is now owned by Amazon), and it’s now 30% off. Although it’s not one of our top choices, you can’t go wrong with savings that good.

5. Smart light bulb

Automate your lights with a smart light bulb and say goodbye to pesky light switches. Smart light bulbs are in the same vein as smart door locks and doorbell cameras, but they can also connect your home so that when your door unlocks, the lights turn on. You can find all of our top picks on Amazon, and you’ll never stumble through the dark to the bathroom again.

4. Tablet

1-in-10 of our respondents said that they want to get a tablet this year. But the big question is: which one? The top three bestsellers are, unsurprisingly, Amazon’s own Fire Tablets—the 10” Fire HD, the 8” Fire Kids, and the 8” Fire HD tablet. And if you’re not impressed by Amazon’s tablet offerings, Prime also offers Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface Pros, and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Right now, Amazon Fire Tablets are 50% off, with more deals expected to hit more tablets for Prime Early Access. (Back in July, Samsung tablets saw discounts of 30% and Kindles had 25% off savings.) If you’re one of the people in the market for a tablet this holiday season, buying now means you can save for those other gifts on your list (maybe a smart speaker?)

3. Smart speaker

Creating the perfect smart home? Then you need a smart speaker to bring all of your devices together. There’s no better time to take advantage of big markdowns on Alexa and Amazon smart tech products than Prime Early Access Day.

If you’re wondering what the best smart speaker on the market is, look no further. We also asked our survey respondents which digital assistant they use most and the overwhelming majority said Amazon Alexa, meaning you’re in the market for an Echo Dot.

2. Smartphone

Nearly 15% of our survey respondents said they are looking to get a new smartphone this year. With new models of most major smartphones being released this fall, there isn’t a better time to search for a deal. In fact, Amazon’s press release touts deals for Samsung in its top 100 deals section.3

Now Amazon isn’t normally the best place to buy a smartphone because they don’t offer discounts on a lot of the new phone models. But if you’re okay buying an older phone, you can save over 50% easily.

1. Smart TV

Maybe it’s that we’re streaming more movies and TV from home or maybe you want to see those stunning Rings of Power visuals with 4K resolutions. Either way, buying or upgrading a Smart TV was the most popular answer this year.

Smart TVs come in all shapes and sizes from 24” Fire TV by Insignia to 65” Roku TVs with Alexa. Plus, with pricing from $89 to over $1,700, there are options for everyone. And if you’re happy with your TV but need to check out Paper Girls on Amazon Prime, there’s always a Fire Stick to get you online.

Boost your home’s IQ with these honorable mentions

Still looking for things to connect your home? Trying to create the new Tony Stark mansion or that house from the 1999 Disney movie Smart House? Well, you’re in luck. Beyond our top 10 gadget deals for Prime Day Early Access, we found a couple of other things that people are hoping to get for the holidays.

  • Adding a smart garage door opener allows you to control the garage door from your phone. It's super helpful if you forgot to close the garage door before leaving or if you leave the opener at home. Some home security systems even come with smart garage door openers.
  • Are you ready for the perfectly cooled house without a jump in your energy bill? Smart thermostats can help. But with these devices costing well over $100, it can get expensive to outfit your home to the right temperature. Luckily Amazon has its own device and is offering up to 70% off in Prime Early Access savings.
  • Allergy season makes air purifiers a must-have each year. But with the best ones starting over $250, they can get pricey. Amazon is already running deals on HEPA Air Purifiers where you can save up to 25%. 

Methodology surveyed 1,000 Americans in August 2022 16 years and older with a +/- 4% margin of error and a confidence level of 95%. Respondents were asked about smart devices they have in their home and if they intend to buy or upgrade any smart devices this year.


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