United Van Lines Moving Review

United Van Lines review
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Full-value moving coverage! (this is great news)
Transparent pricing
Questionable consumer reviews

Do you ever sit down in your living room and think to yourself, “Man, it would really crush me if someone broke my 60-inch TV when I move”? If you’ve ever thought that before, you should probably hear about these United Van Lines moving folks.

There are risks associated with moving no matter who you do it with (including yourself, of course). The good news is that even if United Van Lines breaks your gorgeous 4K 60-inch TV, you’ll be fully insured.

Besides the insurance, there are other reasons why United Van Lines might be a great fit for your moving needs. Don’t worry, we’ll go into detail in this United Van Lines review.

What to know about United Van Lines

United Van Lines is one of the most available moving companies across the country.

Seriously, they move people everywhere, and they have every service you’d expect from a moving company and more. It’s basically like the Target of moving companies—you’ll find everything you need with United Van Lines.

Pricing is another story. The good news is that you’ll get a fairly transparent quote, but the bad news is that you’ll have to work fairly hard to get it. More on that later. Overall, pricing compares favorably with other moving companies, so don’t expect to pay more going with a bigger brand.

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Full-service move or partial move
You’ve got the choice between making a full move that includes packing and costs much more money, or you can do that stuff yourself and save a buck. It’s nice having the option either way.

Take customer reviews with a grain of salt

If you’ve googled “United Van Lines review,” chances are you came across some positively awful consumer reviews. Granted, those folks probably did have atrocious experiences, but it’s not like United Van Lines breaks every item as some of the reviews insinuate.2

So go into it expecting a good experience, and if something does go bad, complain and take advantage of that full-coverage insurance!

What you get with United Van Lines

All you researchers out there are going to love this section of our United Van Lines review. Let’s break down everything that comes included in your quotes and everything that costs extra.

United Van Lines moving services
ServiceIncludedCosts extra
In-home quoteYesFree
Loading and unloadingYesCost included in price
Shipment trackingYesCost included in price
Full valuation coverageYesCost included in price
Packing and unpackingAdd-onYes
Moving suppliesAdd-onYes
Home cleaningAdd-onYes
Tech set-upAdd-onYes
Auto transportAdd-onYes
Get QuoteGet Quote

Getting a quote

Compared to a company like Two Men and a Truck, the quote-getting experience isn’t a ton of fun with United Van Lines.

You start the process online, and a few clicks later, you’ll be told to wait for a call. (The call everybody loves to get: the moving-quote call.) No matter how you handle this call, you’re going to have to accept the fact that they won’t give you a number until they peek into your house.

Before all that happens, though, you can get a general idea of how much things will cost with an online estimation tool.

The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to talk to anybody. Just enter the ZIP codes of where you’re going and where you’re coming from, the number of bedrooms, and the date you plan on moving. Don’t count on the estimation being perfectly accurate, but it should give you something to go off of.


Well, we did the hard part for you and got United Van Lines to spit out some numbers for us.

Here’s a quote overview for a move from Chicago to Dallas:

United Van Lines example estimate
Move factsEstimate
Distance of move960 miles
Date of moveFebruary 2019
Move size4-bedroom house
Price without packing and unpacking$7,800
Price with packing and unpacking$11,700

Compared to Two Men and a Truck or Bekins, you’re paying a few hundred dollars more with United Van Lines. On the other hand, you’re not getting full-value insurance with those other companies. So it’s up to you decide whether the steeper costs justify the peace of mind.

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What about a local move?
Sadly, the online moving estimator doesn’t seem to work for local moves, so you’ll need to call to get a quote. Don’t panic—you’re great on the phone!

The pricing breaks down to be about $80–$100 an hour for labor, including the travel time to get to your place. The whole thing adds up to be a competitive price for a full-service move.

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Save some money with DIY packing
If you’re feeling up to it, you can save thousands of bucks by doing as much packing as possible on your own.

Storage options

Need some way to store your stuff in-between moves? United Van Lines can help with that. It’s always easier and (usually) cheaper to store your stuff with the same company you move with, and United Van Lines is no exception.

When you talk to your United Van Lines agent, you can inquire about getting a package that includes moving and storage. (See if you can use the word “inquire” in the sentence, and impress the agent with your esoteric vocabulary. Maybe you’ll get a discount, but probably not.)

Tech help

There’s a lot of awful things about moving, and dismantling and setting up your tech again is easily among the top three. Of all the moving companies we’ve researched, United Van Lines is the only one that packages tech support with everything else.

For those of you who don’t know the difference between their HDMI cables and coaxial cables, you’ll probably want to ask about this.

Full-value protection on every move

Out of all the cool things United Van Lines offers, this is by far the coolest. Zach Morris levels of cool. Sure, every other moving company offers full-value protection insurance, but it costs you tons of extra money on top of your quote.

Here’s how it all breaks down.

Most companies offer basic liability coverage, which covers $.60 per pound for every item in the move. In other words, if your 50-pound loveseat gets damaged, the mover would cover $30. That’s it.

Full-value protection, on the other hand, covers $6 per pound—which is significantly better. So if they break your loveseat (knock on wood that they don’t), they will cover $300.

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What if you’ve got some real fancy things though?
If you’ve got a collection of Twilight memorabilia, or you know, a really nice Mac desktop, that’s worth much more than $6 a pound, so you can always upgrade your insurance. Even after including additional insurance, United Van Lines still has the best insurance in the biz.

Clean my house? Yes please.

Another wonderful service United Van Lines packs into its massive toolbelt is housecleaning. Moving is so much work, and having to deep-clean on top of that is just too much to ask of mere mortals like us. Package cleaning with everything else and cross that massive to-do off your list.

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Moving packages for days
As you can probably tell at this point, United Van Lines offers pretty much every service you could ever want from a moving company. The main thing that’s missing is a post-moving massage. That would be nice.

Recap—Should you choose United Van Lines?

United Van Lines shines when it comes to the full-service move. Yes, it all costs a pretty penny when you add everything together, but if you’re looking for a pretty effortless move, United Van Lines is your ticket.

The other main reason you’d go with United Van Lines moving over another company is the insurance options. If you’re worried about stuff breaking, United Van Lines helps a lot with that too.

Still comparing quotes with other moving companies? Did something in our United Van Lines review get you worried? We break down other long distance moving and local moving options. Looking for something which contains storage? We also have you covered with our breakdown on the top moving container companies.


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