Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Review

Want a stress-free move? Solomon & Sons is the full-service mover for you.
Solomon & Sons Relocation
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Friendly, personal service
Short-term storage included
No online quote option

Moving is always either expensive or stressful—often both. You can try to save money by going the DIY route and renting either a truck or a pod, but then you’re stuck figuring out the details yourself.

We’re not going to pretend that any full-service moving company is the cheapest way to get your stuff from point A to point B, but with Solomon & Sons Relocation Services, you actually get what you pay for. Its people will take care of all the planning, logistics, and hard labor, and they’ll be nice about it from beginning to end.

Our only real gripe is that you can’t get a quick online quote, but the phone call is a lot less painful than you’d expect.

What to know about Solomon & Sons

Its small size means personalized service packages and stellar customer service.

It may be smaller than some of the other big-name full-service movers you’ve heard of, but South Florida–based Solomon & Sons can handle your local, national, and international moves. Rates are lower if you’re moving locally from South Florida, but the company can start from another part of the country too.

What you get with Solomon & Sons

Expect a full line of service options, plus a few bonus features.

Similar to other full-service companies, Solomon & Sons can move everything from your overstuffed closet to your third car. There are a few nice freebies thrown in, like short-term storage—but otherwise, every cost estimate is tailored to your unique situation. This means you won’t be paying for extras you don’t need.

Solomon & Sons moving services
ServiceCost includedCosts extra
Fragile-only packingNoYes
Specialty transportNoYes
Furniture assembly/disassemblyYesNo
Shuttle serviceNoYes
Short-term storageYesNo
Basic liability coverageNoYes
Full valuation coverageNoYes
Shipment trackingNot availableNot available
Free QuotesGet a quoteGet a quote


With Solomon & Sons, you get flexible packing options, which you can customize to fit your needs.

  • DIY packing: If you want to pack everything yourself, Solomon & Sons will provide the packaging materials. A representative can help you assess how much bubble wrap and cardboard you’ll need.
  • Fragile-only packing: If you want to pack almost everything yourself, but leave your dainty plates and weird lamps to the professionals, Solomon and Sons can do that for you.
  • Full-service packing: If you just don’t want to worry about it, Solomon and Sons will pack your entire house, from your grandmother’s piano to the contents of your junk drawer.

Once everything arrives at your new home, your movers will even put your furniture back together (but probably not your Lego pirate ship).


Lining up your move-out and move-in dates so there’s no lag time is something of a logistical unicorn. It seems like you’re either paying double rent for a while or scrambling to find a place to stash your stuff for a few days between homes.

Solomon & Sons bridges that gap with free short-term (up to 14 days) storage. S&S movers will pack up your belongings, take them to climate-controlled facilities, and deliver them to your new place—all at no additional cost.


Solomon & Sons offers your choice of limited liability ($0.60 per pound) or full replacement value ($6 per pound) insurance. That’s . . . not very much.

The rep we spoke to strongly encouraged purchasing additional third-party insurance—especially if you have some high-value items like your great-great-uncle’s crystal chandelier or your absurdly large flatscreen TV.

Solomon & Sons moving experience

Having amazing beginning-to-end customer service makes a huge difference.

We know we’ve already said it a bunch of times, but the folks at Solomon & Sons are so nice. You’ll be working with the same customer representative from the time you get your quote to settling your final bill, so they’ll really get to know you and your situation.

Getting your quote

To get a quote from Solomon & Sons, you’ll have to talk on the phone. That’s just how it is. But if you’re going to talk on the phone, it might as well be with these folks.

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Start your inventory list
Before your phone call, write a list of all the furniture and large items (art, instruments, bikes) you’ll need to move. That way, you’ll be prepared to answer the rep’s questions.

You can either call directly or submit your information online.1 After receiving your request, a customer representative will give you a call to talk through everything.

Expect to spend at least 30 minutes going over your expected inventory, packing needs, and the specific logistics of getting in and out of each home. They’ll give you a few numbers over the phone, but within a few minutes of hanging up, they’ll send you an email with a detailed breakout of all pricing.

Solomon & Sons pricing

To give you an idea of Solomon & Sons’ price range, we got a sample quote.

Solomon & Sons example quote
Move factsEstimate
Distance883 miles (Dallas to Chicago)
DateJune 2019
Move size4-bedroom house
Price without packing and unpacking$8,175
Price with packing and unpacking $9,966

Keep in mind that this quote represents what you can expect to pay during peak moving season (June), so if you move in the off-season, you can expect to pay a little less.

(There’s nothing special about these rates, by the way—they’re similar to bigger competitors like United Van Lines and Best Interstate Moving and Storage.)

Solomon & Sons also aims high when calculating your estimates. According to their reps, they’d rather credit your account after the move than surprise you with additional fees in the moment, so your final bill might be a bit lower than the quote.

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Senior and military discounts
Solomon & Sons always offers $150 worth of free packaging supplies for all seniors over 55 and for all active, reserve, and retired US military service people.2,3


Payment to Solomon & Sons happens in three phases:

  • Up front: 20-35% deposit to lock in your rates (calculated depending on where your move starts)
  • Upon pick-up: 50% of balance
  • Upon delivery: Remaining balance

Getting ready for your move

As the big day gets closer, you’ll work with your customer representative to finalize your inventory list, so don’t worry if you forgot to include something the first time around.

They’ll also help you think through any special services you made need so there are no surprises. For example, they’ll look at the width of your street so they’ll know whether or not the big truck can get to your house or if they’ll need a smaller shuttle to assist.

For safety reasons, Solomon & Sons does not ship flammable or combustible items such as cleaning fluids, fireworks, ammunition, matches, or fuel. You’ll need to properly dispose of these according to your state and local laws.4 (Or you can arrange other transport if you just gotta have that ammo.)

Speaking of disposal, make sure you have an overall trash removal and cleaning plan. Unfortunately, Solomon & Sons doesn’t offer those services, so you’ll have to either have to do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

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Packing tip
If you’re doing some or all of your own packing, make sure all boxes are sealed and clearly labeled by category or room. This will make unpacking way easier!


On the big day, your movers will go through your final inventory with you so you can sign off before the truck departs.

Solomon & Sons doesn’t offer any online tracking like some of the bigger movers, but by this point, you and your customer representative will be such good friends that you can call them any time for a status update.

Once everything has been delivered, unpacked (if they’re doing it for you), and rebuilt, you’ll go over the final bill together.

The rep we spoke to let us know that your account will be credited for any unused services, so if you end up selling your bike to your neighbor the day before the move, you won’t be charged for moving it.

Likewise, if there were unexpected hurdles, like an extra staircase, or additional pieces of artwork that had to be specially wrapped, that’ll be added to your final bill.

Recap: Is Solomon and Sons a good mover?

Good luck finding another company as thorough or as kind as Solomon & Sons.

If you’re lucky enough to live in South Florida, we absolutely recommend hiring Solomon and Sons for your next move. If you’re not in South Florida, see if there’s a similar local moving company near you.

This company isn’t perfect. There’s a long-form online quote, but we’d love to see a quick online quote option (and cleaning and trash removal services). But for what it does offer—from custom packing to car shipping—it handles with pure professionalism.

Because its people are so awesome about talking you through all the details, Solomon & Sons is an especially good option if you’ve never done a big move before or if you don’t have the time to handle the logistics.

If you want to find out how Solomon & Sons can make your next move easy, request a quote online.


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