North American Van Lines Moving Review

Whether you need loading and transportation only, or a full-on packing-and-unpacking moving company, North American Van Lines covers every need.
North American Van Lines
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Full-service moving broker
Comprehensive moving coverage available
Mixed customer service


To clear up any confusion, North American Van Lines (NAVL) and North American Movers are the same company. It may even be referred to as simply northAmerican.

We like North American because they have different levels of moves, both local and long-distance, and different packing options for all of your stuff. In our experience, it wasn’t hard dealing with the nationwide NAVL agent and our local agent, but be aware that moving brokers do have more moving parts.

What you should know about North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is a full-service mover that covers long-distance moving services, storage solutions, and packing services, as well as materials like boxes that help you stay organized in a move.

This national chain works with over 500 local moving companies—so you can expect a bit of a mixed bag here when it comes to customer service. One benefit of having so many contacts across the country, though, is the company has more bandwidth to handle more customers. So this way, you may have better luck with a quick move.

What you get with North American Van Lines

Whether you want to pack everything yourself and have them drive it, or just have North American do the whole move front-to-back, the company handles about any type of move—including transporting your car for you.

North American Van Lines essential moving services
ServiceIncludedCosts extra
Loading/unloadingYesCost included in price
Fragile-only packingYesCost included in price
Specialty transportAdd-onYes
Furniture assembly/disassemblyYesCost included in price
Shuttle serviceAdd-onYes
Basic liability coverageYesCost included in price
Full valuation coverageAdd-onYes
Shipment trackingYesCost included in price
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North American Van Lines moving experience

Since North American Moving Services is a broker, they’ll find a local agent that can take you from your origin to your destination. The agents are friendly and, in our experience, very low-pressure. However, with that came minimal information up front.

Getting your quote

North American offers all levels of moving service. For a North American Van Lines price quote, you’ll have to get your own in-home estimate like the rest of us. It’s all so personal, just like that treasured vase from Great-Aunt Tilda or your collection of prized Pearl Jam posters.

If you want to keep it cheap, you should pack up your things yourself, but know that North American offers to bubble wrap your large furniture and fragile items. Big things need to be protected too—it’s good to know that North American treats large and small items with love.

North American Van Lines has a simple online quote form that may or may not be helpful to you—it wasn’t exactly helpful for us. It sent us a “we’ll call you” email.

North American Van Lines has a simple online quote form that may or may not be helpful to you—it wasn’t exactly helpful for us. It sent us a “we’ll call you” email. Not great for a quick online moving company price comparison, or for those of us who hate the phone more than the Zoolander sequel.

After we received an email (and no follow-up phone call) we decided to get a hold of North American. You can expect to talk to a customer service agent who will help pin down a local mover in your area who will then help you book your in-home estimate.

For the rest of our preliminary questions, they referred us to a different agent who was able to talk us through insurance and what to expect.

Prepping your home

We appreciated that North American Moving Services followed their “we’ll call you” with a few blog selections, including room-by-room guides. That way, if you’re looking to save some money but not completely screw up your move, you can do a bit of reading on the subject.

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Get a free in-home estimate
You can call to book a free in-home estimate within 1-2 weeks, usually. The survey should only take about 20 minutes, but it’s best to set aside a full hour just in case you have additional concerns.


Unless you’re packing everything yourself, North American will keep detailed inventory lists (including item condition) as it packs your stuff up. These lists will be attached to the appropriate boxes, making it easier to figure out where your stuff is. Or if something goes wrong, it’ll be easier to fill out a damage claim.

If you need to make an extra stop (say at your local storage facility), then North American Moving Services will charge an extra $50 per stop and add the time taken to your overall price.

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Track your shipment
With North American Van Lines, you can track your shipment 24/7, even on international moves. We’re the type of people to watch our glorious new boots arrive step-by-step from Amazon, so we appreciate knowing where the rest of our stuff is when we’re moving.

Storing your stuff

Sometimes the headaches of moving are caused by non-essential items cluttering your space. Or sometimes you just don’t need to have your prized Fabergé eggs out in the open while couches, TVs, and tables are getting moved around. So if you need it, you can add storage to your North American Van Lines move for an extra price.

Your actual storage space size and location will vary based on the local movers—we can’t be sure what you’ll get. However, North American makes it a point to find centrally located and convenient spots that work for both short- and long-term storage. You just gotta give them a buzz, hombres.

Recap — Is North American Van Lines a good mover?

We’d say that North American is a safe bet for a quick and convenient move. Best of all, if any of your stuff is messed up, you get comprehensive coverage for the full (not depreciated) value.

  • Services: North American can hook you up with everything you need and includes full comprehensive coverage.
  • Quotes: You need to schedule a free no-obligation in-home estimate, or else you can’t get a ballpark quote.
  • Moving: Whether packing your own stuff or having North American do it for you, the move includes inventory lists and valuations, and those can help keep you organized.
  • Storage: You can store your stuff while using North American Van Lines, but costs will vary according to your needs.

If you’re stoked on North American, give them a call to schedule an in-home estimate. If you’re not quite sure the company has what you need, check out our other best long-distance moving service contenders.