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Quick quotes and competitive pricing make this broker worth considering.
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When I was packing for my last interstate move, everything I owned fit into a truck except for one thing: my car. And if you’ve been there, you have to wonder, “How can I drive my truck and my car at the same time?” Thankfully, there’s a whole industry meant to deal with exactly this problem.

If you’ve been trying to find a reliable auto transporter, then you’ve likely come across Montway Auto Transport. As a broker, Montway links customers with a large network of carriers who can take your car nearly anywhere.

We normally shy away from using brokers because they hire third parties to do the work, but Montway’s simple website, relatively clear policies, and middle-of-the-road prices make this company an attractive option.

What you should know about Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport got its start in 2006 (the year 30 Rock, Nintendo Wii, and Twitter began), so it’s a relatively new company. Since then, Montway has quickly become a major player in the auto transport industry.

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Montway acts as a broker
Montway doesn’t actually ship your car itself. Instead, it acts as a broker, which means that it will plan the transport, but then hire someone else to pick up your car.

Working with brokers makes us a little nervous. Using a broker kinda feels like hiring a babysitter named Susan based on a friend’s recommendation, but then some guy named Steve shows up to watch the kids. This is the trouble with brokers: you don’t know who you’re actually hiring.

That said, working with Montway’s ready-built network of 15,000 car carriers can be a lot easier than trying to find one on your own. Plus, it actually has a solid reputation for reliability. (Maybe Steve is an awesome babysitter after all).

What you get with Montway Auto Transport

You might just be trying to find someone to take your car from point A to point B so you can drive the moving truck—nothing fancy. Montway can handle that easily. But it also has a bunch of add-on services for cars that need extra special care.

Worried about golf ball sized hail raining down on your car during transport? You can get enclosed transport with Montway. Trying to ship that classic car that you’re going to fix up one day (next year for sure. . . )? Montway can ship non-running cars too.

This chart gives you a breakdown of all the add-ons that Montway offers, and whether they come standard or will cost extra.

Montway Auto Transport services
ServiceCost includedCosts extra
Door-to-door pickup and deliveryYesNo
Enclosed auto transportNoYes
Non-running car pickupNoYes
Expedited transportNoYes
Full insurance coverageYesNo
Allows luggage in car (100 lb. limit)YesNo
Guaranteed pickup datesNoYes
RV transportNot availableN/A
Boat/ski doo transportNot availableN/A
International transportNoYes
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If you need to combine your auto transport with a household move, Montway can’t help you out there. But other companies like United Van Lines do offer both services, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Montway provides full insurance coverage for all its transports. But anyone who’s had to file an insurance claim knows that not all coverage is created equal. So, what does “full coverage” actually mean?

Basically, Montway requires all of its carriers to be covered by a minimum of $750,000 in public liability and property damage insurance. So, unless your car is worth more than my house, you’re probably going to be fine with Montway’s insurance policy.


It might seem like a foolproof plan: load up your car with stuff and have Montway ship your car for you. But as much as you might want to treat your car like a POD shipping container, Montway won’t schlep your stuff for you.

You might ask, “They’re already shipping a 4,000-pound vehicle, so what’s a little extra?”

The weight does add up, unfortunately, and it’s not just that. Shipping stuff inside your car also adds to Montway’s liability. Imagine how many calls auto transport companies already get about lost sunglasses, air fresheners, aux cords, etc. that people are sure they left in the vehicle.

So the limit is 100 pounds of stuff, and it has to fit in a suitcase or a bag inside the trunk. Montway acts very strict about this, but . . . *psst* . . . I managed to push it up to 200 pounds when I was getting my quote over the phone. So there’s a little flexibility there.

Other types of vehicles

Montway will transport almost any make of car or truck, and they can hold their own against the best motorcycle shippers around. Unfortunately, they don’t ship RVs, boats, or ski-doos, so plan accordingly.

Montway Auto Transport shipping experience

If you’re just moving across town, then you’re ok to get a local company. But the complex logistics of hiring someone for a cross-country move can be a real headache. Fortunately, good brokers are like Advil. They’ve got it all taken care of.

Here’s the rundown on how easy things will be when you ship with Montway.

Getting your quote

Montway Auto Transport’s website is really easy to use. All you have to do is give a few basic details like the car’s location, make, model, and destination, and Montway will give you an instant quote on your auto transport.

Once you’ve got the quote, it’s probably a good idea to talk with a representative over live-chat or on the phone to verify all the details. When I was talking to a representative about my quote, I managed to save a few bucks by changing the date.

The cost of transport will obviously vary, but to give you an idea of what shipping with Montway can look like, here’s the test quote that I got.

Montway Auto Transport example quote
Example quote categoriesDetails
Distance of transport1,078 miles (Chicago, IL, to Houston, TX)
Transit time4–6 days
Date of moveMarch 2019
Vehicle model2016 Toyota Highlander
Regular price$929
Cash price$879
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This quote put Montway in about the middle of the pack compared to other auto transporters. It was cheaper than Door-to-Door Transport and Autos on the Go, but it was more expensive than uShip and Freedom Auto (based on instant quotes).


You won’t have to pay a single penny until Montway schedules your pickup with a carrier. At that point, you’ll either pay the full amount (if you’re paying with a card) or a partial amount (if you’re paying with cash).

As you can see from my quote, you can save a decent amount of money if you pay cash. (Just keep in mind that if you do opt for the cash option, you’ll pay the remaining balance at delivery.)

There is no cancellation fee if you cancel before your transport is dispatched by Montway. If it’s too late, you’re looking at a hefty $199 charge. Yikes!

Prepping your car

Your car is heading off into the big, bad world all alone! But there are a few things you can do to make sure its journey goes smoothly.

First of all, make sure there are no loose parts or racks hanging off your car that could get banged up or fly loose in transit.

Second, Montway requires that your gas tank is at least half-full at the time of pickup, so head to the gas station.

Finally, make sure to disable your car alarm. Montway offers this ominous warning to those who don’t: “Carrier may silence alarm by any means.”1 Yikes.


So, it’s the big day. Everything is booked and prepped. What should you expect?

Well, you or someone you designate will need to be around to inspect the vehicle with the carrier. Make sure to do this inspection thoroughly or you’ll have no basis for an insurance claim if something goes wrong.

Once your vehicle is in the carrier’s care, you can just relax and wait for delivery.

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Montway doesn't currently offer online tracking
Unfortunately, Montway doesn’t provide any sort of online tracking of your car while it’s in transport, so just be aware of that.

At the time of delivery, someone needs to be there to accept the car, sign the final receipt, and do an inspection. And that’s it, you’re done! Now you can take your sweet whip for a joy ride.

Recap: Is Montway a good auto transporter?

Montway Auto Transport’s broker service can make shipping your vehicle long distances simple, quick, and relatively affordable. We definitely consider it one of the best car shipping companies.

  • Services: Montway covers all the basics—they’ll get your car from A to B—and they’ve got plenty of add-ons for those extra-special vehicles.
  • Quotes: Quotes so fast, they’ll make your head spin. Just make sure to hit the brakes for a minute or two to confirm everything with a representative.
  • Transportation: Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, as long as you’re there for pickup and delivery.

If Montway sounds like the auto transporter for you and your ride, then you might as well get a free, instant quote right now.


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