Mayflower Moving Review

April showers bring May flowers, but what do Mayflowers bring? All of your stuff. Plus they’ll clean and help you sell your house too.
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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
House cleanup add-on
Real estate add-on
Pricier than DIY moves

Mayflower is a nationwide full-service van line that gives you flexible options for small or big moves, whether they’re residential or corporate, local or long-distance. Mayflower even goes international (just like the Pilgrims).

Mayflower’s been in the business for more than 90 years, so they must be doing something right. You can add house-cleaning along with other “convenience” services like home theater setups, real estate services, PC and network setups, or debris pickup, making it a pretty well-rounded service for taking care of everything all at once.

What you should know about Mayflower

Mayflower is a full-service van line, meaning they own their own vans, but may delegate some parts of your move to other local companies. A lot of companies operate this way including United Van Lines and Allied Van Lines.

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Most Van Lines Delegate Specialty Services
Mayflower, like most other full-service van lines, works with third-party services to take care of certain specialized moving tasks. Need to move a hot tub, piano, or pool table? There’s a good chance your mover might contact a specialist to help ensure it’s packed and transported safely.

Mayflower ensures every part of your move is taken care of. And it can do just about any type of move: local, long-distance, international, corporate, small, and full-service moves.

If you need a little extra help, Mayflower also has convenient service add-ons like cleaning, packing and unpacking, automobile transport, and storage services.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive move, though, just know that full-service moves usually cost more. You can save a lot by packing yourself and renting a truck, or maybe look into a shipping container company like PODS.

What you get with Mayflower

Mayflower’s basic services include $5,000 Additional Valuation Protection, an ambiguous “Flagship Protection” (which we couldn’t find specific information on), and

You can add more for $5.50 per additional $1,000 Full-Value Protection.

Another cool Mayflower perk is compensation for delayed delivery. You’ll get $250 for each day beyond your scheduled move date.

ServiceCost includedCosts Extra
Fragile-only packingAdd-onYes
Specialty transportAdd-onYes
Furniture assembly/disassemblyAdd-onYes
Shuttle serviceAdd-onYes
Basic liability coverageYesCost included
Full valuation coverageAdd-onYes
Shipment trackingYesCost included
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Pairs & Sets Protection

The idea of Pairs & Sets protection is that if one item in a pair of two or more is damaged, Mayflower covers the cost of the full set.

Say the delivery driver swerves to avoid hitting an adorable sloth in the road, which causes a nasty chip off one of your matching chopping blocks. Mayflower will pay out the value of the set instead of just the damaged piece. This means you can keep your place looking fresh even if animal-oriented altruism gets in the way.

House cleanup

Sometimes security deposits on leases can get quite pricey. Mayflower has a service that will clean your place after they’re done moving your stuff. It’s an added cost, but it could save you money in comparison to losing your security deposit.” We’re always down for one-stop shopping and avoiding the smell of cleaning chemicals.

Real estate

Mayflower partners with CityPointe Real Estate Services to help you figure out what to do with your home situation when you’re ready to move. You’ll get cash back after your home is sold, or cash back by buying through CityPointe.

Mayflower moving experience

As a van line, Mayflower and its local agents own and operate the equipment. And as a full-service mover it will reach out to other local companies to meet any additional requirements for your move.

Getting your quote

Like many movers, getting a price from Mayflower will require you to schedule an in-house appointment. Even then, your final price may differ from your original quote, so be prepared by stashing a little extra cash for any surprises.

Mayflower charges based on weight, volume, and distance traveled. Moving quotes are always individual, but in general, you save $1,000 or more if you pack everything yourself. Our sample quotes ranged from $3,000 to $7,500.

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Not a fan of In-home estimates?
Consider a company that offers over-the-phone estimates.

Over-the-phone estimates are a good option if you want to maintain your privacy as you shop for a mover—but they aren’t always as accurate as their in-home counterpart.

Prepping your home

Mayflower can pack and unpack your home for you—and if you choose to do that, you’ll have less to worry about.

But in general, you’ll want to prepare for your move by unplugging all your appliances and letting your fridge and freezer to defrost for 24 hours beforehand. That way, they won’t leak everywhere as they dry during the move.

Turn off your lights, furnace, air conditioners, heaters, or anything else that consumes energy (or other utilities).


Pack up everything that’s approved to be moved on a truck. If you need packing materials, you can get them from Mayflower, or you can ask around locally to compare prices.

A driver will take inventory of your items, but make sure to fill out the High Value Form for items valued above $100 per pound. That way if your sick new LG 4K TV gets messed up in the process, you won’t be out the money.

The movers will load up the truck, drive it to your new location, and unload the stuff into your new home.

We recommend doing a walkthrough before the driver leaves to make sure nothing was left behind in a closet or anything.

Storing your stuff

Mayflower has in-transit storage options—which means if your new house isn’t quite ready, you can keep your belongings in a nearby secure facility so you don’t have to worry about it in the meantime. Adding storage costs a bit extra but may be necessary if you can’t get everything into your new home right away.

Recap: Is Mayflower a good mover?

Mayflower’s full-service moving and van lines can take care of everything for your move, which can save you time and money. And its services extend to things like house cleaning (which may get you back your security deposit) and real estate help with selling and buying your home.

Services: Mayflower provides more services than your average mover. You won’t have to call around as much, saving you time and money.

Quotes: You can get an online quote, kinda—you fill out a form and you get a “we’ll call you” message. We don’t love that, but every move is different, and this is part of the process.

Moving: If you need help cleaning, packing, and selling your house, Mayflower has you covered. If you just need help getting your stuff from A to B, Mayflower does that too.

Storage: You won’t get included storage with Mayflower like you do with PODS, but Mayflower can hook you up with the right people and coordinate schedules with your other services, possibly saving you some cash along the way.

So Mayflower is a great full-service moving option if you’re willing to pay—but if you’re looking to save, you’ll want a more DIY service like a moving container company or moving truck rental company.

We’d say go grab a quote from Mayflower to see how they stack up against your other options.

  • Richard M Fodera

    I strongly would not recommend them. We moved from NJ to Florida in August 5. Major damage to furniture. Many picture frames where broken. Many items missing. They took apart furniture but never assemble them pack.