Interstate Moving and Relocation Group Review

This broker makes up for its rough edges with decent prices and plenty of perks.
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Competitive pricing
Included storage
Poor insurance options

Sure, you could rent a truck, make your friends help you pack, and spend several grueling days lugging your stuff across the country. But every DIY move involves some risk—and with that kind of stress, you can break more than just your china set.

If you’re looking for a company that will do the heavy lifting for you, literally and figuratively, then Interstate Moving and Relocation Group is a pretty good choice.

Despite some blemishes on the outside—like its unimpressive website and not-great insurance policy—the company offers competitive prices and plenty of perks, like 30 days of storage at no extra cost.

(Already sold on the free storage? Start the quoting process online. Otherwise, read on to find out more.)

What you should know about Interstate Moving and Relocation Group

If a mover moves your stuff, then what exactly does a broker do to it?

Despite the name, Interstate Moving and Relocation Group will not actually move your stuff themselves. The group is a broker, which means it’ll hook you up with a third party that’ll haul your stuff from point A to point B.

We don’t always love brokers. Why use a go-between when you can just go straight to the source? But if you’re the type of person who prefers the pre-planned vacation package to the DIY backpacking trip, a broker might be what you need.

A good broker will work with multiple companies to find you fast delivery, decent prices, and a smooth ride from start to finish. That can be super helpful for long-distance moves (although you might want to check out local companies for shorter moves).

A broker’s services will often include perks, too, like Interstate’s free 30-day storage. Just be aware that they have to make their money somehow. (Hint: by sometimes charging more for the move.)

What you get with Interstate Moving and Relocation Group

To the truck, to the truck, everything you own in a box in the truck.

What exactly are you paying for with Interstate Moving and Relocation Group?

For starters, Interstate will arrange for a truck and movers to come to your house on an agreed-upon day. Those folks will unhook your appliances, load up all your stuff, drive it to your new location, and unload it. They’ll even hook your appliances up in your new place.

All of that comes standard with Interstate Moving and Relocation Group. But you can throw in additional services like packing and unpacking for a little extra. Here’s a complete list of the company’s standard services and add-ons.

Complete Interstate Moving and Relocation Group moving services
ServiceCost includedCosts Extra
Fragile-only packingNoYes
Specialty transportNoYes
Appliance connection and disconnection YesNo
Furniture assembly/disassemblyYesNo
Shuttle serviceNoYes
StorageYes (30 days)No
Basic liability coverageYesNo
Full valuation coverageNoYes
Shipment trackingYesNo
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Auto transportation

Sorry to break it to you, but your car isn’t going to fit in the truck. Thankfully, if driving the car yourself isn’t an option, Interstate can set you up with auto transportation services.

There are even options like covered transport. You wouldn’t want a hailstone denting your Maserati, would you? (Or your . . . Ford Focus.)

Of course, if you’re shipping just the car, it might be cheaper to skip the broker and go directly to the source.


You might be wondering what “basic” liability coverage means. In short, if something happens to your stuff in transit, Interstate will give you $0.60 for every pound the damaged item weighs.

That means you’d get about $70 for your recliner chair. Not bad, you might be thinking. But hold on: at that same price per pound, you’d only get $45 for your flatscreen TV. Oh, and that Macbook you bought last year? That’ll fetch you a cool $1.75.

And then there’s the company’s arbitration agreement.1 Yikes! If you’re transporting some really valuable stuff, and you want it insured well, you might want to look elsewhere.

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group moving experience

Moving can be fun! (*awkward silence*) . . . fine. Moving can be fine.

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group looks pretty good on paper (besides that arbitration agreement—sheesh!). But what’s it like to actually work with them?

Getting your quote

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group’s agents love talking to their customers on the phone. At least that’s what I concluded after one called me six—yes, six!—times one Saturday morning to follow up on my initial quote inquiry. (I wasn’t picking up— Saturdays are precious.)

But I waited to see if they’d send me a quote without getting on the phone. And they did! After I filled out a list of household goods, they emailed a price estimate. Works for me.

Once I had the quote, though, I did hop on the phone to ask about special deals, add-ons, and alternative dates. It was a bit of a chore, but it was definitely easier and less involved than getting a quote from some other companies (*cough* Best Interstate Moving and Storage *cough*).

Pricing and payment

Our sample quote from Interstate Moving and Relocation Group
ServiceCost included
Distance of move978 miles (Chicago to Dallas)
Date of moveApril 2019
Move size4-bedroom house (9,147 pounds)
Price with pack and unpacking$8,039.87
Price without packing and unpacking$6,539.87
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Once I had the quote from Interstate in my inbox, I looked it over carefully. There was a $1,000 “manager’s discount” on there and a charge for “binding estimate,” which means that the estimated price is firm as long as the move actually contains the items listed in the quote request.

But you’re probably more interested in knowing how it compared to other companies. My quote turned out to be cheaper than a quote for a nearly identical move from United Van Lines, but a bit pricier than one from International Van Lines.

While that puts Interstate in the middle of the pack, I was really impressed with the cheap packing and unpacking costs, which were only $1,300–$1,500. That’s about half what other companies gave in their quotes.

Perks like 30 days of free storage, basic furniture assembly and disassembly, and online tracking make the price estimate look even sweeter.

As for payment, Interstate Moving and Relocation Group asked for $2,726.25 up front. That’s a lot of cash to shell out all at once (enough to pay my mortgage payment—twice!). And beware, the deposit is only refundable for up to 72 hours after booking.


This is the part where you get to sit back and relax (or worry about the movers dropping your fragile things, if that’s your style).

Interstate will dispatch a reliable third-party carrier to your home to execute the move. Be ready to pay the mover 70% of your remaining balance upon pickup, though. And if they say you have to pay anything other than what’s on your estimate, don’t. Call Interstate and get a new agreement in writing.

Once everything is loaded up, you can track your goods online as they move across the country. Just remember that someone needs to be ready to meet the movers at their destination, where the remainder of your balance will be due.

Storing your stuff

Interstate Moving and Storage provides 30 days for free with your move! Nice. So if you haven’t quite closed on that new house, then you can put your stuff in storage. (Just don’t expect to have access to it during that time.)

Recap: Is Interstate Moving and Relocation Group a good mover?

Decent prices, free storage, six calls on a Saturday morning—what’s not to love?

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group is a strong contender in a world of cheap-to-expensive moving options. You might pay more than you would elsewhere, but not too much more—and you’ll be getting plenty of perks in return.

Services: Interstate offers a full range of moving services, from packing to auto transport. If you want to avoid the hassle of booking different companies for different tasks, Interstate’s got you covered.

Quotes: You may have to put up with a few calls and texts, but you can get a quote pretty easily. And overall, the prices are below many competitors, but it still doesn’t rank among the most affordable movers out there.

Moving: If you’ve got the money, then Interstate has everything else taken care of.

Storage: 30 days at no extra cost? Awesome sauce.

If all this talk about dealing with a moving company made you decide to just do it yourself, then go ahead and rent yourself a truck or order up one of those PODS.

Otherwise, you can get started by putting in a quote request on Interstate’s website. And if you’ve ever moved with Interstate Moving and Storage, let us know in the comments!


1. Interstate Moving and Relocation Group, “Arbitration Agreement