How Much Does It Cost to Rent a U-Haul?

U-Haul trucks come in a variety of sizes, and what you pay depends on how big a truck you need and how far you’re going. Take a look at the different sizes and U-Haul prices to get a ballpark idea of what you’ll end up paying.

U-Haul rental prices
Truck size10-foot17-feet20-foot26-foot
Base rate$19.95$29.95$39.95$39.95

On top of the base rate, you’ll need to factor in these extra costs:

  • Gas (and U-Hauls are guzzlers)
  • Environmental fee ($1–$5)
  • Taxes (up to $50)
  • Extra costs for long-distance moves

All in all, plan on paying more than the advertised price—especially if you’re planning a one-way, long-distance move.

How much am I paying for a short-distance move?

If you’re planning on moving just down the freeway, give or take 50 miles, this is what the U-Haul rates look like:

U-Haul rental prices
Truck size10-foot17-feet20-foot26-foot
Base rate$101$106$116$133

Remember, these are just the base U-Haul rates. You’ll be paying a little more with the fees on top.

How much am I paying for a long-distance move?

If you’re planning a long-distance move, your U-Haul price can vary. For example, this is the pricing you can expect if you move from Chicago, Illinois, to Dallas, Texas (approx. 950 miles):

U-Haul rental prices
Truck size10-foot17-feet20-foot26-foot
Base rate$1,138$1,198$1,498$1,977

That may seem expensive, but compared to a full-service moving company, you’re saving thousands of dollars. (Yes, moving with U-Haul does mean more work for you, but think of the money you’re saving!)

What size truck should I get?

Getting the right size truck makes all the difference when you’re moving. After all, you don’t want to make multiple trips if you can avoid it, and you definitely don’t want your 70-inch TV flying around the back like in a pinball machine.

Check the sizes of U-Haul below to know what to get for your move:

  • 10-foot truck: Studio apartment
  • 15-foot truck: 2-bedroom apartment
  • 17-foot truck: 2-bedroom home
  • 20-foot truck: 2–3 bedrooms
  • 24-foot truck: 3–4 bedrooms
  • 26-foot truck: 4+ bedrooms

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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