How Much Do PODS Cost?

PODS can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. If you’re moving less than 50 miles, your costs will be significantly lower than if you move farther away. But if you’re moving across state lines, plan on your costs totaling at least $1,000 for a single container.

How much do PODS cost for a cross-country move?

Keep in mind your individual PODS moving price can change depending on location, destination, time of year, and how many containers (and what size of containers) you use.

But if you just want a rough idea of how much it would cost to move your stuff across the country in a single PODS container, we did a test case for you.

We got a quote from PODS for a hypothetical move from Seattle, Washington to Columbia, South Carolina (about 2,900 miles) at the beginning of July. The agent gave us this cost breakdown:

Example PODS cost breakdown for cross-country move
Container delivery to current location$180
Monthly rental$289.94/mo.
Transit cost$4,444.65
Container pick-up at destination$166
Taxes and fees$324.41
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Considering that far of a move would literally cross the country, we’re guessing our quote is on the higher-end of PODS pricing. But remember—that quote is for only one container.

How much do PODS cost for local moves?

For the most part, PODS makes you call in to get a definitive price quote. But if you’re just moving locally, you might be able to find all the info you need through PODS online quote system—which is what we did.

For a hypothetical move from Chicago, Illinois, to Aurora, Illinois (about 32 miles), we got this cost breakdown:

Example PODS cost breakdown for local move
Container delivery to current location$106.49
Monthly rental$121.99/mo.
Transit cost$134.49
Container pick-up at destination$74.99
Taxes and feesUnlisted
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Again: that’s the price for one container, and it’s the smallest one PODS offers (7 feet long).

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The storage cost is part of your quote whether you think you’ll need storage or not. If you do need storage, then it’s great to have it automatically added. If you don’t, then you might want to try a company like U-Pack that charges storage separately.

How much does PODS storage cost?

PODS includes 30 days’ worth of storage in your initial quote. After that, you can pay by the month for additional storage.

We checked out what it would cost just for storage in a PODS facility in Salt Lake City, Utah for 3+ months and got this quote:

Example PODS storage quote for 3+ months: $139.99 per month

For each month you keep your PODS container in storage, you’ll pay that monthly cost.

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Pro tip
You can use PODS containers for storage on your own property if you need some extra space while you’re renovating or doing home improvement projects.

Think PODS sounds like the right service for you? Go ahead and get your own quote to see what your move will cost. Or, check out some of our other mover reviews to find a company that works for you.

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