Best Motorcycle Shipping Companies

For those born to be wild, not just any shipping service will do. A good motorcycle shipper keeps your bike enclosed and delivers the goods on time.
  • Best for Comparison Shopping
    4 out of 5 overall
    Get multiple quotes
    Name your own price
  • Best Experience
    4 out of 5 overall
    Specialized motorcycle delivery
    Enclosed bike-only trailer
  • Best Discounts
    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Great insurance coverage
    Cash discount
  • Best for Express Shipping
    3 out of 5 overall
    Instant quotes
    Size limitations on motorcycles

If you’re moving to a place beyond the pines, or if your weird uncle Zed has left you his legendary chopper, you want to find the right motorcycle shipping company to make sure your bike arrives on time and in perfect condition.

How much does it cost to ship most motorcycles?

It all depends on distance, bike weight, time of year (winter and spring are cheaper), and transport style (enclosed shipping is more expensive).

According to uShip’s convenient “choose your own price” tool, our quote from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City had a minimum bid of $199. On average, we came across prices from $300 to $740—even for nationwide treks from Beverly Hills to Manhattan. Adding another bike increased the cost by $100–$200.

Compare the best motorcycle movers
uShipHaul BikesMontwayMotorcycle Shippers
Broker or carrierBrokerCarrierBoth, based on locationCarrier
Included insuranceVaries$15,000*$100,000$7,000
Specializes in motorcyclesNoYesNoYes
Door-to-door deliveryYesYesYesYes
Additional moving servicesYesNo, motorcycles onlyYesNo, transport only
DetailsGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a Quote

*$500 deductible. Or choose no deductible for $50.

All of our picks are certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), meaning they’re allowed to cross state lines (among other things) to ensure your motorcycle won’t get held up along the way. And each door-to-door motorcycle shipper includes insurance (Montway stands out here), but you can always opt for more coverage.

uShip: Best for comparison shopping

The right place to start for a motorcycle shipping quote.

When you want to see multiple options, read reviews, and set your own price, uShip is the way to go. If you start with uShip, then you’ll be able to see a variety of motorcycle shipping options.

If you’re looking to transport your bike along with your other belongings, uShip can provide other moving services too.


  • Field quotes from a single source
  • Name your own price
  • Additional moving services


  • Not the actual delivery service

What you get with uShip

uShip is essentially a broker that will connect you with the best motorcycle transport for your move, and they can help with a full-service move, too, if that’s what you need. You can either pick from their listings or list your shipment for a bid to get the best deal.

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Should I use a broker?
Brokers offer some real advantages—you can often find better rates through one search than by individually grabbing quotes everywhere.

However, there are some disadvantages too. You won’t be dealing directly with the carrier, which may or may not complicate any claims or questions for you down the road. Using a broker doesn’t ensure that the carrier specializes in motorcycle delivery either.

With uShip, you’ll link up with the best motorcycle transport for your trip by putting your bike and shipping info in as a quote. The company is like a broker and ad listing all in one.

From there, you can either select a carrier from its listings or put up your information for a bid to get a lower price. But beware: you may have to compromise on your moving dates or other details in order to get the best price.

uShip motorcycle shipping services

  • Insurance varies by carrier
  • Listings from multiple carriers
  • Set your own price
  • Additional services available
  • Additional cargo insurance available
  • Comparison graphs for your quote
  • Motorcycle carrier reviews
  • Online booking and payment
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A way to save
Let’s say you’ve got a hand-me-down bike that looks like it was used to film Mad Max. Well, if you opt for an open-air transport instead of enclosed transport, you can save as much as 50% on your delivery costs.

We don’t recommend this option if you own an expensive Deus Grievous Angel or mint condition vintage Harleys, though.

uShip mover experience

If you hate making phone calls (and who doesn’t), uShip might be for you. After you plug in your info, uShip will graph out your quote range, let you name your own price, and direct you to reviews of the companies you’re interested in. That way you don’t have to call around to get quotes.

Also, uShip lets you track your motorcycle shipment online so you can be there when it shows up at your door. You also book and pay online, which is our favorite way of doing things.

Overall, uShip’s a quick way of shopping for the best motorcycle movers.

Options for getting a quote from uShip

Haul Bikes: Best experience

With Haul Bikes transport, you’ll have real bikers moving your bikes—so you know they’ll act with knowledge and care.

Haul Bikes specializes in motorcycle transport, so it won’t pack up your prized hog with someone else’s furniture, and it also won’t use any janky equipment to secure your bike from location to location.

Haul Bikes is a carrier and not a broker. The company prides itself on low-damage claims and the care that can only come from specialized technology and customer service catered toward bikers.


  • Specialized bike carrier
  • Drivers are licensed bikers
  • Enclosed bike-only trailer


  • Slightly longer transit time

What you get with Haul Bikes

Haul Bikes hires actual motorcycle enthusiasts who understand your bike and your needs. So they’ll know exactly how to take care of your prized chopper.

Haul Bikes also delivers motorcycles to special to biking events like Daytona and major rallies, so you won’t have to ride all the way across the country to be part of the action.

Haul Bikes motorcycle shipping services

  • $15,000 Insurance included in price ($500 deductible)
  • Additional insurance for $35 per $5,000
  • Drivers load bike
  • Climate controlled warehouse during storage
  • Satellite-tracked trucks
  • Shipped with other motorcycles only

We like that Haul Bikes includes insurance in the price, but you will have to pay a deductible—or you can pay a $50 fee up front to avoid paying deductibles, which is a regular insurance gamble that could pay off. You can also track your motorcycle shipment as it hits the road.

One of the only things that we didn’t love about Haul Bikes is the $500 deductible you’d have to pay to get up to $15,000 of insurance on a damage claim.

Haul Bikes mover experience

Haul Bikes starts with a video inspection looking for any damage (instead of drawing over generic bike templates). Then you fill out the paperwork, and they strap down and load up the bike into a trailer and move it to your new location. No forklifts or other heavy equipment—just a hydraulic lift on the NASCAR-style trailer itself.

Haul Bikes can fit anywhere from 22 to 70 bikes depending on size, and it has four different hubs across the US:

  • Las Vegas (Nevada)
  • York (Pennsylvania)
  • Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
  • Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)

If you’re interested in Haul Bikes, just remember the company delivers only to the lower 48 states. Transit time is usually within a few weeks, which is common, but not the fastest we’ve come across.

Haul Bikes’ Paul Moore says they have the lowest claims in the industry—less than 1%.1 Definitely a strong contender for the best in motorcycle shipping.

Options for getting a quote from Haul Bikes

Montway: Best discounts

Whether you’re a student, a senior, or in the military, or you just want to pay in cash, you can save some moolah with Montway.

Montway uses enclosed trailers to protect your bike while it’s on the road and offers quite a few ways to trim your shipping bill too. It’s worth getting a quote from Montway, especially if you qualify for one of its many discounts.


  • Enclosed trailers
  • Multiple bike discounts available
  • Bike size not a price factor


  • Not a specialized motorcycle delivery service

What you get with Montway

Montway is a reliable automobile transporter, not a furniture-moving company, so your precious baby bike is in good hands. Montway has enclosed trailers which will protect your beast on wheels from any flying debris, dust, or other environmental factors.

But the most significant difference with Montway is the variety of discounts. Since Montway might start at a higher price than other specialized motorcycle shippers, it’s good that there’s a way to save on costs.

Check out Montway to see if you qualify under any of these discount categories:

  • Return customer
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Military
  • First responders
  • Students
  • Senior citizens

Every Montway delivery also qualifies for a cash discount. On our quote, we could save $30 by paying with cold hard cash instead of a card.

Montway motorcycle shipping services

  • Up to $100,000 insurance on land shipments
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Guaranteed pickup dates
  • Enclosed or open transport options

We really appreciate Montway’s included insurance (up to $100,000)because you don’t have to pay a deductible. Other companies might offer good insurance, but paying $500 for a damage claim can be a sore spot, especially if you already dropped a few hundred bucks getting your shipment in the first place.

Montway mover experience

Montway treats its motorcycle quotes the same way it handles small cars, so you don’t have to worry about bike weight or size factoring into your price. But the trouble is, if you have a small bike, you’ll pay more than you need to.

However, if you need to ship a car and a motorcycle at the same time, Montway can be a good way to keep your vehicle transports together.

Options for getting a quote from Montway

Motorcycle Shippers: Best for express delivery

Need your bike fast? Motorcycle Shippers has VIP express shipping in select locations.

Motorcycle Shippers is a carrier who picks up and delivers your bike without you having to lift a finger. You can get an instant quote online, which saves you time and effort calling around. And if you need to hit the ground with your wild hog runnin’, some areas have VIP express premium shipping available.


  • Instant quotes
  • Set pickup and delivery dates


  • Size limitations on bikes

What you get with Motorcycle Shippers

Motorcycle Shippers is specialized like Haul Bikes, but we weren’t as impressed with its methods. Still, it’s an option that doesn’t keep your bike alongside old antiques or furniture.

Motorcycle Shippers services

  • $7,000 included insurance
  • Instant online quote
  • Pre-inspection checklist
  • Hydraulic lift trailer, no other heavy equipment
  • Drivers load bike
  • Pallet-style loading

Motorcycle Shippers mover experience

We didn’t love learning what Motorcycle Shippers considers as “state-of-the-art” equipment. This thing looks less like a specialized transport crate and more like a jerry-rigged dolly.

Motorcycle Shippers Equipment

To be fair, this isn’t anything that we’d worry about when it comes to damage, but Haul Bikes’ system of transport comes across as more professional and secure.

Options for getting a quote from Motorcycle Shippers


Getting your motorcycle across the country might sound daunting, but these shippers ensure it’ll arrive in perfect condition.

We were happy to find a lot of good options for transporting a bike nationwide. Depending on your bike’s size and your time frame for shipping, you can field a bunch of quotes to find the right motorcycle mover for the job.

  • Best for comparison shopping: uShip is a great place to start fielding quotes for your motorcycle. You should at least create a quote listing even if you feel like you might go with another provider.
  • Best experience: Haul Bikes takes the time and effort to ensure your bike is handled with the utmost care. When it comes to your beloved bike, you can’t be too cautious.
  • Best discounts: Montway offers a wide variety of discounts, but your price starts off the same as if it were a small sedan, so keep that in mind.
  • Best for express shipping: If you’re running on a strict timeline, we’d say going for VIP express shipping with Motorcycle Shippers can be well worth it.

What’s your experience with motorcycle shipping? Let us know in the comments below if you had a move go well, or if your new bike arrived in shambles.


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