Best Interstate Moving and Storage Review

Need to cross state lines? This full-service mover works hard to get you the best deal and best service.
Best Interstate Moving and Storage
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Price matching
30 days of storage
Long distance only

A few years ago, my husband and I packed up all our belongings and crammed them in the back of a truck. Then we drove across three different states to our new house—me in the car with our cats and him in the truck.

Several hundred miles later, we swore never again to move ourselves. Yup, it’s full-service movers for us now. Because not only was our self-move stressful, we still haven’t found my husband’s cologne or our vacuum attachment.

Whenever we move again (hopefully not any time soon—we’re still recovering), Best Interstate Moving and Storage (BIMS) will definitely be on our top choices list. Here’s why.

What to know about Best Interstate Moving and Storage

BIMS acts as a broker, which means they’ll plan your move but they won’t do all the heavy lifting. Instead, they’ll pair you up with a third-party van line that operates in your area—and this van line will complete your move.

We’re not huge fans of brokers because throwing a third party into the mix makes things unpredictable. Part of your moving experience will depend on which third-party company BIMS pairs you with, and that depends on your location and where you’re going.

Still, BIMS works hard to make sure your move goes smoothly, so just because they’re a broker doesn’t mean you should cross them off your list of possible movers.

What you get with Best Interstate Moving and Storage

What sets BIMS apart from other movers? We’d have to say its perks. Here’s a quick look at some of the options you’ll have if you choose to move with BIMS.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage moving services
ServiceIncludedCosts extra
Loading / unloadingYesCost included in price
Furniture assembly / disassemblyYesCost included in price
Basic liability coverageYesCost included in price
Storage30 daysPrice partially covered
Packing and unpackingAdd-onYes
Moving suppliesAdd-onYes
Custom cratingAdd-onYes
Specialty transportAdd-onYes
Shuttle serviceAdd-onYes
Full valuation coverageAdd-onYes
Free QuoteRequest QuoteRequest Quote


Most companies require you to pay extra for storage, but BIMS gives you 30 days straight away.

That’s perfect if you’re busy downsizing and decluttering, or if you find out your dining room hutch doesn’t quite fit.

Custom crating

This perk is super important if you’re moving with unique, fragile pieces like artwork, a pool table, or an antique grandfather clock. BIMS will build a wooden crate customized to fit your item, complete with extra padding so it arrives intact.

Surprisingly, not every mover offers this service. We found this out when we asked about moving our pool table and got the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look in response. Yikes.

Furniture assembly and disassembly

We have to say the worst part of moving is unpacking all your items, then trying to match hardware with each piece of disassembled furniture. Ugh.

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Pro tip
We learned our lesson when we took apart our own furniture. Next time we’ll keep all the hardware for each piece in a labeled plastic bag, then tape that bag to a piece of the furniture to make sure it’s ready to go when we arrive.

If that sounds like a nightmare to you too, you’ll probably like BIMS’s furniture assembly and disassembly service. They’ll dismantle your dining chairs, entertainment center, and other furniture, then put it all back together when they arrive at your new home.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage moving experience

To get a quote from BIMS, you’ll need to call in or fill out a short online form and have them call you. One huge difference between quotes from BIMS and other movers is that BIMS gives you a quote over the phone.

Not having someone drop by your home and go through your stuff to give you a price quote sounds great. But it may also mean your actual cost will differ a lot from your quote. That’s because BIMS’ quotes are non-binding, though the company does say it saves you money since they won’t need to pay someone to visit your house.

Getting your quote

Our example quote from Best Interstate Moving and Storage
Move factsEstimate
Distance of move971 miles
Date of moveFebruary 2019
Move size4-bedroom house
Price with packing and unpacking$11,000
Price without packing and unpacking$7,500

Actually getting a quote from BIMS required some patience. I left a message with a representative, but a day later I still hadn’t received a callback.

I decided to give them another call and hope for better luck. The second call went much better—the representative was helpful, but I did feel rushed into making a reservation.

One interesting feature with BIMS’s quote is that they ask you to send them a video of the contents of your house. While the representative gave me some estimated prices on the spot, he did say the video helps BIMS do a full estimate. So get your smartphone ready.

Paying for your move

BIMS asks for a third of your total move cost at a time. The first third is paid as your reservation deposit, and it’s paid up front.

We were quoted 20–30% of our total move cost for this deposit. We were also told our reservation deposit would be fully refunded up until five days before our move, which is great if you’re not sure your house will be finished on time and you need to make new plans.

Your next payment will be another 35% of your total cost to be paid when the movers pick up your stuff. Last but not least, your final payment will be another 35% paid at the time your items are dropped off.

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BIMS Price Plus Promise
If you’re shopping around and getting quotes from other movers, BIMS promises to match those prices up until the day of your move. That earns an extra star on their rating, if you ask us.

Fees for date changes and more

Because you’re technically “locking in” a price for your move by agreeing to a date, weight, and location, you could see extra costs added on if you have to switch things up.

BIMS seems fairly agreeable if you have to make changes, though. Our rep told us that as long as we gave seven days’ notice, there would be no date change penalties. (Though that may change if you’re moving during the summer when movers are busiest.)

Plus, there would be no location change or inventory change penalty fees, which is wonderful if you’re still waiting on the edge of your seat to close on a house. BIMS also said they’ll go through your inventory again five days before your move, so any furniture or items you’ve sold will just be taken off the list and BIMS should adjust your estimate accordingly.

Prepping your home

If you’re packing your own boxes, you’ll want to have those ready to go by the time your movers arrive. No one wants to be rushed while stuffing fragile items and valuables into boxes, amirite?

If you’re paying for packing services, you won’t need to do anything. Nothing at all.

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FYI: You can skip the unpacking service
You can pay extra for the movers to pack your items, but unpack your own boxes once you arrive. This costs less—but you’ll also miss out on the chance to have your movers take away all those empty boxes when they leave.

Moving day

When moving day arrives, it’s best to remember that BIMS is a broker. So the movers showing up at your door won’t be from BIMS, but from another moving company.

This is why your moving day experience will probably be different from the next person’s, and it’s a good reminder to document your inventory and get any agreements in writing. We suggest having your BIMS representative on speed dial in case you have any questions.

BIMS Platinum White Glove service

You might be surprised to learn that your stuff is likely sharing a truck with someone else’s valuables. This may sound sketchy, but most movers do this to save on transportation costs.

This also means your items will take longer to arrive. Most likely you’ll beat your boxes to your new home—unless you decide to vacation along the way.

If you want your stuff to head straight to your new house, BIMS offers a Platinum White Glove service. That gets you your own truck and your own moving crew. But it comes at a cost.

  • Platinum White Glove service: About $5,000 extra

Storing your stuff

If you haven’t found new digs by the time you move, no worries: BIMS offers 30 days of free storage.

Seriously, that’s a five-star perk if we ever saw one. Most movers offer storage, but you’ll have to pay extra.

Of course, if you need more than 30 days, you’ll still need to pay up. BIMS quoted us between $600 and $1,200 a month if we needed more than 30 days of storage. That price depends on the weight of the items and what you’re storing. (Another alternative if you need to keep your stuff waiting around? Going with a moving container company.)

Recap—Is Best Interstate Moving and Storage a good mover?

Best Interstate Moving and Storage

If you’re putting hundreds of miles between you and your old haunt, BIMS is a great choice. Here’s why we recommend this long-distance mover.

  • Services: BIMS provides several key services plus a few extras, like custom crating, shuttle service, and full valuation coverage.
  • Quotes: If you’re not keen on someone going through your stuff, BIMS is your kind of moving company. They do quotes over the phone, and if you want a full quote, just send them a video. But be careful, it’s still less accurate than an in-home estimate.
  • Moving: BIMS is a broker, so your moving experience depends on the third-party company they contract out to. That said, BIMS will work to keep your price agreement on lockdown.
  • Storage: You’ll get 30 days of free storage from BIMS, which is way more than we can say for other movers who require you to pay for storage. Nice.

We think BIMS is a solid choice if you’re moving across state lines. But as with any mover, we do recommend keeping written documentation of your inventory, price quotes, and any other agreements while moving.

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