Best Cross Country Movers Full-Service Review 2019

This full-service mover offers cheap prices and plenty of perks, if you can manage to get a representative on the phone.
Best Cross Country Movers
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Free storage
Discounts and price matching
Poor communication

Whether you’re going across the street or across the continent, moving is a big transition. But as you probably know, professional, full-service movers aren’t cheap. Just looking at moving quotes can make you want to load up a rental truck and do the whole thing by yourself.

Thankfully, there are some budget movers out there that can deliver a decent service without putting such a big dent in your bank account. One of these companies is Best Cross Country Movers (BCCM).

This company offers a full range of moving services, including some perks like free storage. BCCM’s biggest drawback is its unresponsive customer service—it can take a long time to get a quote. So you might as well start now!

What you should know about Best Cross Country Movers

Florida: land of palm trees, sunshine, and full-service moving brokers.

Best Cross Country Movers is one of the newest moving companies on the scene. Not surprisingly, the company is based in Tampa, Florida (along with like half of all full-service movers). Also not surprisingly, the company is a moving broker.

Brokers are very common in the moving industry. They don’t own their own truck fleets or hire their own drivers. Instead, they “broker” deals between customers and movers.

One of the downsides of using a broker is that it can potentially cost a bit more than going right to the source. Another issue is that you won’t actually know which carrier is picking up your stuff until they are at your door.

But there are advantages too. Brokers develop relationships with movers and tend to have contacts all over the place, which is why BCCM can handle cross-country and international moves with ease. (If your move is just down the street, local movers will probably be cheaper.)

What you get with Best Cross Country Movers

Everything you’d expect from a full-service mover, and then a few freebies and discounts to sweeten the deal.

Most long-distance movers offer the same basic set of services, from packing to auto transport. So it takes something extra-special to impress us. In the case of Best Cross Country Movers, there are a few standout services: free furniture assembly and disassembly, free storage, and “piggyback” pricing.


  • Free furniture assembly/disassembly
  • 30 days of free storage
  • ”Piggyback pricing” and other discounts
  • Plenty of add-ons like packing and auto transport


  • No online shipment tracking

We’ll go more into the details of those services below. But first, here’s a rundown of Best Cross Country’s main offerings and whether they come standard or cost extra.

Best Cross Country Movers services
ServiceCost includedCosts extra
Fragile-only packingNoYes
Specialty transportNoYes
Furniture assembly/disassemblyYesNo
Shuttle serviceNoYes
Auto shippingNoYes
Storage30 days freeAfter 30 days
Basic liability coverageYesNo
Full valuation coverageNoYes
Shipment trackingYes (via calling the driver)No
DetailsGet a QuoteGet a Quote

Best Cross Country Movers’ has almost any service that you could want from a long-distance, full-service mover.

The only obvious drawback is the lack of a convenient online shipment tracking tool. (You’ll just have to make sure to get contact info from your driver if you want to check on your stuff while it’s in transit.)


Best Cross Country Movers claims that “the likelihood of any of your items getting damaged after our residential movers and packers secure it for transport is almost non-existent.”1 But for those who worry about the almost in that sentence, there are a couple insurance options.

Your first option for insurance with BCCM is called “basic valuation.” This comes standard on every move that the company does. That said, it only covers your stuff at $0.60 per pound.

Price Tag icon
How much is $0.60 per pound?
$0.60 per pound might not sound so bad when you’re thinking about that massive old sofa that you’ve had for 20 years. After all, if it weighs 200 pounds, then you’ll get back $120 if it’s lost or damaged.

But when you apply that same formula to smaller, more expensive items, it doesn’t work out so well. Imagine if your ultra-thin laptop computer that weighs just three pounds was damaged and you only got $1.80 in compensation—yikes!

If you want more comprehensive coverage for your antique armoire and your flat-screen TV, then you’ll probably want what’s called “full-value protection.”

As you might have guessed, full-value protection will reimburse you for the full value of your items if they are lost or damaged.

Unfortunately, Best Cross Country Movers doesn’t offer full-value protection directly, so you’ll have to go through a third party (or you could try asking your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it offers coverage).

If not having the highest quality insurance is a deal-breaker for you, then you might want to check out movers like North American Van Lines or Allied Van Lines.

(Free) storage

Yes, you read that right: free storage! A full 30 days of it.

So if there’s a snag in your moving plans—or if you just want to take some time to travel before you move into your new place—you don’t have to worry about paying a boatload of money for a few days of storage.

Once you go past the 30 days, BCCM will charge you a rate based on the volume of your items.

Discounts, price matching, and “piggyback” moves

Free storage isn’t the only way you can save on your moving bill with BCCM. The company offers several discounts, including an early booking discount of $200 when you book at least a month before your moving date.

Best Cross Country also offers price-matching with any five-star rated moving company. So it’s worth doing a little bit of shopping around even if you like what BCCM offers. You might get lucky and find a cheaper quote to match.

But probably the best way to save big with Best Cross Country Movers is to use its “piggyback” moving discount. It works like this: if your move doesn’t take up a full moving truck and you agree to share the extra space with another customer, then you can end up paying thousands of dollars less.

Best Cross Country Movers moving experience

Moving is easy with BCCM, if you can just get ahold of an agent.

We’ll be up-front here: Best Cross Country Movers probably isn’t going to be winning any customer service awards this year. But for many people, the company’s services and cheap price tags will make it worth the hassle.

Here’s a deep dive into what it looks like to move with BCCM, from getting your initial quote to making your final payment.

Getting your quote

These days you can order your prescriptions online, learn a new language with an app, and even get your groceries delivered by a drone. So is it too much to ask to get an instant online quote from your moving company?

Apparently, yes, it is. When we filled our Best Cross Country’s online quote form we were immediately taken to a screen that said “We will contact you as soon as possible.”

Normally when a moving company gets your contact info, you have to fend of the sales calls like they’re a swarm of bees. But that wasn’t what happened with BCCM. After several hours of waiting, we finally got in touch with them.

But that wasn’t the end of our quote-obtaining journey. It turns out that the representative who was assigned to our quote was not actually in the office. So we had to wait until the next day to talk with her.

Once we did finally get on the phone with the representative, we had a very pleasant chat about the size of our move, the services we wanted, and what kind of discounts the company offers. Best of all: the final quote was surprisingly cheap.

Best Cross Country Movers sample quote information
Sample quote categoriesDetails
Distance of move978 miles (Chicago to Dallas)
Date of moveMay 2019
Move size4-bedroom house
Estimate range$6,997.73

That quote is cheaper than similar quotes for basic moves we got from other full-service movers, like Atlas Van Lines and Best Interstate Moving and Storage.

One of the reasons the quote was so cheap is that we got a “piggyback” discount. The sales representative said that if we wanted to have a whole truck for our move, it would be closer to $11,000, and that packing and unpacking services would cost $1,300 extra.

The final thing we’ll mention about our quote-getting saga is that the representative said she’d send an email with a breakdown of the quote right away. But it’s been 24 hours and we’re still waiting . . .


If you do decide to go with BCCM, then you’ll have to pay a first installment to lock down the price and date for your move. This first payment is usually one-third of your total price.

You’ll need to make a second payment (of half the remaining balance) when the movers come to pick up your stuff. The remainder of your balance will be due when your load is delivered. As always, movers prefer cash (but it feels so much harder to part with a stack of 100 dollar bills!).

Prepping your home

If you’ve decided to save some money with DIY packing, then it’s best to set aside at least a couple full days for the job. Remember: your stuff is about to go on a long adventure in the back of a truck, and the only thing protecting it is your packing job.

If it’s been a while since you packed for a move, it’s worth looking into some basic guidelines for secure and efficient packing. Best Cross Country Movers wrote its own guide (and we did too).

By the time the movers show up, you should have all of your boxes packed, and have clearly marked anything that you don’t want to go on the truck.


You finally made it: moving day! This is the part where you can relax a little bit and let the professionals take over.

You’ll want to look carefully at the driver’s paperwork to make sure that the quoted price and address are correct. You also might want to get their contact information, since BCCM doesn’t have a tracking app and its customer service agents often seem to be out to lunch.

Finally, you’ll need to make sure someone can be at your new home when the truck arrives to greet the movers and make sure that all of your possessions are accounted for.

Recap: Is Best Cross Country Movers a good mover?

Cheap prices and perks almost make up for this mover’s lack of communication.

Best Cross Country movers offers a standard, full-service move for a decent price. When you add in the 30 days of free storage and “piggyback” discount, it can be a truly awesome deal.

But the company’s lackluster customer service and not-so-helpful website are some serious drawbacks that keep Best Cross Country Movers off our list of the very best full-service movers.

Services: BCCM covers the full array of moving services, and we love that things like furniture assembly and disassembly come standard.

Quotes: Getting a quote from Best Cross Country Movers is much harder than it should be. (They do realize you’re trying to give them business, right?) But once you do get your quote, it will likely be affordable.

Moving: As long as you make all of your payments, the moving process should be a piece of cake.

Storage: Best Cross Country offers 30 days of storage for free! You’ll be charged according to the volume of your load after that.

If you’re sold on BCCM’s free storage and cheap prices, then you can start the quote process now. And as always, let us know what you think about BCCM and our review in the comments section! Have you worked with BCCM before? Let us know!


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