Best Car Shipping Companies

Need to ship your car across the country? These are the best companies to trust with your sweet ride.
  • Best Overall
    4 out of 5 overall
  • Best Customer Service
    4 out of 5 overall
  • Best Pricing
    4 out of 5 overall
  • Best for Comparison
    3.5 out of 5 overall
  • Best Damage Protection
    3.5 out of 5 overall

Road trips are fun and all, but no one wants to spend 22 hours in a car with bored kids and a hangry spouse. So if you have to move across the country, it seems way easier to skip the interstate highway tour and just pay someone else to deliver your car straight to your new door.

We’ve rounded up the top auto transporters in the country so you can skip the splattered bugs and rock chips and take your family on a speedy plane instead.

Best car shipping company comparison
Car shipping companiesFMCSA certified*Extra damage protection options†Additional moving servicesFree Quotes
Montway Auto TransportYesNoNoGet a Quote
AmeriFreightYesYesNoGet a Quote
uShipNot directly**YesYesGet a Quote
Sherpa Auto TransportYesNoNoGet a Quote
Ship a Car DirectYesYesNoGet a Quote
Allied Van LinesYesNoYesGet a Quote

All car shipping companies listed in the above table offer enclosed and open carrier shipments, and door-to-door delivery.

*FMCSA stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
**uShip requires its carriers to be individually FMCSA certified.
†Beyond standard carrier insurance.

Montway Auto Transport: Best overall

Montway Auto Transport lets you do everything from get a quote to track your vehicle while it’s on the move.

What we like best about Montway are its options. You have options for how to get a quote, how to track your car, and even how to pay for your move. Montway also earned some points from us for stellar customer service and a couple extra discounts—both things we like.


  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Instant online quotes
  • Multi-car transport


  • No extra damage protection options

What you get with Montway Auto Transport

Montway does all the things we expect from a decent auto transporter, plus a little extra.

Montway Auto Transporter essential features

  • Brings your car right to your door so you don’t have to hunt it down at some random terminal
  • Doesn’t charge you any money until you set your pick-up date (or even until after delivery, if you want)
  • Uses insured carriers so if a giant rock hits your car during transport, you’re not stuck with the bill

Along with all that, Montway makes it really easy to set up your shipment. You can get a quote online and chat with an online agent. Or you can always go old school and call in to get your quote and schedule a pickup.

Montway Auto Transport customer experience

Like most vehicle transporters, Montway is a broker. That means it doesn’t actually move cars itself—it just hooks you up with a carrier that does.

Any time you use a broker, it’s a bit of a gamble. You might have great customer service from Montway itself while the actual person who picks up your car isn’t so friendly. But no matter which carrier you get, the overall process is pretty much the same.

How Montway’s vehicle transport works

  1. You get a quote through the website, online chat, or phone—your choice.
  2. Montway sets you up with a carrier and you set a pickup date. (You can pay in full at this point or just pay a bit now and pay the rest when your vehicle arrives.)
  3. The carrier comes by, checks for existing damage, and then takes your vehicle after you hand them the keys.
  4. The carrier brings your car right to your new door. (Unless you live in a cul-de-sac or somewhere hard to get to, in which case they’ll work with you to find a drop-off place nearby.)
  5. You check the car to make sure nothing bad happened to it on the road, sign a document saying everything’s good, and you’re done.

And if you’re worried about your beloved vehicle while it’s on the road, you can check its status online or call the carrier who’s moving it and check in.

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Just so you know
Remember that document you have to sign when the carrier delivers your car? That’s called the Bill of Lading and it’s very important. Once you sign it, the carrier doesn’t have to pay for any damage you find later. So check your car carefully!

How much does Montway cost?

It depends on what kind of vehicle you want to move, how far it’s going, and even what time of year it is. Basically, you’re just going to have to get a quote to find out for sure.

But don’t worry: it’s easy to get a quote and comparison shop if you want to. You do have to give your email address and put in your vehicle info, but once you do, you’ll get a screen like this:

Notice that discounted cash price? That’s because truckers like to be paid directly and they like to be paid in cash. So if you agree to pay for the move when your car arrives, and pay in cash, then Montway lets you save a Jackson or two.

AmeriFreight: Best customer service

AmeriFreight gets excellent reviews from customers and gives you more time for damage inspection.

The first thing you’ll notice if you google AmeriFreight is that it gets really good customer reviews.

Listen, we cover some industries that don’t always get the most glowing customer reviews (we’re lookin’ at you, high-speed internet). We know how it goes, and movers and shippers are no exception. But AmeriFreight gets really good reviews on every review site we checked,1,2 which is a great sign for you, the customer.


  • 48-hour window to check your car for damage on arrival
  • Clearly advertised discounts
  • Online quote calculator


  • Online quote option requires personal info

What you get with AmeriFreight

Like most of the auto transporters on this list, AmeriFreight is a broker. It works with multiple carriers to find you the rate and route that works for your vehicle, which takes a lot of the work off your plate. But keep in mind, that does mean part of AmeriFreight’s costs is a broker’s fee.

Other than that, AmeriFreight can ship, as its says, “virtually anything that has wheels.”3 If you need your boat or RV shipped along with your car, AmeriFreight has your back.

AmeriFreight customer experience

It’s just about unanimous: AmeriFreight is good to its customers. Lots and lots of customers have reported that AmeriFreight is communicative and helpful and that the carriers it works with have done a great job.

AmeriFreight also gets top marks from the Better Business Bureau,4 and our experience getting a quote through AmeriFreight’s site was easy peasy (even if it did make us enter our email and phone number).

How AmeriFreight’s vehicle transport works:

  1. You call AmeriFreight to get a quote. If you’re phone-phobic, you can also fill out the contact form on AmeriFreight’s site, get your quote via email, then confirm online and pay a deposit.
  2. AmeriFreight sets you up with a carrier and reserves your auto transport.
  3. The carrier calls you 12–24 hours before they come to pick up your car (or boat, or motorcycle, or wheeled carriage). You’ll arrange a meet-up time with them for when and where to hand over your vehicle.
  4. The carrier looks over your car and notes any existing damage, then they load up your vehicle and hit the road to take it to your new place.
  5. Once your vehicle arrives, you can check it for any new damage, pay your balance, sign a document saying the car looks okay, and you’re good to go.

AmeriFreight can even give you a bit more time than most carriers to make sure your car wasn’t damaged. It offers AFta Gap protection, which covers damages detected within 48 hours of delivery, along with some stuff not covered by regular insurance.5

How much does AmeriFreight cost?

As always, there are a ton of factors that determine how much you’ll pay to ship your car. But AmerFreight does give you an online rate calculator and instant quote option that can help you figure it out.

In our experience, both online quote tools were easy to use. We got a price to ship a midsize sedan from Utah to Washington within about a minute.

Our only complaint was that they made us submit our phone number and email address before we could see the quoted price. If you’re trying to shop around for the best price, it’s a pain to have to give five different companies your personal info.

uShip: Best for comparison shopping

uShip is a bit tricky to understand, but it lets you pick the best possible price for moving your vehicle.

In the words of Mean Girls, uShip isn’t a regular car shipper: it’s a cool car shipper. Actually, it’s not a car shipper at all—it’s a shipping marketplace. uShip helps you find all kinds of carriers that will ship anything you want. Seriously, anything. (Okay, maybe not, like, a live cougar, but almost anything.)


  • Lets you compare carriers so you can pick the best price
  • Ships more than just cars


  • Not as easy to use as a broker

What you get with uShip

Unlike Montway (and most of the companies on this list), uShip is not a broker. It won’t do the work for you of finding a carrier and arranging the move details. What it will do is post your move in its “shipping marketplace” then bring the carriers to you and make them bid for your business.

Personally, we think a broker is easier to use. But for the budget-minded among you, uShip is a great option for comparison shopping and finding the absolute best price.

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More info
uShip is also good for if you need to ship unordinary or specialty vehicles, like a tractor, backhoe, or your extensive jet ski collection.

uShip mover experience

For how complicated it sounds, we gotta say, uShip is pretty easy to use. You just enter your vehicle details on its website, and it will give you a list of instant offers you could book right away.

If none of the rates on the list look good to you, then you can choose to “create a listing” and have carriers bid for your business. The longer you leave your listing up, the more likely it is that you’ll get a good deal on your move.

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Heads up
uShip gave us a higher estimate for moving a vehicle through Montway than Montway itself did, despite having the exact same vehicle and move details on both sites. So uShip might not always have the best rates, although it does make it easier to see your options.

Sherpa Auto Transport: Best for locked-in pricing

Sherpa’s affordable prices are guaranteed by the company’s Price Lock Promise.

If you read through the customer reviews for pretty much any auto transporter, you’re bound to find complaints about price changes. At worst, there are downright bait-and-switch schemes. But even well-established companies will often try to raise prices at the last minute.

This is why Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise is kind of a big deal. The price that Sherpa quotes for your auto transport is the price that you’ll pay—no ifs, ands, or buts.


  • Locked-in pricing
  • Good customer service reviews
  • Free car wash


  • Limited service and insurance options

What you get with Sherpa Auto Transport

Like Montway and Amerifreight, Sherpa is a broker. But unlike those two companies, Sherpa doesn’t offer a huge set of services. Instead, the company focuses on a simple, affordable car shipping service with a few perks to sweeten the deal.

Sherpa Auto Transport essential features:

  • Sherpa offers door-to-door transport, meaning you don’t have to take an Uber to a terminal to meet your car on delivery.
  • Basic insurance comes standard with all of Sherpa’s carriers.
  • With Sherpa’s “Clean Car Guarantee,” you’ll get a free (yes, free, as in $0) car wash after your transport is complete.

Some services you’ll miss out on with Sherpa are comprehensive insurance, instant online quotes, and online vehicle tracking. But for many, the company’s decent prices and excellent customer service will seal the deal anyway

Sherpa Auto Transport customer experience

Sherpa may not have all of the bells and whistles, like instant online tracking, but it does have good old-fashioned customer service. We were impressed by the courtesy and knowledge that Sherpa’s representatives had when we called.

Customer reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau6 and Yelp7 show that we aren’t the only ones who’ve had a positive experience.

But talking with a Sherpa representative is just the first part of your car-shipping experience. Here’s what the whole process will look like.

How Sherpa’s vehicle transport works:

  1. Put your information into Sherpa’s online quote form, and then give the company a call to follow up (or just wait for a representative to call you).
  2. Book your transport and pay your deposit (and you can use a credit card for the deposit).
  3. Once a carrier has been dispatched closer to the date of your transport, set up a pickup time. Be sure to go over any existing damage with the carrier before transport.
  4. Make sure someone is at the drop-off point to meet your car, pay the remaining balance to the driver (in cash), and check for any damage.
  5. Make sure your sweet ride is looking fresh using your car wash voucher (good for up to $20)!
Info Box icon
Wondering how to prep your car for transport?
First of all, take off any after-market components, like spoilers or flags, which could break or fly away during transport. Second, make sure that the engine starts and there’s some gas in the tank. Finally, make sure that your car alarm is turned off! Otherwise your driver will have to turn it off for you, by any means necessary . . .

How much does Sherpa Auto Transport cost?

Shipping your car with Sherpa will cost more than a movie ticket but less than original Banksy artwork bought at auction. To get a more specific number, you’ll have to ask Sherpa yourself.

But we can give you a look at a quote we got from Sherpa for a transport from Chicago to Dallas. Compared to quotes we’ve gotten from other companies, this price is about middle of the road.

Sherpa Auto Transport Pricing

In short, Sherpa probably won’t break the bank in terms of price, but it also doesn’t make the list of the cheapest car shipping companies.

Ship a Car Direct: Best damage protection

All the companies on our list offer damage protection, but Ship a Car Direct gives you an extra little guarantee.

If your car is your favorite child and you’d rather break your own arm than see anything bad happen to it, then an auto transporter might make you a little nervous. What if your baby gets damaged along the way?

Every company we put on this list offers insurance and damage protection on their auto transports. (In fact, they have to. The government requires carriers to maintain insurance.) But if you really want to feel ultra-safe, then Ship a Car Direct offers an extra “Damage Free Guarantee.”


  • Ultra-transparent website
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Damage Free Guarantee


  • Custom online quote requires a lot of personal info

What you get with Ship a Car Direct

Just like Montway and Allied, Ship a Car Direct is a broker. But along with the carrier’s own insurance, Ship a Car Direct also offers a “Damage Free Guarantee.”

How does the guarantee work?

Basically, if for some reason you end up having to file a claim with your own auto insurance for damage that the carrier should have covered, then Ship a Car Direct will pay your insurance deductible up to $500.1

To be honest, this should never really come up. But if you feel particularly nervous about handing your vehicle over to an auto transporter, then Ship a Car Direct’s guarantee is a little extra peace of mind.

Price Tag icon
Heads up
If you’re shipping a luxury or classic car, go for the enclosed carrier. It’s more expensive, but it’s the safest way to ship that ‘69 Jaguar Roadster.

Ship a Car Direct mover experience

Besides its extra damage protection, what we love most about Ship a Car Direct is its super transparent website. This company is very open with its customers on how its processes work and why auto transporters work the way they do.

If you’re curious about some part of your pricing or a detail of your move, you can check Ship a Car Direct’s FAQ section and user videos and get some serious insider info.

What about a quote?

You can get a quote on Ship a Car Direct’s website or by calling in. Be warned, its online quote form is a little sneaky.

To get a broad estimate range, Ship a Car Direct’s online form doesn’t ask for a single personal detail about you other than your vehicle info. That seems great until your “quote” looks like this:

A range of $200 is not very helpful, and if you want an exact quote, then you have to enter your full name, email address, and phone number. That’s playing it a little fast and loose with our personal data.

Allied Van Lines: Best full-service mover

If you want a company that can pack your house, move your stuff, and ship your car, then Allied is your friend.

Allied Van Lines is not just a car shipper—it’s also a full-service mover. That means it can ship your car and handle every other little detail of your move. Allied will ship your car, pack your stuff, crate your grandma’s antique hutch, and reassemble all your furniture for you if you want it to.


  • Wide range of moving services
  • Nationwide service
  • Ships specialty vehicles as well as cars


  • Does not offer online quotes

What you get with Allied Van Lines

Moving cars is just one small part of what Allied does. Mostly, it functions as a full-service mover and van line.

A van line functions a lot like a broker. But in this case, instead of hooking you up only with an auto carrier, Allied can also hook you up with moving agents who will take your whole house across the country. (Or at least its contents.)

Allied Van Lines moving services

  • Auto and boat transport
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Fragile item packing
  • Loading/unloading
  • Storage
  • Custom crating
  • Packing materials

Allied Van Lines mover experience

Our biggest beef with Allied (and almost every other full-service mover, for that matter) is that it doesn’t really let you do anything online and its website is not super transparent.

If you want a quote or even an idea of what your pricing will be, you have to call. Allied advertises an “Instant Quote” on its website, but all that means is if you give it your personal info, Allied will call you. We wouldn’t exactly call that “instant.”

Heads Up icon
Fair warning
Once you give your phone number to a moving company, you will start getting approximately six million phone calls every day. We kid, but seriously, don’t give your number to every company on the block unless you’re seriously comparison shopping. Or, get a Google Voice number to use instead.

Once you do get that elusive quote and set your move date, Allied’s auto transport services work about the same way as the other companies on this list. You hand over your car and Allied’s chosen carrier will deliver it to your new house/apartment/hovel/mansion.


If you’re moving long distance and don’t want to drive, a car-shipping company is the best way to get your vehicle from Point A to Point B.

It might cost more than driving it yourself, but a car-shipping company can save you from road-trip hell and deliver your car safely to your door.

  • Best overall — Montway Auto Transport: Montway has great customer service and offers both online and phone support so you can set up your vehicle move and check in on your car during its journey.
  • Best customer service—AmeriFreight: AmeriFreight gets excellent customer service reviews, and it gives you 48 hours after delivery to check your vehicle for damage (which is a lot longer than anyone else).
  • Best for comparison shopping — uShip: uShip lets you post your move in an online “moving marketplace,” which makes it super easy to compare prices and pick the best one.
  • Best for locked-in pricing: Sherpa—Sherpa offers basic auto transportation services plus a few cool perks, like a free car wash. But what we like most about this company is its Price Lock Guarantee, which means you’ll never pay more than your original quote.
  • Best damage protection — Ship a Car Direct: If you want extra defense against any damage that might happen to your car along the way, then Ship a Car Direct gives you a guarantee for peace of mind. Plus, its website is super transparent.
  • Best full-service mover — Allied Van Lines: Allied can handle every part of your entire household move as well as ship your car (and even your boat, if you want).

Choose the best car shipping company for you, hand the keys over to the carrier, and head off to the airport in peace.


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