Bekins Full-Service Mover Review

Whether you decide to move with Bekins or not, getting a quick online quote helps make moving easier
Bekins Moving
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Easy online quotes
Transparent discounts
Average prices (unless you use discounts)

If you take away anything from this review, it’s that you should go get a free online moving quote from Bekins. We’re telling you, this kind of service is rare. Usually, you have to talk with pushy salespeople over the phone (gag) to get a moving quote, and who really wants to do that? (Nobody—that’s who.)

Bekins doesn’t necessarily have the best prices in the land, but at least you can get a ballpark estimate to compare with other moving services. But if you can work a few discounts to your favor, you can get away with a cheaper moving price.

What to know about Bekins

Bekins is like the meat and potatoes of the moving industry. It doesn’t offer anything particularly exciting, like free temporary storage, but it does hook you up with the essentials. So if your move is going to be simple, Bekins could make for a natural fit.

Let’s channel our inner Letterman and list the top reasons you’d go with Bekins moving:

  • Super easy online quotes
  • Straight-up discounts
  • Cheap moving supply rentals
  • Long and reliable business history

That’s right, Bekins has been moving people since the days of the Wild West! (And Bekins will always avoid bandits and outlaws on the road.)

If any of that stuff jumps out at you as being particularly awesome, it’s worth checking out a free quote online. But let’s give you an even clearer picture of what to expect with Bekins moving.

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Bekins has been around forever.
According to its website, Bekins has been moving folks since 1891. That’s a very long time ago. But don’t ask if Bekins can still move your stuff via horse-drawn carriage.

What you get with Bekins

Now let’s parse out what you get included with your Bekins quote and what stuff you’ll need to spring for if you want it. We would’ve loved to see some included storage coverage here, but alas.

Bekins moving services
ServiceIncludedCosts extra
Loading and unloadingYesCost included in price
Packing and unpackingAdd-onYes
Moving suppliesYesCost included in price
Shipment trackingYesCost included in price
Car and specialty item transportAdd-onYes
Basic liability coverageYesCost included in price
Full valuation coverageAdd-onYes
Get quoteGet quote


I know we’ve mentioned it about a million times, but it’s really surprisingly easy to get an online quote with Bekins. Speaking from experience with other moving companies (like Purple Heart), it’s really nice to get an online quote without talking to anybody.

We went through the online quote process and here’s what we got for a move from Chicago to Dallas:

Bekins moving estimate example
Move factsEstimate
Distance of move950 miles
Date of moveDecember 2019
Move size 4-bedroom house
Price without packing and unpacking$5,232–$6,405
Price with packing and unpacking$7,365–$9,147

We warned you it wasn’t going to be the cheapest moving deals you’ve ever seen, but it’s not the most expensive either. What matters is that you’re getting a straight-up answer that you can compare with other full-service moving companies.

You’ll notice that all the prices are in ranges. You won’t know exactly how much everything costs until the move is over, so we’d recommend assuming the worst. Plan on the end cost being closer to the maximum estimation than the minimum so you won’t be bamboozled.

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Moving pro tip
To prepare yourself as much as possible for the hit to your bank account, schedule an in-home estimate that will be more accurate than anything online.

Sadly, if you want an online quote, you’ll have to wait until two months before your move. Since you’ll probably need to plan a move more than a few months in advance, you’ll want to call them instead. Don’t be afraid—you’re better on the phone than you realize.

You can get your online quote now, or you can schedule an in-home estimation.

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Here’s a bit of sage advice from my father-in-law: never buy anything at full price. That’s undoubtedly true with the moving game as well. For example, you can save $150 if you move during the off-season. Check out the other discounts here.

Auto moving and storage

Want to find out how much it would cost you move your car, or store your stuff for the awkward in-between moving phase? Unfortunately, you can’t find out that stuff online. You’ll need to call Bekins and add on the extra services to your move.

Keep in mind that Bekins doesn’t specialize in moving or storage, but they can hook you up with third-party companies.

Here are some estimates of how much the extra services will set you back:

  • Auto transportation: $500–$1,000 (depending upon distance)
  • Storage: $100–$200 a month

Partial-packing options

For those of you looking to cut some corners and find some in-between pricing options, Bekins offers partial-packing options. Partial packing means you can pack some of the easier items and then Bekins can worry about throwing out their backs with your grand piano.

With our estimate, the price dropped by nearly $1,000 when we selected the partial-packing option instead of the full-packing option. If you don’t mind packing up the easy stuff like books and kitchenware, you can save some serious coin.

Speaking of pianos, Bekins has all the supplies and know-how to take care of your pianos, pool tables, and artwork. If you have lots of specialty items, Bekins is one of the more trustworthy moving services that won’t ruin your stuff.

Cheap moving supplies

Anybody who has recently moved knows that boxes are a killer. No, we’re not talking about paper cuts (even though those are dangerous): we’re talking price. Moving supplies definitely add up, and thankfully, Bekins offers stuff for pretty cheap.

Many Bekins agents can hook you up with a discount for boxes and moving supplies. You don’t even need to use their moving services to get the deal.

Recap: Decent straight-up pricing (especially with discounts)

If you’re knee-deep in research, Bekins’ online quotes will make your life easier. You can put another quote in your spreadsheet and compare it with all your other options. Moving researchers of the world, rejoice!

Our advice would be to use Bekins moving only if you can take advantage of a discount. Without the discounts, you can probably find better deals out there.

Thinking about going with a different moving service, we have reviews on the best long distance movers, local moving companies, and even moving container reviews. We’ve got you covered!

  • Christine Mickelson

    DO NOT USE BEKINS ! Read the reviews in Consumer Affairs. They damaged and lost many items. They will pay for nothing. This happens for many me included.