AmeriFreight Auto Mover Review

Superb discounts and a price match guarantee help smooth out this auto shipper’s rough edges.
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Price matching
Great discounts
Out-of-date website

Your car is one of the most useful tools in your life. Until it’s not anymore.

When your vehicle is busted (or you just don’t feel like driving), you’ve suddenly got a two-ton hunk of metal on your hands that’s not going to move itself. If only there were an Uber for transporting your car . . . oh wait, there is.

Auto shipping companies like AmeriFreight will haul your ride across the city, the country, and even the world. AmeriFreight may not be the prettiest-looking auto shipper, but the company makes up for that with reliable services and relatively low prices.

And if you’re in the market for an auto shipper, it doesn’t hurt to grab a quote now so you have a reference as you read on.

What you should know about AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight likes long walks on the beach, karaoke, and brokering auto transports.

AmeriFreight got its start back in 2004 (which makes it as old as Shrek 2, for those of you keeping track). Since then, this Georgia-based company has grown to become a nationwide player in the auto shipping industry.

AmeriFreight doesn’t actually have its own fleet of trucks, and it doesn’t employ drivers directly.

Instead, the company acts as a broker, which means that it maintains relationships with many different carriers and hooks customers up with them depending on their needs.

The downside of brokers is that they do make their money by charging a fee on top of the carrier’s price. But on the upside, they also offer a few perks (many of the best auto shipping companies are actually brokers).

For one, brokers can often find better deals by comparing multiple carriers. For two, they can help arrange extra services like insurance and expedited shipping.

What you get with AmeriFreight

*David Attenborough voice* If you observe closely, you’ll see that this vehicle carries several others on its back. Fascinating!

Trying to keep the miles low on your classic auto? Did you hire household movers who can’t do auto shipping?

Or maybe you rented a moving truck, but you’re not sure how you feel about pulling your personal vehicle behind a 26-foot truck while going 80 on the highway?

No matter your reasons for shipping your vehicle, AmeriFreight probably has services that will fit your needs.

Complete AmeriFreight services
FMCSA certified*Yes
Enclosed/open carrier optionsYes
Extra damage protection options**Yes
Door-to-door deliveryYes
Expedited car shippingYes
Boat, RV, and motorcycle shippingYes
Price matchingYes
Online quotesYes
Additional moving servicesNo
Guaranteed pick and delivery datesNo
Free quotesGet a Quote

* FMCSA stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
** Beyond standard carrier insurance.

AmeriFreight has most of the auto shipping basics covered, from door-to-door delivery to motorcycle shipment. We’re especially stoked about the company’s price matching (more on that later).

But AmeriFreight does disappoint in a couple of categories. For example, it doesn’t have guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.

Also, if you’re looking for a company to help with both your auto transport and your home move, then you’re out of luck with AmeriFreight. Check out Allied for combined moving and auto shipping services.


Like all auto shippers, AmeriFreight’s carriers are required to have insurance that covers most kinds of damage that could occur to your vehicle in transit.

However, in some cases, you might have to file a claim with your own auto insurance to cover damage. In these cases, you’re responsible for the deductible, unless you have an extra insurance package with the shipper.

But good news: AmeriFreight offers something called the AF Total Assurance PLAN (run by Allied Fidelity Group1) that’ll cover your deductible (up to $2,000) if you do end up filing a claim.

AmeriFreight moving experience

Don’t judge an auto shipping company by its website design. It’s what’s inside that counts.

If you were to judge AmeriFreight by the design of its website, you might think it’s at least a decade behind the times (who still has a “.net” web address?). It’s definitely not as impressive as Montway Auto Transport’s sleek site.

But AmeriFreight’s true value doesn’t lie in a glitzy website. It’s in the company’s low prices, education initiatives, and customer service.

Getting your quote

To get an online quote for your auto shipment from AmeriFreight, you’ll need to tell the company a few things:

  • Locations for pickup and delivery
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Pickup date range
  • Condition (running or not)
  • Kind of carrier you want (open or closed)
  • Your name and contact information

After you fill out the online form, you’ll be sent to a page with your initial quote and  receive a follow-up email.

While the company’s quote tool is not as comprehensive as some others, like U-Ship’s, it does get the job done.

Pricing and payment

The quote that we got from AmeriFreight was right in the mid-range compared with other major auto shippers. It wasn’t quite low enough to get AmeriFreight onto the list of the cheapest auto shippers.

AmeriFreight example quote
Example quote categoriesExample quote details
Distance of transport 1,078 miles (Chicago, IL to Houston, TX)
Date of moveApril 2019
Vehicle model2016 Honda Accord
Get Your Free Quote

AmeriFreight may not give the lowest quotes, but it’ll match the companies that do. It’s hard to overstate how awesome this is (it’s, like, really, big-time awesome).

Here’s how it works: AmeriFreight will match any price that’s quoted by any company with an A+ rating and above average customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

So if there’s a company out there that’s given you a cheaper quote, but you prefer the features offered by AmeriFreight, log onto the BBB website to check its rating. You just might be able to score a sweet discount.

And there’s more kinds of discounts you can get. Like, oodles of discounts. Are you a military family? Take $35 off. Still in school? That’s $35 less you have to spend to ship your car.

AmeriFreight will also hook up first responders, senior citizens, return customers, and others with discounts.

Educational information

Most people haven’t thought much about the auto transportation industry. (After all, we’ve got better things to ponder—like what’s going to happen on the next episode of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.)

But while many companies use people’s ignorance to their advantage, AmeriFreight sees it as an educational opportunity.

Much of the company’s website reads like an “Auto Transport for Dummies” book. The Instant Quote webpage explains all of the factors that go into calculating your quote.

AmeriFreight even has a rate calculator tool that you can use to see if you’re being ripped off by another auto shipper. Now that’s customer service.

Prepping your car

You know that useful bike rack you installed on the back of your car? It’s gotta go. And that body kit your installed after you watched Furious 7? Yeah, that might be an issue too.

Basically, anything that could come loose in a windstorm or get caught on the metal frame of a car carrier will need to be removed before it can get on the truck.

Oh, and for everyone’s sake, please disable your car alarm. (Otherwise the driver might have to do it for you . . . by any means necessary.)

One last thing: your car is not a moving container. You’ll have to limit personal items to 100 pounds, stored securely in the trunk.

Auto pickup and drop off

Once your carrier is dispatched for pickup, you’ll have to pay a deposit to AmeriFreight. (*Psssst* This “deposit” is actually just the broker fee.)

The remainder of your bill will be due to the carrier at drop off, in the form of either cash or a cashier’s check.

Once your carrier arrives to pick up your car, you’ll need to do an inspection. (Please, for the love of your future insurance claim, do not skip this.) You should also do an inspection with the carrier upon delivery.

Unfortunately, AmeriFreight does not offer online tracking. You’ll have to call a representative (or your actual carrier) to get information on where exactly your car is as it’s en route.

Recap: Is AmeriFreight a good mover?

AmeriFreight puts substance before style, and it works . . . mostly.

AmeriFreight is the sort of company that my kind-of-grumpy-but-hardworking uncle would start. Its website is a bit wonky, and it doesn’t have all of the cutting-edge services, but it’s honest (almost too honest), and it’ll definitely get the job done.

Services: All the basics are covered, but AmeriFreight doesn’t offer some specialty services like shipment tracking and guaranteed pickup/drop-off dates.

Quotes: It’s easy enough to get an online estimate, even if the quote tool isn’t as sparkly as some other companies’. But AmeriFreight does shine in the cost department with price matching and discounts.

Shipping: Nothing too complicated here—pay your “deposit,” do your inspections, and make sure to have cash or a cashier’s check for your driver upon delivery.

Reviews like this can help you learn about a company’s reputation and policies, but it’s always best to compare quotes before you decide. You can get a quote from AmeriFreight right now on the company’s website.