Internet Speeds by State During the 2020 Quarantine: Connecticut

We looked at internet speed test data for 2020 so far, and here’s what we found for the state of Connecticut and city of East Hartford.

Catherine McNally
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November 10, 2020
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A Rhode Island neighbor, Connecticut, also saw a drop in statewide average download speeds. September speeds hit 62.5 Mbps, which was 18.3% slower than average speeds of 76.6 Mbps in January.

East Hartford, located across the Connecticut River from the state’s capital, Hartford, saw slightly faster download speeds than the state’s average. But East Hartford’s average download speeds still dropped as 2020 chugged on: the city averaged 72.5 Mbps in September compared to 115.6 Mbps in January.

Even with fast average download speeds, Connecticut is still home to those without internet access. In 2018, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that only 87.3% of households in Connecticut have internet access.1 And in 2018, the US Census Bureau’s five-year estimate predicted 177,950 people would have no internet access.2

In July this year, governor Ned Lamont announced the Everybody Learns initiative. The initiative is mainly aimed at closing the digital divide for Connecticut’s students, including the addition of 200 public Wi-Fi hotspots and 12 months of paid internet access.3 Lamont followed up with a $2.6 million pledge to Connecticut’s 65 public libraries,4 which is where many without internet access at home are able to hop online.



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