2018 Viasat (formerly Exede) Review

Exede offers more speed than other Satellite Internet providers, but its pricing is still higher than average.

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Exede offers more speed than other Satellite Internet providers, but its pricing is still higher than average.
Overall Rating3 out of 5
12–25 Mbps
Contract terms:
2 yr. minimum

THE BOTTOM LINE: Exede offers plans with high speeds and plenty of data, though it’s more expensive compared to the competition.


  • Fast Download Speeds
  • 25 Mbps Boost Upgrade
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Slow Upload Speeds
  • Data Caps

See Exede pricing and plans.


It’s more expensive, but you get more too.

Exede costs more than other satellite internet providers, but its plans have high speeds and plenty of data.

PlanAdvertised Price
Essential 10 N/A
Liberty 12$49.99/mo
Liberty 18$69.99/mo
Liberty 30$99.99/mo

What’s the real price?

Exede’s advertised price depends on the plan, and some plans are not available everywhere.

Its basic plan (Essential 10) starts at $49.99 a month (regularly $69.99 a month) , which is higher than HughesNet’s basic plans; however, Exede’s basic plan has higher download and upload speeds and includes unlimited data (1–5 Mbps download speed after anytime data is used).

The regular price for Exede’s top plan (Liberty 30) is a whopping $149.99 a month. (Its promotional price is currently $99.99 a month, but that’s only for the first three months.) HughesNet has much lower prices for its top plan,  but not unlimited data of 1–5 Mbps.

Hidden fees

As with most service providers that require contracts, Exede has an early termination fee (ETF). It’s $15 for every month remaining on the two-year contract, so if you cancel after a year, for example, you’d be stuck with a bill of $180. HughesNet is no different.


Exede equipment includes a satellite dish and modem, and the rental fee is $9.99 a month. Exede does give you the option to prepay for the equipment: $199.99 for 24 months (the length of the contract) or $299.99 for the life of the equipment. The first option will save you about $40 over two years. The second option will break even at two-and-a-half years, and it could save you quite a bit if you end up sticking with Exede for an extended period of time. If you kept the equipment for four years, for example, you could save $270.

Check local pricing for Exede Internet.

Find out if Viasat (formerly Exede) is available in your area.


Same speeds, different data

PlanDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Liberty 1212–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Liberty 1812–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Liberty 3012–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Essential 1012–25 Mbps3 Mbps

Exede has the same max download speed and upload speed across all its plans, which means its basic plan plan has higher speeds than the competition. The only differences between Exede’s plans are anytime data and the unlimited data feature.

Other satellite providers vary the data and speed of plans based on price, which can force consumers to make compromises, either by paying more for a faster speed and unneeded data, or sacrificing speed to avoid paying for that data.

Which plan is right for me?

To help you decide if a plan is right for you, you may want to look at the FCC’s Broadband Speed Guide. The guide provides minimum download speeds (emphasis on minimum) for various internet activities, but be aware that “internet speeds are not guaranteed.” So if you need 5 Mbps speed at bare minimum, we recommend erring on the side of caution and going with a 10 Mbps plan or higher.


More data than anywhere else

Exede lives up to its name with solid amounts of data and the industry-leading Liberty plans with unlimited (but slower) “bonus data” once you use your regular allotment.

An internet connection isn’t much good without a decent data allowance; Exede stays competitive here, with plans offering 10, 18, or 30 GB of data. This probably doesn’t seem like much if you’re used to cable internet, but it’s par for the course when it comes to satellite internet.

Now, if you happen to use all that data, you’re not left out in the cold. Most satellite providers will only allow you to use your connection during slower, off-peak hours once your data cap is reached. Exede does things a little differently: once you reach your data cap, you can still access the internet whenever you want, but the speed is slowed down from the usual 12 Mbps to between 1 and 5 Mbps (depending on the time of day). There is also no limit on how much of this bonus data you can use, whereas the competition typically still puts a data cap on it.


Delivering speed as advertised

Again, Exede really excels in this area. Regardless of which plan you choose, you get a respectable 12 Mbps download speed and an industry leading 3 Mbps upload speed.

Behind data allowances, connection speed is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing an internet provider. While some providers offer up to 15 Mbps download speeds on their top-tier packages (notably HughesNet), Exede gives you the same 12 Mbps across all of their packages, including the $59.99 base package. For comparison, HughesNet’s equivalently priced package gets you 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds.


More complaints, better grade

Exede has you covered with numerous ways to find answers to your questions or reach support staff if you still need help.

Exede offers a number of ways to get support, including the usual options: online chat, email, and phone support, with average wait times listed next to each option. Chats are said to start within one minute, email responses are promised within 24 hours, and there is a 2-minute average wait time for the good old telephone. There is also an online forum where you can chat with other customers and get questions answered, as well as a help center with guides and tutorials for a variety of topics.

Finally, tucked away at the bottom of the support page is an option you don’t see very often: a mailing address that you can use to have your complaints or issues (or praise!) viewed and addressed by the company’s executive leadership. There is even a promise that every letter received will be acted upon promptly. We find this very refreshing; it shows that the leadership is actively involved with their customers. Kudos to Exede for this.

When we reached out to have some questions answered for this review, we received prompt help and the staff was polite. Cable and internet companies tend to get a bad rap for customer service, and often this is deserved, but our experiences with Exede, while brief, were pleasant and didn’t throw up any red flags.

The takeaway

Exede delivers solid satellite internet

Exede is an excellent option for satellite internet, especially if you don’t mind spending a little more.

With high data caps and fast speeds across their range of plans, it’s hard to find a major fault with the service. Maybe the only issue is that they are expensive, at least once you move past the base package. That said, you do get more for your money, and we feel the higher-tier plans offer a better value despite the higher price, since at the highest tier you get three times the data for less than three times the price.

If you want to see how Exede stacks up to it’s competition, read our Best Satellite Internet Providers Review.

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  • Jarred A.

    Exede internet is hands down the worst internet service provider I have ever acquired. Recently signed up and didn’t even take me 2 months to cancel service. Wouldn’t wish the service upon my worse enemies.

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      Yikes. Have you switched to another satellite internet provider already?

  • Cbeard

    Absolute garbage internet. I am currently seeking alternatives and would never willingly work with these con artists again. paying 70 a month for this internet and i dont even hit 1 meg speed 90% of the time. if you are given a choice between this and no internet at all, go to a Starbucks, at least your arent charged for the same god awful internet.

  • Get what you can get

    I must admit that this service is not as would be if it were a cable or DSL connection, but when you are located in a rural area which doesn’t provide any other service that dial-up through a phone line then Exede is one of the ways to go. Data caps are a problem if you are a data hog downloading movies, and contestant surfing of the web (tECKO Kids) then there is going to be big problems and complaints associated. But if you use the system for connection to typical internet usage that doesn’t include constant streaming you will find the system as your best alternative. I have had it for 2 years and data caps have been a problem when over used. Have just went to a 18GB cap which will prove better for my needs.

  • Natalie Dallabrida

    Here are some FAQ I have seen that I have issue with…..
    1. Are there any hidden fees?
    This one got me– I have been a customer of excede for 10 months now. I can NOT get a tech to come to my house and check out why I lose service at least 2X’s a day. Why you ask, because it will cost ME $99, now they will give me the option to buy a service plan for $5.99 month but why do I have to pay them to take care of their equipment. I know that it is not a lot of money every month, but still it is their equipment not mine.

    2. Here is another person who wanted service in there area.
    “Ha! I just clicked to see if it was vailable in my area. The message I got was “due to the large volume of requests for this service, we have suspended all new service installations at this time. ???????”
    They were answered with—- It’s a good thing they are not selling more then they can provide for.
    No, this is not good!!!! Here is why.
    I do have the liberty 10 plan that gives me data after I use my monthly data amount up.
    So if they have a large volume in that area, be careful because this is what excuse you will get to the problem of a service that cuts in and out, ” it is all the Traffic on the signal” again this is THEIR problem and I am not getting the service I pay for.

    Now today I called to get someone out to check out if there is a outside issue. I was told once again I have to pay $99 to have them come out and inspect THEIR equipment or I can pay $5.99 a month, again I am paying for them to fix THEIR equipment. Sometimes you just want to scream, why ,why why!!

    I feel used and over charged for a service that can be fixed in my area, and they chose not to fix it.
    If I did have a choice for Internet in my area I would not have this service.
    I do hope that you will post this for others to see so that they really can make an educated decision, because I did not have any reviews that would warn me of these issus.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place
    Cynthiana, Kentucky

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We’ll make a note to include service costs when we update this review.

      BTW, is there really no other option for internet than Exede in your area? Also, it might be worth re-posting this experience in the Exede community forum. There’s a lot of active customers there, and someone might have a solution with a similar experience (https://community.exede.com/exede). Good luck!

  • Jon Bakehouse

    We used Exede for 5+ years. When everything works, it is an acceptable service, especially if you have no alternative. However, when problems arise (this includes cancelling service, see below), you are on your own and more than likely will be screwed to one degree or another.

    The short: use Exede Internet at your own risk and BE CAREFUL. Do not expect anything from customer service reps (even the nice ones). Do not expect advertised speeds. Expect phantom data usage and expect to be given the run-around at every corner when problems arise. Customer service can be decent, but problems they try to solve are often “rejected” by corporate–seriously.

    The long: we used Exede for 5+ years and got along okay. It was nice to have high speed Internet, but we often used up our Priority Data by the second or third week of each month, especially as more and more services migrated to Internet-only. We even somehow used data when our modem was off during a two-week vacation. We were on the lowest (20G/mo) plan, and I’m certainly not entirely blaming Exede for us burning through data, but the phantom data usage raised a red flag. Liberty Pass worked fine for a year or so, but by the end of our subscription this past June, usually rendered even casual browsing almost impossible, another red flag.

    Thankfully an alternative came along this year. We went through the process of disconnecting our Exede service, then were still charged our monthly fee a few days later. When we called again, the customer service rep said our previous request had “failed.” We went through the entire disconnect process again, plus went through another process to get our monthly fee refunded. Our service is now disconnected, but our request for a refund, while accepted by customer service, was rejected by corporate because our customer agreement states there are no refunds for unused data. It does not matter that our first request came before our renewal date and that it was the fault of Exede that the request failed.

    Part of the disconnect process also required us to send back part of the satellite dish, the power cords/supply and modem. It must be received by Exede within one month from the day you request to be disconnected. It has been 20 days since we sent the equipment back and Exede has no record of receiving the equipment. Thankfully, we have our UPS tracking number, so we may have a leg to stand on, but I would not be surprised if Exede finds a way to charge us $300 for not returning their equipment in a timely fashion.

    Again, BE CAREFUL. Read your customer agreement carefully and believe Exede will do everything they can to manipulate you into violation. Exede is as dishonest, ruthless and worthless as companies come.

    • T

      what was the alternative?

  • Sbeckwith

    AWFUL. Don’t even bother with their services. The satellite wireless is molasses slow – which means we could never get anything to download ‘on demand’ through Directv. Customer service sucks – ask for a supervisor and you get a snot. Seriously.

    • NoOneInHell

      I use directv on demand all the time and Netflix and Hulu and Amazon no problem. It might buffer for 3 seconds here and there but that’s rare.

  • Don pocsi

    There customer service is terrible. The modem stopped working I call they said a technician would call with in 72 hours to set up a time to fix it that was 3 months ago still get billed every month but still no one has came to fix it. I’ve called customer service 4 times every time tell give me the same story that someone will call within 72 hours. Every time I call I’m on hold at least 15 minutes. The satellite service is very slow and some how all the data is gone in a week when I hardly use it.
    So frustrated!!!

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io/ Trevor Wheelwright

      Hey Don, thanks for the feedback, just curious, have you considered either switching providers or have tried escalating your technical issues to a supervisor/manager letting them know your situation?

  • Rob Lankton

    if you are thinking about switching your internet provider, and are considering Exede or Wild Blue, here’s a little food for thought, before you make a switch.
    Exede promised us that after our monthly 18 gigs of data were used, that the slower download rate would still be fast enough to stream videos and On Demand from Direct TV.
    We had Exede internet installed about 2 months ago…
    To this day we have only watched on demand a couple of times before and after our 18 gigs were used because the internet connection is not fast enough or adequate to do the job.
    Most afternoons when I get home from work, I am unable to use the internet, quite often it goes down all together. I cannot watch videos from my friends on Facebook, and often have trouble even posting a photo… Right now I don’t even know if I will be able to post this story and pic.
    The installer interested in using the existing pole in the ground, that was put in by Hughes Net, required me to pay $15 cash for an adapter bracket to put his dish on the pole.
    Exede has contacted us on more than 1 occasion notifying us that our signal was not up to par. They have scheduled techs to come out and repair the issue. Telling us the dish
    “needs to be moved or aimed”.
    First tech refused to touch the dish, he replace a cable inside my house.
    Second tech refused to touch the dish, he tightened up a cable connection at the dish.
    Third tech, was the installer, he refused to touch the dish, well sort of. The signal went out the minute he walked through the door. he replaced an electrical part on the dish and the modem in the house. Told us the cable was bad running to the house but would do nothing about it because it ran under the driveway. the dish needs to be moved and a new cable ran.
    Fourth tech, replaced the same electrical part on the dish, tried to aim the dish and told us a tree was interferring, the dish needs to be moved and left.
    Fifth tech was supposed to be here today 11/11/16 between 10 and 2. I got home before 1, wife and kids were home all day. The wife contacted Exede just after 2, they said the tech was here around 1:40 and no one was home. I was here no tech showed up.
    I called “customer service” and there is nothing they can do for me until the next available tech can come here Monday or Tuesday.
    We even paid an extra fee to become priority customers putting us at the top of the list if problems should arise.
    That’s Exede/Wild Blue Internet

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io/ Trevor Wheelwright

      Ah, thanks for your freedback Rob. It’s hard to hear that customers have had such poor experiences with service, please keep in touch and let us know if your issue gets resolved, or if you decide to switch to another provider.

    • Shawn

      Mr. Lankton, I’m interested in getting Exede Internet and would like to here a follow up as to if the problem was resolved.

  • Candy Guajardo

    This is the worse customer service ever! They want me to return some piece from the actual sat dish? How am I supposed to climb up a house which I no longer live in? If they would of said something before I moved I might of found a way to get up there.

  • Maria Morgan

    The liberty plan is a joke!!! Everyday, my internet goes out. Whether I have usage left or not. I am so sick of calling these Jacks! Customer service will not listen to what I am trying to tell them. Don’t waste your time or money!!!!

  • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io/ Trevor Wheelwright

    Hey, thanks for your question. We’re currently improving our user/customer feedback and ratings interface. In the future we plan on taking user input and directly responding with amendments/updates to the articles. Our aim is to provide an evolving knowledge base to help find the right service for individuals.

    As far as your situation is concerned, if you’re currently unhappy with Exede we’d recommend giving HughesNet a shot, as they (currently) have better prices, speeds, etc.

    • Monti Moore

      Well it has been 4 months since this post and it has not gotten better. Exede knows that a lot of people don’t have a choice in the matter so ofcourse you would say that..

    • Jim Campbell

      yeah – I am looking at this site to consider Exede. Sounds like they have all the same problems that Hughesnet has – the worst customer service on the planet. Sounds like both have a potentially good system that works well sometimes and leaves you high and dry many times. I’m now searching for something other than satellite -no wired services out here – there is one reflecting microwave I am going to check out…???

      • anon

        regarding satellite internet ?
        i would say THEY’RE ALL THE SAME and all the same overpriced bs.

    • julie

      When a service provider refers you to another company, don’t get service with them. If you have a contract get out asap!! I came here to pursue exede service and read the reviews. A comment like this from a employee made my decision for me!! Not a chance your getting my business!

  • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

    What company did you sign up with? We’d like to know more.

  • http://www.twitter/ melissa

    I’ve got liberty 18 and honesty if unlimited don’t come very fast I’m leaving for another outfit I’m over there excuses

  • Brandon Whittemore

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f98baa60b14364a03ff35e1d840631cd95bfe0fc41dd36b85076ec8e0170ed12.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a33aff9708f1b086fc6bf2e04a9fd19e7b31da099f92f8b3a086627fb41bf1e.jpg So here is what every customer should be told regarding Exede Internet. This service is not for everyone. If you game, you may experience delays. If you stream movies (netflix and such), Exede IS NOT FOR YOU.
    I am a self installing Exede dealer. I have turned away 10 customers in the last 2 weeks because they want to stream video (netflix, amazon). You will blow through data fast.
    My speeds are consistently 20 mBS download and 4 upload (some days a little slower some faster). Today I am at 13 download and 6 upload.
    You – the customer – need to understand this. Me the authorized dealer – well I am clear with the customer about this.
    VERY important, the quality of service will only be as good as the installation. If the installer takes short cuts, does not align dish properly, or uses unsupported materials then you will suffer poor service.
    If you have cable internet in your area then I recommend you use it as there are no data caps. However if you have limited options then this is a fantastic service as long as – you the customer – do not push the threshold of data usage.
    Below are some screen shots of recent speeds monitored over several days. Today we were 13 mbs down (more than likely due to heavy snow), but the speeds are still higher than those advertised.
    Look me up at green wave ventures bradford pa on facebook
    B https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ee6ea7357b77138864418f66b96e2e95aa2485878df21ce1a1269ef63e997898.jpg

    • http://www.atsynch.com/support-for-adobe.html Victor William

      s there someplace we can fill out the user review? I have a feeling it’d be a lot lower than the generous 8.3 rating XD. I’ve had exede for almost 6 years, my advice, don’t get it, all satellite internet is awful because they know you have no alternative so they can treat you like absolute garbage.

  • Trish Hagod

    Exede internet is good. What is NOT good is if you call the company, you get several different answers AND they don’t seem to be organized at all. I called to have my internet switched back on after I moved and I couldn’t get it to work. I called them and they said it is turned on. I asked them to send a technician because I could NOT get it to work. The technician came out and said, “well, no wonder it doesn’t work; it’s because I didn’t have Direct TV” (which I did get conflicting answers about that question). Come to find out, they hooked my service up at the address I moved from and they took my money (they are good at that). AND they REFUSED to give me credit for that money. I opted to let them go and get another service. They send me a letter telling me, “we hate to see you go; what can we do gain your service back” so I figured I would give them one last shot. I called and I spoke to THREE different people and they STILL REFUSED to refund so I decided it was DEFINATELY time to move on. They charge way too much money anyway but they took me for $88.00. Then I get a bill for $414.00. I called to ask them why and they said I didn’t return the piece on the dish from my roof!!!! THAT WAS THE FIRST I HEARD ABOUT THAT TOO!! I told them I am 60 plus years old and I’m NOT climbing on my roof. They did send out a technician to pull it off for me. I’m going with another company with NO CONTRACT!!

  • lauren

    Exede is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. I tried to disconnect 3 different times, was hung up on twice after waiting 45 minutes. Long story short, I have been charged $1035.00 FOR SERVICE I NEVER USED. and some how cant be refunded? 8.3 stars? I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Steve Wilfong

    This whole service is a joke. I started out with a cheaper plan and quickly had to upgrade. The speed was so slow we couldnt watch a movie even if we still had data to use. Called several times and complained and nothing was done. Then I upgraded to the Fastest and biggest plan plus paid additional money per month for the faster service which required a new modem. now im around 120 a month for internet. They turned the old modem off and left me for a week without internet till i got the new one. No credit applied.. Then after several calls over a few months for speeds at a whopping 1 mbps to 3 mbps I had enough. It wasnt worth having. I disconnected the modem before my next billing cycle ended in the meantime they took out a payment of $109 out of my account i called to cancel 3 days into my new cycle and they wont credit me for that whole month plus i had to pay for early termination fee. They said they couldnt remove it with out running a test. They had already run several tests in the months that I had called and complained for that slow of a speed and I was told it is what it is. So to top this off I switched to dish network internet and tv. I specifically asked dish if they had anything to do with exede and they told me NO!! Liars!!!!! I get my new dish stuff installed and what do you know slow speeds. Had tech come out and look at it. I look at the modem and what do you know it says Viasat the same second company name exede has… Its the same through dish network now im stuck again. I now have an attorney and I will be taking them to court for several different things along with dish tv. I had tried to work it out with exede but they said they didnt care..

  • Scott

    While I used Exede for my mountain home for 3 years and when I called to disconnect they basically begged me to stay. The service was very slow with high latency that many devices do not work well with mainly voice and video so for basic web pages and loading your ereader with a book occasionally its ok . Besides the fact you have limitation on data the speed and latency is awful. I suppose if its your only choice as it was mine until recent its better than nothing although barely. The cost is outrageous and they practically ignore you if you attempt to disconnect they also charge a full month even if you disconnect 10 days into the billing cycle. Ive never been billed for a service I was not getting until now Satellite ISP are the biggest ripoff out there . I recommend exhausting all other options before signing up for a 24 month contract.

  • Ann Brodersen

    This is the worst Internet service I have ever had in my life. We just moved out in he area and this is all there was till the week after we signed up and found out that we could have fiber optics. I agree with every one else. Michanel how do you sleep at night knowing you are ripping people off of there hard earn money. You ill me, people like you are usually called rats. We are very disappointed it this service. There is nobody up at 3 am to 8am that would be able to benifit from the great service you say you have. I have lawyer friends that would gladly love to take you down. We want out and we are not paying you any cancellation fees.

  • Ann Brodersen

    Your an employee typing something about a shity company that suck the money from people. What a joke if like this Internet bs.

    • Michael Carroll

      Haha I am not affiliated with excede. What does a joke if like this internet bs even mean. The internet from them is bad compare to dsl or cable, but they tell you that up front. You obviously have no concept of what a satellite is.

  • https://wheeloforganizedchaos.wordpress.com/ Buff Hamstah

    First, I would like to say that of all the “review” sites I have run across, Reviews.org is the most fair and balanced in their product reports, … Thank You for the time and effort you put into this.

    On the Exede forums there is a class of customers known as “Champion”. Be careful with them as many are overly zealous “loyal customers” who will shoot you down if you try post any factual information that makes their favorite company look less than stellar in their eyes (many are not internet savvy). Example:
    (yes, Exede closed the topic)

    Not all of the Champions are like this, just be careful when dealing with them as some are less than helpful. I could even say that some of them may actually drive away customers who are only looking for some decent customer support (I have butted heads with them before). In my case, I am looking for Exede to upgrade their service and provide a bundled billing plan (phone+internet) that is less than what we are currently paying.

    I have been a customer with Exede since July 2012, when we signed up with an Exede12 10Gb plan and have upgraded that twice to their Exede12 25Gb plan, … that’s 5 years as an Exede customer. We have been fortunate in that we have had fairly good service with only minor drawbacks:
    1) their data use monitor needs work, a lot of work. Instead I rely on RealityRipple’s Satellite Restriction Tracker for a more accurate breakdown of my data usage. Ironically, the application queries the Exede site for the actual data use, … go figure.
    2) as mentioned in the article, their customer service for the phone number is abysmal (overseas call centers can actually drive customers away), the CS for their online chat is much better, and for their customer forums I advise you pay a priority of your attention to the Exede employees before anyone else.
    3) when we originally signed up with Exede, they used Google for their email service, this changed a few years back when Google changed their pricing plans and they went with a much less robust email service. My advice, use it for your spam mail and sign up for a Google Mail account, … much more robust and best of all, it is free.

    Currently our household is undergoing a financial overhaul due to a minor tragedy and we are looking to pair down some of our expenses, … issue #2 and current pricing plans have me leaning away from Exede. I will give them a month or two for them to get their new satellite up and running before making a final decision.

  • Monti Moore

    I could not agree more. Last 3 months thay have been burning me for my 18g. Telling me it is my fault for using it in 5 to 10m. Wait,…… what?…. how is that possible at 25migs per sec. I don’t even get that speed here. Talked to customer “care” and I have had them put me on hold for 45m and then hang up on me. The only thing keeping me in is liberty pass. Or I would be out.

  • Yssup Minister

    I am sure many of these reviews are legit but there is something fishy about a bunch of them, like it was one angry person or competitor posting again and again under different names. Many use identical wording – “worst internet service ever”. Several of them even keep capitalizing “worst”. I’ve got no bone in the fight, I’m leaning towards Hughes.

    • Shannon Ruhren

      Yssup, Get Exede internet then come back here and tell us if it’s not the “worst internet service ever”. If you’ve never tried it, then you can’t comment on it. People are losing a lot of money and there sanity on these money grabbers…. So yea, I would think WORST internet service ever would explain it just fine..

  • Monti Moore

    Well……. You know so much about excede…….. makes me think that you work for them. Well good, for all to see…… do something about customer care. Do something about issues people are having and fix them. Don’t tell people it’s their fault. Ya, I woke up this morning thinking, I am going to call exede today to mess with them and them lie about it on the web. You honestly think people have time for that. So if you do work for them, maybe let Corperit know the issues people are having instead of bashing people on the web.

    • Michael Carroll

      I think the majority of people are mentally stupid and have no idea as to what’s going on. They sign up for stuff they know nothing about and than complain about it. Excede is upfront about thier contract.

      • NoOneInHell


      • Michael Koger

        U have Idiocracy written all over you.

      • April Walden

        They are not upfront about their contract. The only thing I signed was the installation paper from the local installer. Phone has went out 6 times in 5 days and speeds are terrible not even close to the advertised speed except at 4 a.m. Even then I tried watching a movie with not success. I was streaming HD movies at between 2-3 mbps with my old provider. I wish would have never had them install this junk. Phone service has gotten terrible at my house lately and my other internet was a mobile hotspot. Thats why I was looking for a new isp. I have more important things to do than call them every day to tell me they are working on it and nothing ever gets fixed. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone today there are a lot of things I need to be doing besides being on the phone with them.

  • Kandi Davis

    I had to get exede due to lack of internet providers. I have AT&T at home. It is unlimited, 50 Mbps for $50 a month. I had Cox for $60 a month in in LA, 50 Mbps unlimited. This is. Costing me $85 a month for 12 GB per month then it slows down to 1-5 Mbps when you reach your limit. It’s a joke. The good news is the joke will be on them. AT&T is building a fiber network here and we are working on the project. Affordable, truly high speed internet at an affordable price will be available in the San Antonio area soon.

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      We recommend trying our ZIP tool to see what other internet providers are in your area besides Exede. BTW, you’re pretty lucky to go from satellite internet (Exede) to fiber internet.

  • Daniel

    Trust me it could be a lot worse I to live in the country and this is one of our only options instead of this I have Fox Valley Internet Literally the worst internet ever It promises 1.5 mb/s in our area I have had my downloads drop below into bytes and sometimes disconnect out of nowhere for hours on end nothing could be worse than this internet. I average 30 kb/s of download speed and peek right under 200 kb/s. And we are not talking satellite….

  • Cassandra

    I very much agree with what everyone is saying. I was promised something that a year later have still yet to see. The only reason i signed up with this company was because they were the only internet company who offered internet in my area. And to be honest if i had to choose not having internet or sign up with exede again i would rather not have internet. Ive been paying $97 a month for something that i am no longer using. Ive been using my tmobile hotspot from my phone which is way faster and at that im still getting an email from exede telling me ive already used up all my data in less than a week might i add. And im not even connected to it. Tbh when someone askes me if this internet is good and if i recommend it. I tell everyone they would be better without internet then pay close to $100 a month for something that doesnt even work and is super slow.

  • shanitra white

    I hate Exede, I’ve wasted a lot of money dealing with them. I don’t recommend this company to anybody!!

  • Keith

    Make sure you want the service and there is nothing else around. I had the service for two months and it would give me .5megs for the download when you ran out. I have Att on my cell and went with sprint for a portable wifi and went up to 4megs ave. I spent $320 to buy out of my two year contract. Service went down a lot too and for service in the area.

  • Tanya

    DO NOT USE THIS INTERNET PROVIDER!!! The worst company I have ever been in contact with. The internet it terrible, I have had problems the day I got the internet installed. Trying to cancel and they are telling me I am responsible to climb my roof and retrieve equipment off my dish!!! What a joke

  • Britney White

    Worst Internet service I ever had. Got it and was told it would run everything I needed it for, tv, tablets…after first 3 days ran out of Internet. Due to the 2 year contract I couldn’t get rid of them. Spending over a year using our phones and tablets as mobile Hotspot for everything I finally cancelled. So not only did they charge me $15 for each remaining month, which was fine. They also charged me for an extra month of Internet and wouldn’t even let me use it. Girl told me in a month I would get billed the fee for early termination, when in fact later that day they charged me both that and the extra month.

  • Brooke S. Burnett

    I want to be part of that class action suit. They’re are nothing but liars. They tell you one thing and do another.

    • Alice Richardson

      Where do you sign up for this law suit I certainly want to join, they are crooks

  • Rikki Christensen

    This service is THE WORST. Not only is their performance sub-par, they informed my 84 Year old Grandfather that he would have to climb out onto his 2nd story rooftop to remove a “vital piece of equipment” that they need returned. We gave it a good solid effort too. they told us that the piece was held on by 2 Phillips screws… it was bolted to the extension arm and extended way over the ledge of the roof, oh but they can send someone out for an extra $95 bucks to remove it for you… what a crock. honestly if you have other options. use them. Hell a Mobile jetpack from your cell phone provider wold be better than this absolutely absurd provider and their ridiculous demands.

  • NoOneInHell

    Wow “pops” angry much? I’ve had exede for 2.5 years, I run a business from my home, my satellite TV is connected with 2 tvs, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, laptop, desktop, tablet and phone all connected. I pay 116.00 total for 150gb allowance and I rarely get close to that usage even when I watch a lot of Netflix or the other services I subscribe to. I remote into customers computers daily, no problem. The month I had issues connecting it was my own router that was the issue. Went out and bought a new linksys router for around 50 bucks and was up and running in seconds of setup. Last month I don’t know what happened but I think I watched more movies than normal and I hit the 150gb in 15 days so rather than buy more data I decided to wait around decided to wait and see how badly my service would slow down. It slowed a tiny bit but not enough for me to buy more data. I just couldn’t watch anymore Netflix etc till the new month started. Big deal. In my community all of my neighbors have the local provider and they’re down 3/4 of the day, I’m not. Sure, it’s more expensive but worth it. And no “pops” I’ve don’t work for exede nor have any affiliation with them either. Sucks to be you I guess huh?

  • NoOneInHell

    Wrong. Not the only one who likes them. Posted this above in reply to someone else I’m not one of their workers…..
    “Wow “pops” angry much? I’ve had exede for 2.5 years, I run a business from my home, my satellite TV is connected with 2 tvs, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, laptop, desktop, tablet and phone all connected. I pay 116.00 total for 150gb allowance and I rarely get close to that usage even when I watch a lot of Netflix or the other services I subscribe to. I remote into customers computers daily, no problem. The month I had issues connecting it was my own router that was the issue. Went out and bought a new linksys router for around 50 bucks and was up and running in seconds of setup. Last month I don’t know what happened but I think I watched more movies than normal and I hit the 150gb in 15 days so rather than buy more data I decided to wait around decided to wait and see how badly my service would slow down. It slowed a tiny bit but not enough for me to buy more data. I just couldn’t watch anymore Netflix etc till the new month started. Big deal. In my community all of my neighbors have the local provider and they’re down 3/4 of the day, I’m not. Sure, it’s more expensive but worth it. And no “pops” I’ve don’t work for exede nor have any affiliation with them either. Sucks to be you I guess huh?”

  • Joseph Hughes

    I have never posted comments regarding service that I have received from a provider. I always figured that for every bad service that I received, I was likely given better service than I deserved elsewhere. However, when it comes to Excede, I felt that, by posting my experiences with them, maybe I could prevent someone else from having to endure the same. This company (Excede) is the worst that I have ever dealt with. Their speeds are so slow that it is virtually not usable. The customer service is terrible. They have prepared various excuses for when you call that are meant to blame anyone, including you as the customer, or the weather, or all users in your area cumulatively, etc. They have not once ever sent a tech to my location to check their initial install, nor have they tried to eliminate any problems or improve the situation. I have made them acutely aware that the very day my contract expires, they better have a tech be there to recover their equipment. If they do not, that equipment will be treated precisely as it deserves – as garbage. I would recommend, as strongly as I possibly can, to avoid this company – even if it meant doing without internet. Because you will simply be tossing away good money for nothing. This company is not worthy of even a -1 on a scale of 0-10. Heed this warning ir be bitterly disappointed.

  • Justin Huffmon

    I would not recommend this service to anyone. I was on the phone last night for 19 minutes trying to resolve a service issue. The rep put me on hold and 1 hour and 30 minutes later never came back on the line.

    I complained on their Facebook page and requested a call back from corporate so I could discuss us amicably parting ways and they simply responded that they would provide me a month of free service. I paid for service on Aug 8th as I do every month and have yet to have internet service.

    I’ve had to have a tech come to my house 5 times. I was there three of those times, which cost me money bc they only service my area on Thursdays and I have to take off work to be there. I had my mom go one of those times when they were supposed to be there between 11-2 and they never showed up. And as I was having dinner with my wife they decided to show up. Their excuse was that they had to drive from Phoenix and weren’t even remotely apologetic. They came again yesterday, even though I told them I couldn’t accommodate them on a Thursday. Proceeded to do the work anyway. Tore the old post out of the ground. Made a mess in my yard. Left foam from the previous hole. And the issue still isn’t fixed. I’m beyond frustrated with this company, their lack of professionalism and their lack of consistent service.

    Do not proceed with this company unless you have no other choice and you’re willing to have your service down for long stretches at a time. I would never do business with this company again and regret that I signed up to begin with.

    To make matters worse, the company isn’t making any money off my service. If they are sending a service rep from 11 hours away to service my account it is costing them a lot of money. Why would the company want to continue this relationship if it isn’t beneficial to either of us?

    Do not get serviced by this company. You will regret your decision.

  • humbe30

    Exede its a scam!!!!!!!!

    They make you agree with a contract of 2 years and they send a technician to do installation.

    After that, a lot of different problems take place. Speed its slower than the offer, internet drops and does not work. Another issue is that they run to do the installation first than DIrectv and EXEDE promise that you can use the same Antena (Dish) for Directv and Exede so they can start the contract. However, it is impossible to use the same dish for both services. Also, my community does not allow a second dish. I call EXEDE the same day DIRECTV give me the explanation of one dish per service and Exede does not care and they will charge me 2 year contract if I want to cancel the service.



    • Kayla Adkins

      Whenever that info is available please post. Definitely want that.

  • Joan Romel

    This service is the worse I have ever purchased. Extremely slow even when on liberty plan. They did not live up to the contract by delivering enough speed for basic internet search. It’s like old dial-up and they expect time to pay to cancel.

  • Guest

    I agree with the customers that are unhappy with Excede. If their service is so great, why lock you into a two year contract? Why don’t they offer a 30-day grace period to cancel if the customer is unsatisfied with the service. All companies have something like this. I didn’t read the fine print. My husband signed us up thinking it was the only choice. Companies like this do take advantage of the consumer. I am complaining to the Better Business Bureau and would encourage more people to do so. Excede charges high rates and provides low quality service. Don’t sign up for this service. It is not the only choice as I have found out. You can use your cell phone service like Verizon and get a hotspot. We are going to do this because Excede is just not working for us. We tried to cancel after one week, which is how long it took to go through our data plan which wasn’t the best to begin with. If you’re used to unlimited plans like what Comcast offers, you will be thoroughly disappointed with Excede and join the rest of us on this blog.

  • Lora Johnson

    Have been without internet for seven days. Much longer than usual. Exede will come out to repair ‘their’ equipment and restore the service we are paying for ‘if’ we pay them $93. HORRIBLE service!!!! Slow internet speed from the start. No service if it rains, or the wind blows.

  • Kurt Menking

    This could be a book, but I will try and keep it in a nut shell. We live in a rural area and options for internet are minimal. Two years ago we were forced into trying a satellite based internet and chose Excede. $80 got us 12 Mbps which should be enough considering we don’t do games, rarely stream anything and mainly surf the web, some YouTube and order a lot off eBay and Amazon. When reception was good it really wasn’t too bad and speed when the internet was working wasn’t bad either. In 2 years we were able to download one movie, which took several hours, and our 12 Mbps was spent. We tried about 2 other times and couldn’t even get the movie to completely download because the 12 Mbps would be completed before it was done. The first 6 months, or so, I was on the phone with them monthly trying to determine what was going on with the way they counted usage, returning equipment that failed once, and finally just concluding it wasn’t worth my time and aggravation to continue the monthly inquires. Spent the next 1.5 years living under a contract with a ½ working internet provider and paying out $80 a month for service that wasn’t there. I finally get down to the last month and call and tell them I want to cancel service because it was inadequate. They told me that they needed the modem, cables and the little box up on the dish that they put up so I would have an equipment charge. I told them they were welcome to come get it because they put it on the second story. They said there would be a $95 service call and they would not be taking or removing the dish. How convenient! Begin 60 years old getting on my roof is not wise, I have to dispose of their trash and repair the holes in my roof. Looks like I have to hire someone to do their work because I have already been robbed by them over the last 2 years. Also, since I called a month ahead and told them I was canceling they went ahead and turned off the internet completely a month early, did I mention that I am still paying for that last month so I don’t have early cancelation charges on my final bill. Moral of the story, if you have any other option try them instead of Excede. We are now going with AT&T hotspot and so far it appears to be working ok.

  • Luisa Lorta

    I agreed to use this service because I moved to a very rural area and had no other options for decent internet. I was okay with paying a little extra per month, since it was better than nothing.
    However, every time there was an issue with payment, or any issue at all, the customer service was horrible. The most recent issue was with paying a late payment online. I paid the overdue balance, but the website said that my payment wasn’t processed and I should check my payment information. So, I re-entered my payment information and it still gave me that same message. I waited a little while to see if maybe it went through after all. When it didn’t, I contacted the customer service department and they stated that both payments were actually processed. I asked why they allowed the second payment to go through if the first one worked and they said there was nothing they could do.
    They refused to give me my extra money back and no am having issues with my bank regarding fraud so I can cancel the charges. They were not interested in satisfying my problems. They were only happy to take as much money as they could from me and not worry if I was happy or not. Needless to say, I will be terminating my account with them immediately and would definitely not recommend.

  • Alice Richardson

    I was an exceed customer for five years always paid on time. A few months ago I cancelled the service due to financial problems, I was paid up owed nothing I was sent box to return equipment, my 71 year old husband climbed on top of the house to retrieve the piece off disc took modem wires everything concerning excede boxed it and mailed it. Then two months ago $157.50 was taken from my bank acct in which I called excede and was informed I didn’t return modem I explained I did bc house much sense would it make to climb up on top of the house and send that and keep the pieces inside the house which couldn’t be used for anything else. WANT told to call back in a week would investigate, so after calling several times with same response they finally made a decision no refund it wasn’t there . Now this is a lie and if they can do this to an elderly couple what will they do to you. So this is a warning to everyone think twice before you get this service, they are crooks bc they know they got everything back , they know they were wrong and to take that money from two people who live on a fixed income show a lot about them. They then bc we are old they can get away with it and they may buy this old woman intends to fight them through social media and the better business bureau so again WARNING DONOT GET THIS SERVICE THEY ARE CROOKS

  • Alice Richardson

    Would join any lawsuit against these crooks

  • Kayla Adkins

    This internet is CRAP!!! To start off the installer put a giant hole in my wall. They promise all this crap & have nothing to show for it. Have called them goodness knows how many times & magically every single time we call there’s an “outage” in my area for 4 months straight. They haven’t done anything to fix this “outage” what so ever. They also let their employees back into our internet & we have an open criminal case with our pd because we caught them in the act. According to them I use all my data in 30 mins when I’m not even home & nothing is running on it. Their only locations are 2 states on the west coast & Mexico. We’ve had supervisors call us dumb ass liars & refuse to do their job. I can’t wait to get rid of this internet & have warned everyone I know not to get it. Waste of time, money & energy. By far the worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Where can I sign up to be part of that lawsuit?

  • Ian Walts

    I just switched to the unlimited high speed for 100/mnth Because the liberty 10 was a joke. Exact same speeds, exact same horrible fuzzy picture, no difference at all. Cannot use this internet for Sling TV at all. It simply does not work. Save the aggravation and just pay for cable. Exede is the absolute worst option out there is on the market. Period.

  • Kerri Tate

    I got a bundle with direct tv and excede internet when I moved to my rental house on 8 acres. Direct tv could not support service at this property so I canceled excede internet. They are now wanting almost $300.00 to close the account even though I never used the service. Customer service is the worst.

  • tinaria


  • Susan Jones

    Exede/wild blue is the WORST service buyers beware 2 year service contract required and should you move within those twice years your contract starts over your required to get on the roof and take the trans meter off or pay 100.00 for them to take off. At commute time service is so slow. Company only has 10 megabytes if you go over they drop it to 5 megabytes and then services don’t work!!! Buyers beware

  • Pro420_legalizeit

    sign me up for a class action law suit!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    Human errors are rapid with Exede. From day 1, they have gotten my email wrong, name wrong, phone number wrong, billing wrong (more than twice), and service calls wrong. Only thing they are good for is fast speeds that will turn off completely around 11:00pm every night because of “maintenance”. Almost every night for years. Really sucks that I’m stuck with them

  • Greg Lobikis

    Terrible service….they don’t show up for appointments….then the representatives offer discounts that are not reflected in their billing…then when you try to get to the botttom of that…you get even more of a run around….worst company I’ve ever had to deal with.

  • Richard

    Yes it does the worst customer service I had ever seen!!!

  • Richard Henson

    Way is the customer service so bad??? Why won’t they do what they promise???

  • Richard Henson

    Excede is the worst! Do not even try!! Save yourself the headache!!

  • Kyle Wieder

    Terrible!!! That’s all that needs to be said. The plans do not give you enough data to do anything and the unlimited plans in my area are not even close to affordable! The customer service is just as awful! And the only way the take payments is by logging onto their website each and every time! Unless Exede is your absolute only option I would STAY AWAY!

  • Wayne Haughton

    These clowns ruin the siding on my house putting up the satellite. Then the service is horrible. We had better luck with dial up. Customer service was no help and very rude! They do not stand behind there equipment at all. They sold me a faulty modem and wants to charge me to replace it. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

  • Wayne Haughton

    I would be interested in the class action suit!

  • Chris

    Had service for almost a month, 25 mb unlimited plan, not even a week in the net got slower, and for the past week and a half i’ve been getting max speeds of 10 kb/s , yes KB/S not MB/s talk about spending 10 hours+ to download a file thats less than 300mb big. DO NOT GET is my advice

  • Amy wilson

    There are so many talks of lawsuits on here. We are actually getting a lawyer. After cancelling service they fraudulently debited my bank account. Then sent equipment charges to collections (all fraudulent I have documentation!!) The collection place said nothing they can do, now we have go pay a lawyer (which I will do over $300 friggin dollars) because this company is a complete SHAM!!! internet never worked anyway!!! Everything about this company sucks! I hope everyone files a lawsuit this business needs to be shut down!!!!

  • Pam Rozej

    Join me up for the class action suit. I have had nothing but trouble with this money sucking outfit! Cancelled 2 months ago and they just charged my account another $161.

  • Duane

    DO NOT USE EXCEDE OR VIASAT FOR YOUR INTERNET! 2 months ago I was told I used all my data in 2 days, thought that was pretty interesting as we were gone and nobody was at our house. We don’t stream, hook up to the tv or have any neighbors within 1/2 mile. When I confronted them all I got was double talk and a promise to look into it. They gave me liberty pass and told me how fortunate I was….didn’t bother telling me I was on an old plan that cost twice as much and got 1/2 the data. Go to your cell carrier and get a hotspot and if your signal isn’t strong spend the money on a quality booster THAT YOU OWN!

  • Destiny Leigh

    Well , first I would like to send exceed a big fuck you ! ( pardon my language )

    Here is the story step by step of the hell this god awful company has put us thru, they’re ALL ABOUT MONEY AND COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT ANY CUSTOMER.
    So my fiance I an live out in the ‘sticks’ where finding internet providers seems next to impossible. We call direct tv as that’s who we also have our cable thru and oddly enough when we asked if they had Internet , they told us yes , we thought it was odd BC just a few months –
    a year prior they didn’t have Internet for out where we live , but we’re aware businesses change daily.. So we said okay & the sales representative told us everything we wanted to hear, they told us 70$ for the plan we were getting which was 12 gigs of data ( who wants data based Internet?! ) lmao. So long story short we get the internet that the direct TV representative was selling us on, there for we thought we were getting DIRECT TV INTERNET.. Okay two days later the guy comes out to hook everything up and come to find out they couldn’t just run off the satellite I already have hooked up but instead they had to screw one onto the side of our house and then the box said exceed , not direct tv, I still didnt think anything of it , well my fiance wanted internet strictly so he could relax in the little free time from work that he does get and play cod online.. He sat there for no exaggeration 3 hours letting it load BC the internet is that slow !, it was literally by day 3 we were calling and wanting to cancel our ‘contract’ and they absolutely refused to allow us to cancel with out a $300 fee, even though had done breach of contract to many situations , one situation being , my fiance and I NEVER gave direct tv the okay to give ANY third party company (if that’s what you wanna call them) our bank account information, they told us it would be 20$ a month after the direct TV discount we were given and then after the $10 discount from exceed , well our bank account was charged THREE days of having the internet and I’m just like where in the hell do they do that at ?! Last I checked company’s allow people to have their service for a month before charging Bank accounts for the MONTHLY not THREE DAY fee. like I’m cussing quite a bit BC I’m absolutely down right pissed off with these money hungry assholes. Half of the employees are partly stupid and dont know their butt from a whole in the ground , and when asked to provide us with the recorded conversation BC we know they’re in the wrong , we are hhung up on ! We also have an issue with direct tv for throwing my bank account around to third party people with out my permission. Like I’m about to just cancel my card and tell them to kiss my ass on the $300. All we wanted was internet lol , An instead its a night mare. by law in most states you have three days to end a contract with someone and they are even refusing that ! Im half tempted to put a law suit on their asses. So sad at the amount of ppl they’ve screwed over !

    • April Walden

      the FCC told me 3 days and I have been trying to cancel for 3 days and here it is at 6 days and they still haven’t canceled but charged a card they dont have on file and that I myself never gave them. I didnt start recording my conversations with them until today but wish that I would have, not sure why because nothing will ever happen even if I have proof.

  • Destiny Leigh

    Count me in , they’re a crock of shit !

  • Michael Koger

    I have had Excede/Viasat for 3 tearful years now. I am loyal to a fault. Reliability for above 5 mbps download speeds is 11 %. 89 % of the time speeds are below 5 mbps. 77% of the time speeds are below 2 mbps. After 167 phone calls, and running every design of experiment necessary to prove, the signal being sent from beam 333 to my dish, is not adequate to support a 12 mbps speed as advertised. I have been lied to, run down rabbit holes, denied tier three assistance, and out right treated like It’s all my fault and I’m an idiot, Now I have to figure out what to do with the 100 shares of stock I hold for a company who regards their customers as a waste of their time and refuses to be honest and make reparations for poor performance to their loyal customers. SAD, but YOU’RE FIRED . Enough is enough!

  • Michael Koger

    You must live next door to Viasat operations, or you’re on their payroll!

  • Dalton

    We had bad service from the start, the guy who installed the modem in said it was bad, it never got replaced. The speed test is showing 0.20 Mbps. Or less. $150 for the first month and $300 cancellation fee, we are paying extra so a maintenance man does the troubleshooting,nbut exede won’t send one or even listen, they are snakes and lier’s, don’t trust them.

  • char

    New sales people are needed that want to be honest, lied to to get , then treated bad by salesman . Does not work as promised. Did not have a full month. Was not told that price was 100.00 only for three months. Then jumps to 160.00 . Even if it doesnt work please do not get this ,

  • V. Harris


    I have had exede for 5 months and this will be the 3rd time I have had to go without service until they come out with a box. The boxes keep dying. I am unable to work from home or do my school work as I take online courses. Now I can’t complain about the internet itself, it is slow at times, but I live out in the woods so I expect that. What is unacceptable is the reps that give the wrong information and have me sitting home waiting for a technician (missing work) that never comes… Because this is the 3rd time, I made sure I had the date and time correct and I requested an email or some type of confirmation and was told he couldn’t give me that, but my appointment was schedule. Today is the day, I chose the 8-11 a.m. window. It is 11:39 and I was just told no one would be coming as the appointment was set for the following week! I couldn’t believe it and get this.. a supervisor was not available. I AM LIVID! I will be cancelling and going to another provider. If you are thinking about getting this service, I’d advise against it.

  • April Walden

    Bobby Jones did you ever file a class action? I have had the service less that a week and they will not cancel it because it does not work!!!!!! Why would I want something that does not work! Even when the speeds are better it still will not stream movies of an kind to any device.

  • sgapt

    Stay away at all costs. Once I reached my limit, my download speed went to 0.08Mbps. Called Customer service and they said they wouldn’t look into it because I had reached my 150 gb of limited “unlimited” data. Spent over an hour on the phone with 2 different supervisors. So frustrated.

  • michael5716

    I have had no trouble with EXEDE internet. I had trouble a couple months ago. I called customer service. My call was answered. Exede sent out a technician. The problem was fixed. The only problem I have is weather related. NO I DON’T WORK FOR EXEDE.
    the service is a whole lot better than AT&T dsl. AT&T DSL was off more than on. So I switched to Exede satellite internet. The best thing I Did. I live too far for dsl from the telephone company f to get speeds I get from exede.

  • Pat Coe

    Don’t waste your money. My best buddy next door purchased the unlimited package(15-20 mbps)They promise a speed of 15-20 mbps but after they installed his. We are both getting an average 3.3 to 5.6. They do not listen to what you say. I told them 6 times that at 2:30 am there wasn’t any high volume. 6 times he kept telling me at 4:30 pm there was high volume. all sort of excuses why the speed was slow. go with another company.

  • Greg Maddox

    I would never recommend this provider to anyone, my internet sucks. I love watching the wheel go round and round trying to get internet to connect……

  • mark sapp

    I have had the service for just over 2 months. I have already had them back out 3 times and Thursday will be the 4th. I get white flashing light on modem and have to reboot several times a day. Tier 1 service is a joke and just wants you to reboot. Worst service I have ever had. I will wind up paying cancellation fee soon. Shouldn’t have to because they are certainly not fulfilling there side of contract!!! There needs to be a class action lawsuit against these people.

  • Tonya Lee

    Okay so they called we got a package they said we could get the TV and their internet services for $54 I got nothing!! don’t go with this company, now it’s a week later and we’re still waiting to have install we had half of install. Guy came n had to take his equipment because our card number was not the same as what they put in their computer system not only is that a problem we’ve had multiple other problems I’ve been on the phone with 20 different people five different offices and I’m over this s*** I would not recommend this company for nobody it’s a waste of time, waste of money and yes they need a lawsuit on their asses SO OVER THIS N WILL BE CONTACTING A LAWYER!!

  • Steve Pochmara

    any reputable provider let’s their service speak for itself and doesn’t have to resort to holding people hostage with a contract. They have no incentive to provide quality service as long as they force people to abide by a contract.

  • Marcus Anduknowdis Lucas

    We just became customers a week ago and this is the worst internet service ever. We are locked into a 2 year contract and wasn’t even told there would even be a contract. viasat/exede came with our direct tv and they never told us about a contract or that it was seperate from our direct tv service. We upgraded from the sorry 12.5 mbps to 25 mbps so that we could watch on demand and do other features that came with our tv service and it still doesn’t work after they told us it would. We are disappointed everyday and will make sure we put the word out about this scandalous internet service.

  • Mysti Francis Johns

    TERRIBLE SERVICE and horrible customer service as well. After three calls and NO service for a month, one week of which we were out of state, we cancelled. The icing on the cake is that they tried to charge my bank account the cancellation fee they think they are owed. We paid by debit card over the phone for then installation and never agreed to have automatic debits taken and never agreed to have them keep our credit card information on file. Never received a copy of the contract either. Now I’m fighting with my bank and they are telling me that I will most likely be charged. Instead of dealing with this matter through the proper legal channels this company doesn’t fulfill their contractual obligations and then STEALS from you.

  • Mr. C

    This company had terrible products and service for my family and I. We had the service about a year ago. Best move we ever made was to leave them. Can’t believe they are advertising their company and service again.

  • Channing Humphries

    You don’t need a package for wifi. You just need a wifi router.

  • Connie

    I am very unhappy with the guy who came to hook me up with internet, my opinion he was deceitful he was in the bedroom hooking my internet up when he came out he said he was finished ask me to sign the clipboard and then to find out I wasn’t even hooked up to the internet I had to go buy things which I don’t think it’s right they never told me I had to purchase anything at Walmart a router box the guy should have never left my house without me not being connected to the internet and now I’m stuck having to pay the bill which I don’t think it’s right he was deceitful

  • Val Melen

    I set this for 2/10/18 installation. I was called by the installer to see if he could set it up on 2/3/18 because they had a backlog of orders. Trying to be helpful I said sure. When he arrives he informs me I need to purchase a router’ from him ($80) or not. WHAT? This is the first I am hearing of this. But knowing I can get one cheaper elsewhere, I said no. BUT they started my billing IMMEDIATELY. When I called, it was pretty much “too bad, so sad”.

  • anon

    as i find absolutely no difference between DISH and excede satellite and had a slightly better deal cost wise with DISH as we have DISH satellite TV due to rural location i can assure they’re the same bs.
    DISH swore the satellite tv deal price stayed the same and when the cost went up10 bucks a month, i cut that PLAN and simply took the 19.99 deal as even cutting them loose involved a twenty dollar fee blah blah BS and i let the satellite internet run it’s course and got a better deal w/excede as saving a few bucks for the same amount of “”time”‘
    i HAVE NO PROBLEMS using excede as the satellite internet system and had no problems with DISH the same.
    Those depending on the satellite are not going to win cost wise and that’s all there is to it.

  • Gretchen Hegwood

    Worst ever from the very beginning. I live rural, so I do not have many options. I felt I had to go with Exede because of what I could afford. Next move, I will make sure of internet providers before I sign on a dotted line. Yes, internet is that important to me. So back to Exede, here is an outline since the beginning: (1) 1st call quoted me a price saying I didn’t have to pay an extra fee for the equipment. (2) I receive a call about installation, and was quoted a price that included extra for equipment. I balked. They agreed to lower my monthly price by $10 for 6 months. I accepted. (3) Installation never happened on first schedule date. Exede did not contact the installers about our agreed upon date. (4) Finally! Date of installation is scheduled. Raining – subcontractor calls to cancel. That is understandable. Reschedules. No problem. (5) Date of installation, subcontractor calls to say Exede never sent my equipment. Had to reschedule. (6) Installation date comes – subcontractor is supposed to be at my house no later than 5. They show up at 4:59. (Now this problem occurs with subcontractor, not necessarily Exede. But I reported this to Exede because who they hire reflects on them.) They hook up a modem, said, okay it works, but this modem is for someone else, so we have to go pick up your modem. They show back up at almost 9:00 that night. All hooked up – and I think we are moving forward. But I notice the subcontractor removed an old “Dish” satellite off my house, and took it. Granted, this wasn’t in use at the time, but this was not theirs to take. (7) I constantly have to reconnect to the internet when I am online. (8) Not two months into my contract, my internet goes out on 01/30/2018. I pay the extra $5.95/month so that I am not charged for service calls. A service call is scheduled for Friday, 02/02/2018. I make arrangements for my daughter to be at my house. The service call was scheduled between 2:00 & 5:00. 4:59, the subcontractor calls and said it would be dark before she could get here, could she come Saturday morning. I said okay. (9) Saturday morning – nothing. I call her cell – of course, no voice mail set up. I call Exede saying it is 11:00 my time, I have to leave my house, and can wait no longer. Customer service rep says make-up time was for 11-2:00. I tell her there is an emergency, I have to leave, and I do not consider 11-2:00 morning. I have wasted much time waiting for this particular subcontractor. I want someone new. My next appointment is Saturday, 02/10/18 between 11 and 2:00. Gentleman calls me to say he is running late. At around 6:00 p.m., he shows up. Turns out something was wrong with my dish. All fixed. Figured we are good to go. (10) I call Exede to confirm they were crediting me for the 12 days I was out of internet. The customer service rep goes a step further to say I am being credited for the entire month – $70. I profusely thanked him, and said Exede is truly attempting to compensate for all I have been through. (11) A few days later, I receive an email saying my account was charged $166.00. Now I hit the roof. I call billing. I was charged for the service charge – which I pay $5.95/month to avoid service charge calls. Customer service says this was a mistake and would credit my bank account – in about 7 days. So now Exede has use of my money for 7 days – which was an error on their part. My 24-month service contract cannot come up quick enough. I will blast this company publicly for every infraction I receive from now on. I pay for the service – I should get decent service. And I still have to reconnect every few minutes while I am online.