Which Satellite Internet Companies Do Credit Checks?

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Published on November 19, 2020
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If you’re wanting to purchase satellite internet for the first time but don’t have a long credit history, don’t panic. If you just want to avoid credit checks because it can hurt your credit score, we understand. Some satellite internet companies do credit checks, while others don’t, and then there’s the companies that only perform checks on certain customers.

Internet companies perform credit checks because they want to make sure you’ll be a reliable customer. In other words, they just want to know you’ll pay the bills. They also want to know how likely you are to return the internet service provider’s (ISP’s) equipment (like router and modem).

Looking for which companies do and which ones don’t? Here’s a list with everything you need to know about the most popular (or, should we say, the only) satellite internet companies and whether they perform credit checks.

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Does HughesNet do a credit check on new customers?

HughesNet will perform a credit check for new residential customers and business subscribers only. The great thing about HughesNet is they only perform soft credit checks (these are the kind that won’t hurt your credit score). HughesNet only performs soft credit checks before deciding whether or not you qualify for their service.

Soft vs. hard credit checks

The kind of credit checks you’ll want to avoid are hard credit checks.1 These are the ones that can only happen with your approval and can end up lowering your credit score by five to ten points.1

Hard credit checks may show on your credit history for up to two years, but your score is usually only affected for twelve months. Soft credit checks won’t affect your score but might show up on your credit history for roughly two years.1

Does Viasat do a credit check on new customers?

Viasat does perform a credit check on every customer who’s interested in making a purchase. All credit checks are soft and won’t impact your credit score. Viasat only requires you to share your name and address for the check—you won’t need to share your social security number.

The Viasat check is done on a “pass or fail” basis. You should hear back from them relatively soon after the check to find out if you qualify for the service.

If you’re trying to decide between Viasat and HughesNet, here’s some information to help.

Does Starlink do a credit check on new customers?

It’s difficult to tell whether Starlink satellite internet will perform a credit check. Although Starlink doesn’t say specifically whether or not they do credit checks, you shouldn’t have to worry about signing up for their service. If a company ever performs a hard credit check, they need your permission first. There won’t be any surprises that end up hurting your score.

You can find helpful info here about Starlink, including prices, the goal behind the company, and the best way to sign up.

The cool thing about Starlink is how the satellite is designed to be closer to the Earth which can help reduce latency. If you’re looking for a satellite internet service that’s fast, then you should check out Starlink.

What happened to WildBlue, Exede, and DIRECTV?

In case you’re wondering about WildBlue, Exede, and DIRECTV, don’t look at old internet articles. Both WildBlue and Exede are now part of Viasat. So if you’re looking to purchase WildBlue or wondering if Exede does credit checks, check out the paragraph above on Viasat and there you have it.

DIRECTV doesn’t offer satellite internet, but you can bundle this satellite TV service with AT&T or Centurylink. In fact, bundling DIRECTV with an internet service might be a better option than U-verse (AT&T’s second TV option).

In most cases, your TV and internet cable run through the same cord. But this can end up using more bandwidth. With DIRECTV, it works as a satellite which means it won’t impact your internet speed.

Now that you know which satellite internet providers do credit checks, here are some next steps.
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  1. Lisa Iscrupe, Allconnect, “Why Does Signing Up for Internet Service Require a Credit Check?” August 10, 2020. Accessed October 19, 2020.
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    So I want high speed internet with unlimited use for one set price a month without a credit check only because I have one two many hard inquiries due to 1 not having any credit n trying to get a car loan n then the other little things so I am building up credit now n want no more hard inquiries. Can someone point me into the right direction