Which Satellite Internet Companies Perform Credit Checks?

Recent Updates: More than 2 years
Exede was purchased by Viasat and is now branded Viasat. Some of the information in this article was updated, but we'll be doing a full rewrite soon.

Since the economic downturn of the mid-2000s, plenty of consumers have turned to credit cards to regain their financial footing. With this rise in credit use, some have found themselves dealing with excess debt and poor credit ratings. The good news is that if you’re working to rebuild your credit standing, you don’t have to go without satellite internet. Though many consumers assume that a poor credit score will automatically disqualify them from finding an internet service provider (ISP), several satellite providers are happy to work around a less-than-ideal credit history.

Does HughesNet check your credit?

  • HughesNet may or may not perform credit check
  • Results of credit check could determine price of service

HughesNet built a huge satellite internet network, offering high-speed internet service nearly everywhere in the continental United States. The company also has some of the highest data limits in the industry and provides 24-hour assistance for its customers.

HughesNet reserves the right to perform a credit check for new residential customers as well as for business subscribers. Users should be prepared to provide basic personal and financial information at the time of signing, regardless of current credit rating. Depending on the results of the credit report, HughesNet may restrict access to various discounts or leasing programs. However, given the company’s reputation for providing top-notch customer service, potential subscribers can feel confident that HughesNet will do as much as it can to provide a plan that fits both speed and budgetary needs.

HughesNet Internet
HughesNet Internet
Monthly price:
Download speeds:
25 Mbps
Learn more:
Starting at $59.99 a month

Viasat (formerly Exede) checks for excessive credit

  • Viasat has a mandatory preliminary credit check
  • Only name and home address required

Viasat offers several high-speed internet options in a range of prices. It also gives subscribers access to special a Late Night Free Zone, where all internet use from midnight to 5 a.m. doesn’t count toward data caps—a big benefit for high-use customers.

As with the other providers on this list, Viasat requires a preliminary credit check before it can approve internet services. However, one big benefit of signing with Viasat is that the company can run credit checks using just a name and home address—no SSN required. This is a great option for consumers worried about identity theft.

Viasat Internet
Viasat Internet
Monthly price:
Download speeds:
12100 Mbps
Learn more:
Starting at $30 a month

Will WildBlue check my credit score?

  • WildBlue requires a credit check
  • Only basic info needed

WildBlue, an affiliate of Viasat, offers many of the same benefits of Viasat satellite internet. Customers can expect substantial plan variety, plus WildBlue is now able to provide higher speeds and data caps than it was formerly able to.

WildBlue customers will be subject to credit checks, but the required information is less invasive than for other providers. Additionally, the company has a fairly high acceptance rate for applicants.

DIRECTV isn’t direct about credit checks

  • DIRECTV’s credit check varies according to ISP partners
  • Does not provide internet, partners with cable and satellite ISPs

DIRECTV, a satellite television provider, doesn’t offer its own internet service plans. Instead, the company offers packages through partnered ISPs, including cable, satellite, and fiber providers. As a result, the credit requirements for internet services may differ depending on the service type and company available in a given area.

DIRECTV and its new parent company AT&T have made efforts to cater to low-income subscribers or those with poor credit. DIRECTV provides TV services to consumers on the low end of the credit spectrum if the subscribers have an adequate down payment. Additionally, before the two companies merged last year, AT&T committed to providing a low-cost internet option for qualifying users.

Don’t let poor credit keep you from the internet

A poor credit score can feel restrictive, but many reliable satellite ISPs can turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone. With so much flexibility and so many plan options, there’s no reason to let a fear of bad credit stop you from applying for satellite internet services.

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  • Jo queen

    So I want high speed internet with unlimited use for one set price a month without a credit check only because I have one two many hard inquiries due to 1 not having any credit n trying to get a car loan n then the other little things so I am building up credit now n want no more hard inquiries. Can someone point me into the right direction