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Brianne Sandorf
Staff Writer, Home Security & Smart Home
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December 22, 2020
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There are tons of home security options out there. We’ve found that one of the hardest parts in choosing the best system is choosing between two promising options. (Take it from us: we literally spend entire days reviewing security systems.)

For those of you debating between DIY installation systems Frontpoint and Protect America, we’re here to help you out.

Frontpoint and Protect America comparison
CompanyFrontpointProtect America
Monitoring price range$44.99–$49.99/mo.$19.99–$54.99/mo.
Installation typeDIYDIY
Installation fee
Icon No  DarkNone
Icon No  DarkNone
Contract length
Icon No  DarkNone
Icon Yes  Dark36 mos.
Trial period30 days risk free14 days with restocking fee
Contract cancellation fee
Icon No  DarkNone
Icon Yes  DarkVaries
Smart home support
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Mobile app control/remote access
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
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Data effective 12/22/2020. Offers subject to change.

What we like about Frontpoint

Frontpoint has maintained an A+ reputation with the BBB for multiple years. Complaints are rare, and the company once won the Angie’s List Super Service Award. We can honestly say its policies were created with the customer in mind.

Frontpoint security equipment in a group

For evidence, look no further than the no-contract policy. Frontpoint also offers 30-day, risk-free trials (one of the first security companies to do so).

One other thing about Frontpoint that thrills us: it makes some of its own equipment (hub and keypad). While that means you can’t take your entire system and have it monitored by another company in the future, we like that Frontpoint equipment shows some innovation. If you’re

going to pay that much per month for a service, you should get something special.

Most of the other equipment, including the indoor and outdoor security cameras, is made by But the video doorbell is from Skybell.

What we like about Protect America

Protect America control panel

Monthly monitoring with Protect America starts at $19.99 for a landline system. If a landline isn't for you, you’ll pay $41.99 minimum for broadband or cellular connection—but even that higher price is less than Frontpoint’s lowest monitoring cost.

ADT Home Security landline
Heads Up

The only other company we review with a landline service? ADT. But ADT’s landline service is a lot more than Protect America’s.

Protect America also has a sweet, sweet equipment warranty. At any time during your contract with the company, you can have broken or damaged equipment fixed or replaced.

Frontpoint vs. Protect America pros

Frontpoint pros:

  • Great customer service
  • No contracts
  • Proprietary equipment

Protect America pros:

  • Low entry price
  • Landline option
  • Lifetime equipment warranty

What we don’t like about Frontpoint

While some home security companies (Ring) offer professional monitoring and app access for as little as $10 a month, Frontpoint’s monitoring service starts at nearly $45. That’s four and a half months with Ring Alarm. Pricey.

Not only that, but even if you select the $49.99 plan, which includes video monitoring, you’re still gonna hafta pay $5 a month more for each camera you add.

What we don’t like about Protect America

We know lots of folks who are transient. They switch jobs, apartments, and cities, states, or countries on a regular basis. To meet these nomads halfway, the home security industry’s moving away from long-term contracts. But Protect America didn’t get the memo. It still requires a contract of a full 36 months, a.k.a. three years.

To make it worse, canceling a Protect America contract is chancy. Will you get a rep on the phone? Will they send you the cancellation form in a timely manner? Will the company cut you a deal, or will you have to pay the big bucks before you can ride off into the sunset? There are no guarantees with Protect America.

Frontpoint vs. Protect America cons

Frontpoint cons:

  • High intro price

Protect America cons:

  • Requires contract

Which security system should you choose?

We think Frontpoint’s the better option in almost every way. Sure, the monthly fee is wince-inducing, but you can cancel at any time, and you get the noted customer service.

Of course, if you’re looking for a landline service for your remote home, Protect America’s the better (read: only) option of the two. And the lifetime equipment warranty is certainly nice to have.

Want to learn more?

But wait, there’s more! Here are other resources you can use to make a final decision about your home security system.

Brianne Sandorf
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Brianne Sandorf
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