Frontpoint vs. Protect America Review

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Depending upon which review site you land on you may be directed to a number of companies. For us, Frontpoint is number one. For others, Protect America is number one. Protect America does not rank as high on our list though they’ve moved up the chart over the past couple years. This is probably confusing. Why would they be number one on other sites, but not rank as well on our site?

The reason our rankings differ from others is simple: each site uses a specific set of criteria to rank and review home security systems. What we’ve deemed as important may not be what another site feels is important. So who is right? You are right! It’s your choice, you are the one that has to live with the decision you make for home security. We are here to guide you and to provide information but what we’ve listed as important may not be important to you. To make comparing Frontpoint and Protect America easier I am going to provide an apples-to-apples comparison.

Where Protect America wins

Protect America Home Security often wins when a website uses upfront/base pricing as an important criteria. Their entry fee of $19.99 per month is enticing but the problem is that sites often fail to define what is included for $19.99.

This price is for basic landline monitoring only. If you want the latest technology or a more secure cellular monitoring package you will see that the price starts to shift upwards. Even though, Protect America still wins for customers who would rather lease equipment than pay out-of-pocket for equipment up front.

For example, you can choose to pay a higher monthly fee if you want additional equipment that is not included in the base package which is an awesome option for customers who don’t have cash sitting around.

  • Option for landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring
  • Lower up-front cost on equipment
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment

Where Frontpoint wins

FrontPoint wins on service. There is nothing more frustrating than being treated like dirt from a company that you are contractually bound to. It stinks—and we know we’re not alone in that feeling.

Cell phone companies, cable companies, and internet companies are among some of the most hated companies in America. It’s a terrible feeling to know they have you on the hook and there isn’t much you can do about it.

While most security companies DO require that you sign a contract, some of them make that commitment easier by treating their customers like, well, customers. Frontpoint has maintained an A+ reputation with the BBB for multiple years, complaints are rare, and they’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Their reps are US based and their policies were created with the customer in mind.

For example, they offer 30 day risk-free trials and they were one of the first security companies to do so. They also offer free moving kits while other security companies look at moving as a way to make more money off of you. Speaking of money, they let you save money by giving you the option to self-install equipment.

  • Better customer service record
  • Offers 12- or 36-month contract
  • 100% cellular monitoring

Frontpoint vs. Protect America — apples to apples

For a true comparison of Frontpoint to Protect America, we didn’t pull the cheapest package from each provider. Instead, we tried to pull the package with the most popular features to show you an accurate comparison of these two companies based on research, experience, and user reviews.

We tried to be as factual as possible by showing the true pros and cons of each service provider. Using the information below, we hope that you can deduct who is the best provider for you. If you need more details, we go into detail in our review of Frontpoint and Protect America

Keep in mind that with Frontpoint, you can add equipment to either package for an additional cost. Also, Protect America equipment packages are set. The package below comes with 9 sensors.

On the other hand, if you don’t want 9 sensors, Frontpoint will let you buy other sensors—and you may qualify for an equipment discount if you are a homeowner, have qualifying credit, and sign a 36 month contract.

CompanyFrontpointProtect America
View plansView plansView plans
Read full reviewRead reviewRead review
Monthly fee for mid-level service$44.99$49.99
Installation fee$0$0
Equipment warranty3 yearsLifetime
Trial period30 days risk free14 days with restocking fee
Mobile alerts
Fire and smoke monitoring
Additional $9.99 per month
24/7 monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection
View plans
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Monthly fee for mid-level service
Installation fee
Equipment warranty
Trial period
Mobile alerts
Fire and smoke monitoring
24/7 monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection
Frontpoint Protect America
View plans View plans
Read review Read review
$44.99 $49.99
$0 $0
3 years Lifetime
30 days risk free 14 days with restocking fee
Additional $9.99 per month

Frontpoint Security and Protect America equipment options

Protect America and Frontpoint use similiar equipment. They both use the Simon XT control panel with an integrated siren, they both use wireless equipment, and they both offer an easy DIY installation. However, they don’t use the same pieces of equipment, and their equipment pricing varies.

With Frontpoint, you may qualify for the credit we talked about earlier—but beyond that, you have to pay for extra equipment. With Protect America, you get a certain amount of door/window sensors and a motion sensor with the security system, but must pay for anything beyond that.

In general, Protect America’s equipment is more expensive. Perhaps that’s because they offer a lifetime warranty vs. the 3-year equipment warranty offered by Frontpoint.

Bottom line: both Protect America and Frontpoint will do a good job for you, but to decide between them, first decide on your priorities.