Cox Homelife Equipment Compatibility

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We’ve reviewed Cox Homelife, but what is compatible with this home security brand? Cox Homelife offers home security and smart home services to residential customers in select Cox service area. Part of the cost is the monthly fee which starts at $29.99 per month. This fee provides 24/7 burglary monitoring and also some equipment. For example, the Starter Equipment Kit comes with 2 window/door sensors, 1 motion detector, a wireless router, and a yard sign. But what if you want more equipment? How much would that cost and what’s compatible?

Cox Homelife Equipment Compatibility

Cox is OpenHome certified. As such there is a set list of equipment that will work with the Cox Homelife system. Pricing of the equipment will vary depending upon if you purchase direct from Cox or if you purchase on your own.


The Homelife system works with the iCamera 1000, the RC8026, and the RC8021 by Sercomm Corp. Sercomm is the same company that makes the cameras used in the ADT Pulse system. Though ADT uses their own OEM name for each camera, they look like the same cameras to me.

iCamera 1000RC8026RC8021
Night Vision12 Infrared LEDs10 Infrared LEDsNA
Viewing Angle60 DegreesUnknown63 Degrees
Video CompressionH.264, MPEG4 and MJPEGH.264, MPEG4 and MJPEGMPEG-4 and JPG

What’s missing? An outdoor camera for starters but also a camera with any sort of decent resolution. These cameras are all very basic.

Fire Safety

The system will work with three smoke detectors including the ZigBee Smoke Detector (No Sounder) (SMCSD10-Z) by SMC and the ZigBee GE Smoke Alarm Rev 2 (SMCSM02-Z) also by SMC. Finally it works with the Zigbee Smoke Sensor (MCT-427 SMA) by Visonic.

It also works with the ZigBee CO Sensor (SMCCO02-Z) by SMC.

Siren85dBA 85dBA 85db

What’s missing? Nothing. Cox appears to have a decent lineup of fire safety devices.

Smart Home

From a door lock perspective it works with the SmartCode 914 by Kwikset. The retail price of the 914 is $229 but you can usually find it on sale online. When we wrote this article the best price was $185. Be careful when purchasing this lock as there is a Z-Wave and Zigbee version. You will need the Zigbee version. The lock comes in brass, satin nickel and bronze which does not impact compatibility so choose the color you like the most.

Homelife also works with two small appliance modules that can automate lights or small appliances. It works with the Azela Appliance Module post 1.1.0 (EM35x) (4256050-RZHAC) by CentraLite and the Azela Lamp Module post 1.1.0 (EM35x) (4256050-ZHAC) also by CentraLite. The 4256050-RZHAC is really just to control things that can turn on or off. The 4256050-ZHAC is really meant for lamps as it is dimmable. We were able to find the 4256050-RZHAC online for $29.95.

There are two smart thermostats that will work with Homelife. The one we recommend is the Pearl Thermostat by CentraLite. It uses Zigbee for even greater compatibility and it has an easy to use design with touchscreen control. The least expensive option with found for the Pearl from $108.

What’s missing? More options. While the 914 is a decent lock, it would be nice to have more than one option. Also they do not currently support smart bulbs so light automation is limited to lamps that plug into a wall.

Safety Sensors

Homelife works with the ZigBee Door Window Sensor Rev 2 (SMCDW02-Z) by SMC, the Zigbee MINI Door/Window Sensor (MCT-320-SMA) and Zigbee Door/Window Sensor with External Contact (MCT-302-SMA) by Visonic. It also works with the ZigBee GE Glass Breakage Sensor Rev 2 (SMCGB02-Z) by SMC. We found the MCT-320-SMA on for $31.25.

Cox Homelife works with two key fobs including the Key Fob HT-KF1 (NCZ-3201) by Hitron and the ZigBee Wireless Key Fob (SMCKF01-Z) by SMC.

There are multiple motion sensors that will work with Homelife include the Bosch TriTech Motion Sensor (ISW-ZDL1-WP11G) by Bosch, ZigBee GE Motion Sensor (SMCMT03-Z) by SMC, Clip Motion (CLIP-SMA) by Visonic, and the Zigbee Pet-immune Motion Detector (NEXT-K85-SMA) by Visonic.

There are two compatible water detectors: the ZigBee Water Sensor (SMCWA10-Z) by SMC and the Zigbee Water Sensor (MCT-550 SMA) by Visonic.

What’s missing? Though it may seem like some obvious things are missing, this is not a complete list for Cox. They also offer a glass break sensor, a wireless siren repeater, and other sensors. We do not know if they offer a garage door or a tilt sensor though that is something we would ask Cox if you decide to reach out to them about service. Also, they do not offer any life or medical safety devices like panic pendants.

  • Maria Millett

    We cannot find the answer to this online but here’s the number to call! 1-877-404-2568 Good luck!

  • Kiesha R Schley

    Does Cox Homelife cameras work with Brinks home security system?


    I had the basic Home Life system and did away with all Cox services after years and years…I have the very basic door sensors and motion detector still up from them, and wondering if these would work with any other systems or even a do it yourself one. Being wireless I figured there must be something out there.