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John Brandon
John Brandon
John Brandon is a well-known writer who has published over 15,000 articles in his career spanning almost 20 years.
Best VPN for Routers
You can install a VPN on your router to protect every device on your network. Learn which VPNs work best for routers.
IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN Review
Norton Secure VPN has bigger name recognition, but IPVanish has a lot to offer as a VPN service. See which works better for you.
IPVanish vs. ExpressVPN: Which VPN Is the Best?
IPVanish and ExpressVPN is the ultimate VPN showdown. Both VPN clients offer powerful features and intuitive interfaces, but which one deserves the crown?
Best VPN Services for High-End Security
Any VPN service will bump up your security, but if you need the most secure connection, see which VPN clients have the best encryption software and security protocols.
Best VPN Services for Kodi
Stay safe and private while using Kodi and its add-ons to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Find out which VPNs will help you do just that.
Best VPN for Windows
Many online threats target Windows users, so it’s smart to use a VPN service to protect your devices and mask your IP address to keep your information safe.
IPVanish vs. CyberGhost
CyberGhost has tons of VPN servers, but IPVanish covers unlimited personal and mobile devices at no extra charge. Read our comparison to see who wins our vote.
Best VPN Services for Beginners
New to VPNs? These VPN providers offer plenty of instructions and long trial periods for beginners. Try them out before you commit to a long term contract.
Best VPN for Flexible Payment Plans
If you want a VPN connection but don’t want to pay a bill every month, check out these providers with more flexible payment options.
Best VPNs for Android
Using VPN technology to secure your mobile devices is a smart step for online security. We cover the top VPN apps for Android so you can swipe with confidence.
Best VPN for Torrenting
Torrenting may have a checkered reputation, but it has many legal and useful purposes. Here are our three top VPNs for maintaining security while torrenting.
NordVPN vs. CyberGhost Review
NordVPN gives you online privacy, a new IP address, and an easy interface for working from home or on public Wi-Fi. Check out our comparison of top VPN providers.
Best VPN Services for Anonymous Searches
Anonymous browsing keeps your personal information safe on the web, and a good VPN helps make this possible. Check out the best VPN services for private web surfing.
Best VPN for Samsung Smart TVs
If you have a Samsung smart TV, a VPN can be a powerful tool against would-be hackers and data snoops. Here are our three picks for the best VPNs for Samsung smart TVs.
Best VPN Apps for iPhones
Data insecurity got you too scared to TikTok? These are the best VPNs for iPhone users who care about data encryption, ease of install, and a clean interface.
Best VPN for Amazon Fire Devices
Here are three VPNs ideal for Amazon Fire devices. We picked these VPN clients because they support many devices and work better than the competition.
NordVPN vs. IPVanish VPN Review
NordVPN is one of the better names among VPN providers, but how does it compare with a provider like IPVanish? Compare pricing, servers, and device limits to see which one will protect you best.
NordVPN vs. Surfshark Review
Two popular VPN providers go head to head in our comparison review. Look at pricing, servers, countries, and device connections to see which provider is better for you.
IPVanish vs. Surfshark VPN Review
IPVanish and Surfshark are neck and neck in this VPN comparison. Look at price, servers, countries, and devices to see which provider is best for you.
Best VPN for Power Users
If you're a power user who accesses the internet across multiple devices with large data transfers, these VPN providers can keep your network safe and private.

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