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John Brandon
John Brandon
John Brandon is an Editorial Lead at Reviews.org covering TV apps, services, and devices. He also covers the VPN market currently. He has a long history as a journalist and author. His articles have appeared in many magazines including Wired, Popular Mechanics, FoxNews.com, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Relevant Magazine. His hobbies include disc golf, reading books, and watching obscure Netflix documentaries.
How to Watch the Final 2020 Presidential Debate
The final presidential debate takes place on all major TV networks. Here’s a guide to finding the right channels and alternative viewing options.
Amazon Fire TV Review 2020
The Toshiba Amazon Fire TV is a cord-cutter's dream because the all-in-one design means ever fewer dangling cords.
Acorn TV Review 2020
Acorn TV is a no-frills streaming service offering mainly British television series. In this review, we walk you through the content, interface, and pricing.
Oscar-Winning Directors’ Best and Worst Films
One of the most popular 2020 pastimes is kicking back on the couch with a good flick. But which films are worth your time?
Best VPNs with Alternative Payment Methods
A VPN can’t protect your credit card info if you haven’t purchased one yet. These VPNs solve that problem by letting you pay with other secure methods. Find out if they’re worth it.
Apple TV+ Review 2020
Apple TV+ is one to watch because this is the most famous company in all of tech. Shows might be sparse now but keep tracking this one.
The Beginner’s Guide to VPNs
We’ve compiled everything you need to know about a VPN, including why you should use one, what features you should consider, and our favorite VPNs.
ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN Review
Can’t decide between two of the best VPNs? We compare ExpressVPN and NordVPN to help you decide which one has the most value for your buck.
ExpressVPN vs. Surfshark Review
Surfshark is a rising competitor in the VPN market, but how does it do against a top player like ExpressVPN?
ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN Review
Some of the two most popular VPN providers are a close match in this comparison. ExpressVPN offers a lot of power, but Norton has better pricing plans.
ExpressVPN vs. CyberGhost Review
ExpressVPN is a leader among VPN providers, but how does it compare to competition like CyberGhost? Find out who offers you the best value for your money.
Best VPN Services of 2020
VPN reviews you can trust. We've purchased, tested, and rated the best VPN services of 2020. Updated monthly.
Quibi Review 2020
Quibi is a fairly unremarkable mobile streaming app but has the funding to keep making a few worthwhile shows—eventually.
Mullvad VPN Review
Mullvad VPN provides a lot of flexibility in how you pay, even by sending cash in an envelope. We tackle the pros and cons of going with this Swedish VPN.
Best VPN for Linux
If you’re focused on security, using a VPN with Linux makes a lot of sense. Check out these top VPNs for Linux users.
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You can install a VPN on your router to protect every device on your network. Learn which VPNs work best for routers.
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Norton Secure VPN has bigger name recognition, but IPVanish has a lot to offer as a VPN service. See which works better for you.
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IPVanish and ExpressVPN is the ultimate VPN showdown. Both VPN clients offer powerful features and intuitive interfaces, but which one deserves the crown?
Best VPN Services for High-End Security
Any VPN service will bump up your security, but if you need the most secure connection, see which VPN clients have the best encryption software and security protocols.
Best VPN Services for Kodi
Stay safe and private while using Kodi and its add-ons to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Find out which VPNs will help you do just that.

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