The Best iPhone Plans in Australia November 2019

Optus goes Pro again this November.
  • Optus 99 Promo

    Best value overall

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    100GB of data
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  • Optus 105 My Plan Plus

    Best high data

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    200GB of data
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Recent Updates: 5 days ago
It's no-brainer November as Optus takes the top two spots once again. It's 99 Promo with an included iPhone 11 Pro 64GB is too good to refuse (especially considering there's a $0 12-month upgrade). On top of that, the $105 My Plan Plus is a lush option for the data ravenous. With the iPhone 11, Pro 64GB attached, it's a total of $110 per month over 36 months. Not bad, Optus. Not bad.
1 month ago
It's a clean sweep for Optus this month. Not only is Optus offering the best overall iPhone 11 plans with its $99 promo but also the best iPhone plans for high data usage.
2 months ago
We've added the best iPhone 11 plans announced at the top of our round-up. If you're after the 64GB iPhone 11, look no further than Vodafone and Optus. We'll continue to update our guide as more iPhone 11 plans are announced.

What are the best iPhone plans available this month in Australia?

New iPhones mean new telco postpaid deals that let you pay off an Apple handset while also paying for a plan that lets you make full use of your shiny new smartphone. We’re once again using the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB model as our yardstick for picking the best iPhone plans this month.

And while it may not continue into next month given the timeliness of these deals, Optus returns for double dominance in both of our categories. Speaking of categories, the Optus $99 Promo Plus plan is currently so good it’s inspired a new category because of its 36-month commitment (but impossible-to-ignore value).

That said, we haven’t forgotten about our usual 24-month contracts, with Optus taking the crown there, too, with its $65 My Plan Plus offering.

Best iPhone 11 plan overall November 2019

The reason we tend to stick to 24-month plans is this is the time frame that people tend to hang onto a new phone before looking for a new plan to help pay off the next one. Then along came Optus in late September to shake things up with the impressive value of its limited-time $99 Promo Plus plan.

Unlike other iPhone plans that may have lower dollar values in the title, $99 is exactly the monthly fee you’ll pay on this plan, with $0 handset repayments. Optus achieves this because of the three-year requisite commitment, but with 100GB of data to use in a month, the telco has been very generous with its data allowance.

Because Optus wants you to sign up for this deal by 24 November, there’s additional value to appreciate. For starters, Optus will waive three of those 36 months over the course of the contract, bringing the total minimum contract cost to $3267. On top of this, meet that November cut-off date and you can upgrade to a shinier new iPhone in 12 months. Just don’t get too attached to your iPhone 11 Pro because you’ll have to hand it back.

Outside of this, other impressive bolt-ons include a six-month Apple Music trial and, for the soccer fans, a bundled Optus Sport subscription.

The alternatives may well have a higher standing once this Optus promo plan disappears, but you can still net a decent deal with Vodafone’s $45 Red Plus Plan or Telstra’s $60 Medium Mobile Plan. The Vodafone plan works out to be cheaper than our Optus winner on a 36-month plan at $93.58 a month with 30GB of data, while Telstra sits at $108.58 for a three-year plan with 60GB of data.

Best iPhone 11 plan for high data usage November 2019

If you really want to big with data, Optus is offering 200GB per month on its $105 My Plan Plus ($110 per month with iPhone 11 Pro 64GB). As you’d expect, this comes with all the bells and whistles of every other high-tier Optus plan, including unlimited calls and text and free Optus Sport. The only catch is that the plan is on a 36-month contract so you’re locked in for a little longer than most plans. With that said, part of the deal is that you can upgrade for $0 in 12 months time (which should be roughly when Apple releases its 5G iPhone).

If 36 months is too strong, there are shorter options still available.

For the best value in terms of cost and a generous data cap on a 24-month plan, have a look at Optus’ $65 My Plan Plus, which includes 60GB of data.

Sign up by 24 November to take advantage of the same three-month discount as the aforementioned promotional plan, bringing the monthly cost of $127 per month over 21 months to a minimum contract cost of $2853. Meet that same November promo cut-off date, and you have the option of a $0 new phone trade-up in 12 months, which means parting ways with your iPhone 11 Pro but having something new this time next year.

Compared on 24-month contracts, $65 My Plan Plus is more expensive than Vodafone’s $45 Red Plus Plan ($117.87 per month) but cheaper than Telstra’s $60 Medium Mobile Plan ($132.87 per month), both of which are great alternatives.

Where Optus wins out in this category, though, is those aforementioned promotional inclusions, as well as Optus mainstays at this pricepoint like included Optus Sport for soccer lovers and a six-month crack at Apple Music, which boasts around 45 million songs (if you love Apple Music, you can pay an extra $11.99 per month to keep it).

If you have friends and family overseas, you can also invest an extra $10 per month for unlimited talk and text to 35 selected countries, which includes international dialling/texting locations like New Zealand, China, Germany and the UK.

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