Best iPhone Plans 2019

With Apple selling four very different iPhones these days, each device gets a different treatment from different carriers. We find the best for you.
  • Best iPhone XS Plan


    Lots of data for the price
    Peace of mind data, so no bill shock
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  • Best iPhone XR Plans


    Good Optus coverage
    Great price, with more data than anyone
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  • Best iPhone XS Max Plans


    Heaps of data
    $5 a day roaming for when you travel
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What you need to know

Apple’s iPhone lineup, despite mountains of competition coming from every direction challenging its smartphone supremacy, still holds the most reliable and consistent smartphones on the market. But with that, comes a decent sized price tag, so searching around for the best deal can save you hundreds.

Apple still sells its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models from 2017, however, its latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models are a massive step up in terms of design, features and performance than its cheaper siblings.

The iPhone XR is Apple’s iPhone for everyone, and is about 20% cheaper than the iPhone XS while still featuring the same processing power, the same main camera, wireless charging and the same edge-to-edge full screen display. It’s even got a better battery life than both the XS and XS Max.

What you gain on the iPhone XS is a 5.8-inch higher resolution display, a more premium steel design, IP68 waterproofing and an extra 2x telephoto camera lens on the back. The iPhone XS Max features all that too, but has a larger 6.5-inch display.

Unless you really need the extra camera lens or higher resolution display, our pick for most people would be the iPhone XR. And at the moment, the best value plan for the iPhone XR is with Optus.  

The best iPhone XR Plans – Optus

Optus’ network has come a long way recently and has since positioned itself closer to Telstra than it previously was with Vodafone’s footprint. While still lacking in remote areas to Telstra, its plans offer more data for better prices on most device plans than the Big T, and the iPhone XR is a great example of this.

Its best value plan is just $84 a month for 24 months, and this includes 100GB of data each month on top of unlimited calls and texts. This includes an iPhone XR 64GB model, and goes to $92 a month if you want the 128GB model.

Optus also offers the same data inclusion for $69 a month if you choose their leasing plan. However we don’t recommend this, as at the end of the 24 months you’ll need to hand your device back, and generally iPhones hold their value well and should be worth more than the $240 you save over that period.

While Optus has made grounds with its network, some people still might need the extra bit of coverage Telstra offers, especially as you start to go to remote areas of Australia. If that’s the case for you, then Telstra’s plans aren’t all that far off, and have the option of “endless data”, which for an extra $10 a month means your data speeds slow down after you’ve hit your limit, rather than charge you for what you use over it.

The Best iPhone XS Plan – Vodafone

If you care about data, want lots of it and have no interest in being locked into your contract for years on end, then Vodafone has the perfect iPhone XS plan for you.

For $110, it has a mammoth 50GB of data, and includes Vodafone’s version of endless data, meaning you’ll get even more than that if you go over, just at a slower speed.

Vodafone’s plans are all no-lock in, so if you’re not happy you can leave whenever you want with no contract penalty, you’ll just have to pay what you owe on your phone. They also have a deal at the moment where your first two months are free for new customers.

Vodafone’s coverage in major cities is as good, if not better in some than both Telstra and Optus, so unless you spend a decent amount of time in regional areas, the data and pricing should be worth the trade off.

If you’re a keen international traveller, Vodafone also has its industry leading $5 a day roaming option, which means you can use your phone exactly how you would at home in dozens of countries across the world for just an extra $5 a day.

If you do live in a rural area or travel regionally regularly and need that mobile coverage safety net, then Telstra still has a few good plans for you to choose from, too.

Of course on Telstra, you don’t just get great regional coverage but all the other bonus content and service Telstra offers too. If you’re into your NRL, AFL and Netball, these are all included with each of your plans to stream for free, as well as Apple Music on your new iPhone which can be streamed data free, also.

Best iPhone XS Max Plan – Vodafone

Like its smaller sibling, the iPhone XS Max and its 6.4-inch display is a great buy at Vodafone at the moment. With its larger display and battery, it’s a touch more expensive than the regular XS, but your plans carry all the same perks.

If you want the premium display and second lens of the iPhone XS but need a better battery life or a bigger screen, then the XS Max is your best option.

Considering the hefty price tag of the iPhone XS Max in general, Vodafone at the moment is particularly a great option with its first 2 months free promo for new customers it has at the moment.