Best NBN Internet Plans of 2019

There are thousands of NBN plans to compare, but lucky for you, we've done the leg work. Read on to see which NBN plans are Australia's best internet options.
  • Best for most people


    4 out of 5 overall
    Best price for 50Mbps NBN plans
    Solid, reliable performance
  • Best and fastest


    4 out of 5 overall
    Best speeds in ACCC testing
    Great prices for the performance
  • Best Basic plan


    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Lowest price with unlimited data
    No-contract plans


With over 150 NBN providers operating in Australia, and dozens of plan combinations to choose from with each, picking a great NBN plan can seem a bit of a challenge. Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the hard work for you and have our shortlist ready for the best NBN plans you can buy today.

Of course, there’s no one perfect plan for everyone, so we’ve broken down our selections in a few simple categories: best plan for most people (based on NBN 50 speeds), best and fastest (based on NBN 100 speeds) and the cheapest plan with unlimited data.

Best NBN Plan for most homes

For most households, with 3 to 5 people sharing the internet at once, an NBN 50 speed plan (also known as Standard Plus speed) is the best choice. NBN 50 broadband plans are reasonably priced and the 50Mbps connection should be enough to keep everyone online at once.

The Exetel plan we’ve picked as best is a great example of this. For $60 per month you get everything you need, including unlimited data, and if you sign a 12-month contract you’ll dodge any setup costs. We also like that this is the standard price and not a short-term promotional price. Many NBN providers lure in new customers with a cheap rate for the first few months, but Exetel keeps the price low all year round.

A few alternatives:

Best and Fastest

NBN speeds have been a contentious issue since the project launched a decade ago, and though the speed of NBN broadband connections has improved a lot over the past couple of years, many are still worried that they won’t get the speeds they are paying for.

To help find answers, the ACCC has started real-world internet speed testing in thousands of homes across Australia. It recently released its latest report and named TPG to be the provider that is consistently the fastest over the last few months.

TPG’s NBN 100 plan may not be the cheapest available, but the price is great considering how reliably fast the service proves to be.

A few alternatives:

Best for Basic NBN

A Basic speed NBN plan might be perfect for a house with one or two people share the connection. It’s fast enough to stream Netflix, listen to music and web browsing, but you might find it will struggle if want to use it to do multiple things at the same time.

This Basic plan from Tangerine is a good deal. You don’t have to worry about watching your data with unlimited data included, and the price is the best we know of. Just be aware that this promotion reduces the price for the first 6 months, so you’ll want to be sure to speak to the Tangerine team then to see if there’s a better plan for you before the price changes.

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What are Typical Evening Speeds?
The average internet speeds for a connection when used between 7pm – 11pm.

When customers first started connecting to the NBN many had a common complaint; that the speed of their connection would slow down in the evenings. This is due to congestion which is something that can be overcome if the provider’s allocate enough bandwidth in your neighbourhood.

To counteract this, the ACCC now recommends that NBN providers include a ‘typical evening speed’ in their advertising so that customers can better compare services. This evening speed is an average that current customers of the provider get between 7pm – 11pm each day.

Which is the best NBN provider?

This is the million dollar question, and the most difficult to answer. There are lots of variables to consider and lots of perspectives to cater for. Are you looking for the cheapest provider? The provider with the best customer service and reliable service? How about a provider that offers all of the extras like TV and movie services, rewards programs and bundle discounts?

Many different services try and judge the service providers and crown a winner, and use different methodologies to prove it. Groups like the ACCC and Netflix run speed tests, others rely on customer surveys and user reviews.

Best rated NBN providers
ACCCSpeed testSee Plans
NetflixSpeed testSee Plans
ChoiceSpeed testSee Plans
CanstarSurveySee Plans
Product ReviewUser reviewsSee Plans

Because of the nature of the NBN, you might find the best advice you will get is from your neighbours. Which providers do they use? Do they struggle with congestion in the evenings?

You might also consider choosing a no-contract NBN internet plan to begin with, so that you are free to switch providers if you’re unhappy with the service. Most providers offer a no-contract option for plans these days, though you might have to pay a higher upfront connection cost with these plans.

What is the best NBN plan in Sydney / Melbourne / Adelaide / Brisbane?

We are often asked this question, and the answer is pretty simple. Most NBN providers offer a national broadband service, and most have the same NBN prices and deals available across Australia, so you’ll get the same price regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Adelaide or one of the cities in Tasmania.

Some providers may vary the price plans based on your address. The wholesale price of their service can vary from the city to less populous areas, and this is reflected in the price of NBN plans. To make sure you are getting the right price, start an NBN plan search below by entering your address.