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Streaming Sports with Satellite Internet: Guide and Tips


More people are starting to cut the cord when it comes to pay TV, but what happens when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around? With streaming options like Netflix, HBO GO®, and Hulu, it can be hard to justify paying a huge cable bill. Sports fans, though, are often a bit more hesitant to step away from TV subscriptions, as they fear missing out on their favorite teams’ games. If you’re wanting to break away from expensive cable costs without losing access to the games you love, you can have it all. With a reliable satellite internet connection, there are plenty of services that can be used to stream most major league sports games.


Once you’ve selected a satellite internet service, check out these resources to begin streaming your favorite sports through your internet connection.


If you want more NFL access than you’d get via ESPN through Sling TV, invest in the NFL Game Pass. At around $100 per season, the pass will give you access to select live preseason games and all regular season games after they air.

You can stream Super Bowl 50 live from your computer or tablet at CBSSports.com.


ESPN is the one of biggest sources of coverage for major league sports. You can stream ESPN using Sling TV, a DISH affiliate service that allows subscribers to access various cable channels via an internet connection. Sling TV’s $20 Best of Live TV includes both ESPN and ESPN2. If you’re an active college student or military service member connected to campus or base internet, you should also be able to access ESPN3 for free via the ESPN website. Once you have a Sling TV subscription, you can also access the WatchESPN app for lots of live coverage, as well as replay video.


The best bet for using satellite internet to stream NBA games is the NBA League Pass. It offers all access to out-of-market games for $100 a season. Unfortunately, your home team’s games won’t be available until after they have aired live.

The pass also offers smaller, customizable package options, allowing you to pay just $7 for individual game streams.


MLB.TV is the best place to stream Major League Baseball games. A subscription gives you access to live regular season games, and audio-only broadcasts for postseason games unless you subscribe through a cable provider. As with other sports streaming services, in-market games and nationally televised games will be blacked out. You’ll have to wait 90 minutes after the conclusion of those live games to access them through the service.

MLB.TV will cost you $110 to run on the computer or $130 to include mobile and streaming devices. The price drops as the season continues, so the longer you wait, the cheaper it’ll be.


NHL GameCenter LIVE offers live streaming to all out-of-market games for around $130 per season. You won’t be able to watch your home team play until two days later, but any other game will be streamable via your satellite internet connection. This package includes playoff games, but those that air nationally in the US will be subject to a 48-hour blackout before becoming available.

Streaming live sports and TV is easier than ever. Find a reliable satellite internet provider and start streaming sports today.

*Pricing and speeds are current as of writing. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.


Choosing a good internet provider is the first step to streaming sports. Here’s a quick rundown on what some of the best satellite companies have to offer.


DISH’s DishNET™ service is great for those who want great service because DISH regularly ranks high in customer satisfaction surveys. Their basic 2-year packages start at around $50 per month for 12 months for speeds up to 5 Mbps and 10 GB caps, with higher plans ranging up to 10 Mbps speeds and a 30 GB cap per month.


HughesNet has been around for more than 30 years and has millions of customers. They offer very fast internet service and high capacity downloads in most of their packages. Overall, HughesNet has one of the best deals on bandwidth capacity. Their packages start at $60 per month for speeds up to 10 Mbps. The company also offers competitive caps, with 20 GB anytime and an additional 20 GB of bonus data each month on select plans.


Exede satellite internet service offers fast service, high bandwidth allowances, and solid customer service. Their services start at target=”_blank”$40 per month in select areas, and premium plan speeds range up to 12 Mbps with 30 GB of priority data per month.


Exede’s parent company, ViaSat, acquired WildBlue a few years ago, giving all new and existing WildBlue customers access to Exede satellite internet services. As with most providers, pricing and availability may vary depending on location.

Even if you live in a rural area, satellite internet is the best bet for making sure you don’t miss a single pass, catch, or tackle. There’s just no excuse for not having your best season yet.

  • Brooke McAvoy

    I appreciate all of your information on how best to stream sport. This will come in handy when I am camping and in desperate need to know what is happening in the NFL. You mentioned that this requires a reliable satellite internet connection, do you have any tips about how to make sure that you have this?

    • Jenn Diffley

      Hi Brooke! We actually have a long review coming about getting satellite TV/internet in an RV, so stay tuned for that.
      The best option is to be a DISH customer at home and simply add a mobile package. Solid Signal can set you up with a manual dish for around $150 and they may even be able to help you use your receiver box from home. For a little down and a little each month you can be ready to watch on the go. Your secondary option would be to load up a portable hard drive or GenieGo and skip the TV programming. Add a HughesNet internet package for about a grand in hardware and a hundred bucks per month to stream anything you can’t take with you.
      Hope that helps point you in the right direction!