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Exede offers more speed than other Satellite Internet providers, but its pricing is still higher than average.

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Exede offers more speed than other Satellite Internet providers, but its pricing is still higher than average.
Overall Rating3 out of 5
12–25 Mbps
Contract terms:
2 yr. minimum

THE BOTTOM LINE: Exede offers plans with high speeds and plenty of data, though it’s more expensive compared to the competition.


  • Fast Download Speeds
  • 25 Mbps Boost Upgrade
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Slow Upload Speeds
  • Data Caps

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It’s more expensive, but you get more too.

Exede costs more than other satellite internet providers, but its plans have high speeds and plenty of data.

PlanAdvertised Price
Essential 10 N/A
Liberty 12$49.99/mo
Liberty 18$69.99/mo
Liberty 30$99.99/mo

What’s the real price?

Exede’s advertised price depends on the plan, and some plans are not available everywhere.

Its basic plan (Essential 10) starts at $49.99 a month (regularly $69.99 a month) , which is higher than HughesNet’s and dishNET’s basic plans; however, Exede’s basic plan has higher download and upload speeds and includes unlimited data (1–5 Mbps download speed after anytime data is used).

The regular price for Exede’s top plan (Liberty 30) is a whopping $149.99 a month. (Its promotional price is currently $99.99 a month, but that’s only for the first three months.) HughesNet and dishNET have much lower prices for their top plans,  but neither has unlimited data of 1–5 Mbps.

Hidden fees

As with most service providers that require contracts, Exede has an early termination fee (ETF). It’s $15 for every month remaining on the two-year contract, so if you cancel after a year, for example, you’d be stuck with a bill of $180. HughesNet and dishNET are no different; they have similar ETFs.


Exede equipment includes a satellite dish and modem, and the rental fee is $9.99 a month. Exede does give you the option to prepay for the equipment: $199.99 for 24 months (the length of the contract) or $299.99 for the life of the equipment. The first option will save you about $40 over two years. The second option will break even at two-and-a-half years, and it could save you quite a bit if you end up sticking with Exede for an extended period of time. If you kept the equipment for four years, for example, you could save $270.

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Same speeds, different data

PlanDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Liberty 1212–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Liberty 1812–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Liberty 3012–25 Mbps3 Mbps
Essential 1012–25 Mbps3 Mbps

Exede has the same max download speed and upload speed across all its plans, which means its basic plan plan has higher speeds than the competition. The only differences between Exede’s plans are anytime data and the unlimited data feature.

Other satellite providers vary the data and speed of plans based on price, which can force consumers to make compromises, either by paying more for a faster speed and unneeded data, or sacrificing speed to avoid paying for that data.

Which plan is right for me?

To help you decide if a plan is right for you, you may want to look at the FCC’s Broadband Speed Guide. The guide provides minimum download speeds (emphasis on minimum) for various internet activities, but be aware that “internet speeds are not guaranteed.” So if you need 5 Mbps speed at bare minimum, we recommend erring on the side of caution and going with a 10 Mbps plan or higher.


More data than anywhere else

Exede lives up to its name with solid amounts of data and the industry-leading Liberty plans with unlimited (but slower) “bonus data” once you use your regular allotment.

An internet connection isn’t much good without a decent data allowance; Exede stays competitive here, with plans offering 10, 18, or 30 GB of data. This probably doesn’t seem like much if you’re used to cable internet, but it’s par for the course when it comes to satellite internet.

Now, if you happen to use all that data, you’re not left out in the cold. Most satellite providers will only allow you to use your connection during slower, off-peak hours once your data cap is reached. Exede does things a little differently: once you reach your data cap, you can still access the internet whenever you want, but the speed is slowed down from the usual 12 Mbps to between 1 and 5 Mbps (depending on the time of day). There is also no limit on how much of this bonus data you can use, whereas the competition typically still puts a data cap on it.


Delivering speed as advertised

Again, Exede really excels in this area. Regardless of which plan you choose, you get a respectable 12 Mbps download speed and an industry leading 3 Mbps upload speed.

Behind data allowances, connection speed is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing an internet provider. While some providers offer up to 15 Mbps download speeds on their top-tier packages (notably HughesNet), Exede gives you the same 12 Mbps across all of their packages, including the $59.99 base package. For comparison, HughesNet’s equivalently priced package gets you 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds, while dishNET’s base package shuffles along at just 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.


More complaints, better grade

Exede has you covered with numerous ways to find answers to your questions or reach support staff if you still need help.

Exede offers a number of ways to get support, including the usual options: online chat, email, and phone support, with average wait times listed next to each option. Chats are said to start within one minute, email responses are promised within 24 hours, and there is a 2-minute average wait time for the good old telephone. There is also an online forum where you can chat with other customers and get questions answered, as well as a help center with guides and tutorials for a variety of topics.

Finally, tucked away at the bottom of the support page is an option you don’t see very often: a mailing address that you can use to have your complaints or issues (or praise!) viewed and addressed by the company’s executive leadership. There is even a promise that every letter received will be acted upon promptly. We find this very refreshing; it shows that the leadership is actively involved with their customers. Kudos to Exede for this.

When we reached out to have some questions answered for this review, we received prompt help and the staff was polite. Cable and internet companies tend to get a bad rap for customer service, and often this is deserved, but our experiences with Exede, while brief, were pleasant and didn’t throw up any red flags.

The takeaway

Exede delivers solid satellite internet

Exede is an excellent option for satellite internet, especially if you don’t mind spending a little more.

With high data caps and fast speeds across their range of plans, it’s hard to find a major fault with the service. Maybe the only issue is that they are expensive, at least once you move past the base package. That said, you do get more for your money, and we feel the higher-tier plans offer a better value despite the higher price, since at the highest tier you get three times the data for less than three times the price.

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  • Jarred A.

    Exede internet is hands down the worst internet service provider I have ever acquired. Recently signed up and didn’t even take me 2 months to cancel service. Wouldn’t wish the service upon my worse enemies.

    • http://www.reviews.org Scott T.

      Yikes. Have you switched to another satellite internet provider already?

  • Cbeard

    Absolute garbage internet. I am currently seeking alternatives and would never willingly work with these con artists again. paying 70 a month for this internet and i dont even hit 1 meg speed 90% of the time. if you are given a choice between this and no internet at all, go to a Starbucks, at least your arent charged for the same god awful internet.

  • Get what you can get

    I must admit that this service is not as would be if it were a cable or DSL connection, but when you are located in a rural area which doesn’t provide any other service that dial-up through a phone line then Exede is one of the ways to go. Data caps are a problem if you are a data hog downloading movies, and contestant surfing of the web (tECKO Kids) then there is going to be big problems and complaints associated. But if you use the system for connection to typical internet usage that doesn’t include constant streaming you will find the system as your best alternative. I have had it for 2 years and data caps have been a problem when over used. Have just went to a 18GB cap which will prove better for my needs.

  • Natalie Dallabrida

    Here are some FAQ I have seen that I have issue with…..
    1. Are there any hidden fees?
    This one got me– I have been a customer of excede for 10 months now. I can NOT get a tech to come to my house and check out why I lose service at least 2X’s a day. Why you ask, because it will cost ME $99, now they will give me the option to buy a service plan for $5.99 month but why do I have to pay them to take care of their equipment. I know that it is not a lot of money every month, but still it is their equipment not mine.

    2. Here is another person who wanted service in there area.
    “Ha! I just clicked to see if it was vailable in my area. The message I got was “due to the large volume of requests for this service, we have suspended all new service installations at this time. ???????”
    They were answered with—- It’s a good thing they are not selling more then they can provide for.
    No, this is not good!!!! Here is why.
    I do have the liberty 10 plan that gives me data after I use my monthly data amount up.
    So if they have a large volume in that area, be careful because this is what excuse you will get to the problem of a service that cuts in and out, ” it is all the Traffic on the signal” again this is THEIR problem and I am not getting the service I pay for.

    Now today I called to get someone out to check out if there is a outside issue. I was told once again I have to pay $99 to have them come out and inspect THEIR equipment or I can pay $5.99 a month, again I am paying for them to fix THEIR equipment. Sometimes you just want to scream, why ,why why!!

    I feel used and over charged for a service that can be fixed in my area, and they chose not to fix it.
    If I did have a choice for Internet in my area I would not have this service.
    I do hope that you will post this for others to see so that they really can make an educated decision, because I did not have any reviews that would warn me of these issus.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place
    Cynthiana, Kentucky

    • http://www.reviews.org Scott T.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We’ll make a note to include service costs when we update this review.

      BTW, is there really no other option for internet than Exede in your area? Also, it might be worth re-posting this experience in the Exede community forum. There’s a lot of active customers there, and someone might have a solution with a similar experience (https://community.exede.com/exede). Good luck!

  • Jon Bakehouse

    We used Exede for 5+ years. When everything works, it is an acceptable service, especially if you have no alternative. However, when problems arise (this includes cancelling service, see below), you are on your own and more than likely will be screwed to one degree or another.

    The short: use Exede Internet at your own risk and BE CAREFUL. Do not expect anything from customer service reps (even the nice ones). Do not expect advertised speeds. Expect phantom data usage and expect to be given the run-around at every corner when problems arise. Customer service can be decent, but problems they try to solve are often “rejected” by corporate–seriously.

    The long: we used Exede for 5+ years and got along okay. It was nice to have high speed Internet, but we often used up our Priority Data by the second or third week of each month, especially as more and more services migrated to Internet-only. We even somehow used data when our modem was off during a two-week vacation. We were on the lowest (20G/mo) plan, and I’m certainly not entirely blaming Exede for us burning through data, but the phantom data usage raised a red flag. Liberty Pass worked fine for a year or so, but by the end of our subscription this past June, usually rendered even casual browsing almost impossible, another red flag.

    Thankfully an alternative came along this year. We went through the process of disconnecting our Exede service, then were still charged our monthly fee a few days later. When we called again, the customer service rep said our previous request had “failed.” We went through the entire disconnect process again, plus went through another process to get our monthly fee refunded. Our service is now disconnected, but our request for a refund, while accepted by customer service, was rejected by corporate because our customer agreement states there are no refunds for unused data. It does not matter that our first request came before our renewal date and that it was the fault of Exede that the request failed.

    Part of the disconnect process also required us to send back part of the satellite dish, the power cords/supply and modem. It must be received by Exede within one month from the day you request to be disconnected. It has been 20 days since we sent the equipment back and Exede has no record of receiving the equipment. Thankfully, we have our UPS tracking number, so we may have a leg to stand on, but I would not be surprised if Exede finds a way to charge us $300 for not returning their equipment in a timely fashion.

    Again, BE CAREFUL. Read your customer agreement carefully and believe Exede will do everything they can to manipulate you into violation. Exede is as dishonest, ruthless and worthless as companies come.

    • T

      what was the alternative?

  • Sbeckwith

    AWFUL. Don’t even bother with their services. The satellite wireless is molasses slow – which means we could never get anything to download ‘on demand’ through Directv. Customer service sucks – ask for a supervisor and you get a snot. Seriously.

  • Don pocsi

    There customer service is terrible. The modem stopped working I call they said a technician would call with in 72 hours to set up a time to fix it that was 3 months ago still get billed every month but still no one has came to fix it. I’ve called customer service 4 times every time tell give me the same story that someone will call within 72 hours. Every time I call I’m on hold at least 15 minutes. The satellite service is very slow and some how all the data is gone in a week when I hardly use it.
    So frustrated!!!

    • http://www.reviews.org/ Trevor Wheelwright

      Hey Don, thanks for the feedback, just curious, have you considered either switching providers or have tried escalating your technical issues to a supervisor/manager letting them know your situation?

  • Rob Lankton

    if you are thinking about switching your internet provider, and are considering Exede or Wild Blue, here’s a little food for thought, before you make a switch.
    Exede promised us that after our monthly 18 gigs of data were used, that the slower download rate would still be fast enough to stream videos and On Demand from Direct TV.
    We had Exede internet installed about 2 months ago…
    To this day we have only watched on demand a couple of times before and after our 18 gigs were used because the internet connection is not fast enough or adequate to do the job.
    Most afternoons when I get home from work, I am unable to use the internet, quite often it goes down all together. I cannot watch videos from my friends on Facebook, and often have trouble even posting a photo… Right now I don’t even know if I will be able to post this story and pic.
    The installer interested in using the existing pole in the ground, that was put in by Hughes Net, required me to pay $15 cash for an adapter bracket to put his dish on the pole.
    Exede has contacted us on more than 1 occasion notifying us that our signal was not up to par. They have scheduled techs to come out and repair the issue. Telling us the dish
    “needs to be moved or aimed”.
    First tech refused to touch the dish, he replace a cable inside my house.
    Second tech refused to touch the dish, he tightened up a cable connection at the dish.
    Third tech, was the installer, he refused to touch the dish, well sort of. The signal went out the minute he walked through the door. he replaced an electrical part on the dish and the modem in the house. Told us the cable was bad running to the house but would do nothing about it because it ran under the driveway. the dish needs to be moved and a new cable ran.
    Fourth tech, replaced the same electrical part on the dish, tried to aim the dish and told us a tree was interferring, the dish needs to be moved and left.
    Fifth tech was supposed to be here today 11/11/16 between 10 and 2. I got home before 1, wife and kids were home all day. The wife contacted Exede just after 2, they said the tech was here around 1:40 and no one was home. I was here no tech showed up.
    I called “customer service” and there is nothing they can do for me until the next available tech can come here Monday or Tuesday.
    We even paid an extra fee to become priority customers putting us at the top of the list if problems should arise.
    That’s Exede/Wild Blue Internet

    • http://www.reviews.org/ Trevor Wheelwright

      Ah, thanks for your freedback Rob. It’s hard to hear that customers have had such poor experiences with service, please keep in touch and let us know if your issue gets resolved, or if you decide to switch to another provider.

    • Shawn

      Mr. Lankton, I’m interested in getting Exede Internet and would like to here a follow up as to if the problem was resolved.

  • Candy Guajardo

    This is the worse customer service ever! They want me to return some piece from the actual sat dish? How am I supposed to climb up a house which I no longer live in? If they would of said something before I moved I might of found a way to get up there.

  • Maria Morgan

    The liberty plan is a joke!!! Everyday, my internet goes out. Whether I have usage left or not. I am so sick of calling these Jacks! Customer service will not listen to what I am trying to tell them. Don’t waste your time or money!!!!

  • http://www.reviews.org/ Trevor Wheelwright

    Hey, thanks for your question. We’re currently improving our user/customer feedback and ratings interface. In the future we plan on taking user input and directly responding with amendments/updates to the articles. Our aim is to provide an evolving knowledge base to help find the right service for individuals.

    As far as your situation is concerned, if you’re currently unhappy with Exede we’d recommend giving HughesNet a shot, as they (currently) have better prices, speeds, etc.

  • http://www.reviews.org Scott T.

    What company did you sign up with? We’d like to know more.

  • http://www.twitter/ melissa

    I’ve got liberty 18 and honesty if unlimited don’t come very fast I’m leaving for another outfit I’m over there excuses

  • Brandon Whittemore

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f98baa60b14364a03ff35e1d840631cd95bfe0fc41dd36b85076ec8e0170ed12.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a33aff9708f1b086fc6bf2e04a9fd19e7b31da099f92f8b3a086627fb41bf1e.jpg So here is what every customer should be told regarding Exede Internet. This service is not for everyone. If you game, you may experience delays. If you stream movies (netflix and such), Exede IS NOT FOR YOU.
    I am a self installing Exede dealer. I have turned away 10 customers in the last 2 weeks because they want to stream video (netflix, amazon). You will blow through data fast.
    My speeds are consistently 20 mBS download and 4 upload (some days a little slower some faster). Today I am at 13 download and 6 upload.
    You – the customer – need to understand this. Me the authorized dealer – well I am clear with the customer about this.
    VERY important, the quality of service will only be as good as the installation. If the installer takes short cuts, does not align dish properly, or uses unsupported materials then you will suffer poor service.
    If you have cable internet in your area then I recommend you use it as there are no data caps. However if you have limited options then this is a fantastic service as long as – you the customer – do not push the threshold of data usage.
    Below are some screen shots of recent speeds monitored over several days. Today we were 13 mbs down (more than likely due to heavy snow), but the speeds are still higher than those advertised.
    Look me up at green wave ventures bradford pa on facebook
    B https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ee6ea7357b77138864418f66b96e2e95aa2485878df21ce1a1269ef63e997898.jpg

  • Trish Hagod

    Exede internet is good. What is NOT good is if you call the company, you get several different answers AND they don’t seem to be organized at all. I called to have my internet switched back on after I moved and I couldn’t get it to work. I called them and they said it is turned on. I asked them to send a technician because I could NOT get it to work. The technician came out and said, “well, no wonder it doesn’t work; it’s because I didn’t have Direct TV” (which I did get conflicting answers about that question). Come to find out, they hooked my service up at the address I moved from and they took my money (they are good at that). AND they REFUSED to give me credit for that money. I opted to let them go and get another service. They send me a letter telling me, “we hate to see you go; what can we do gain your service back” so I figured I would give them one last shot. I called and I spoke to THREE different people and they STILL REFUSED to refund so I decided it was DEFINATELY time to move on. They charge way too much money anyway but they took me for $88.00. Then I get a bill for $414.00. I called to ask them why and they said I didn’t return the piece on the dish from my roof!!!! THAT WAS THE FIRST I HEARD ABOUT THAT TOO!! I told them I am 60 plus years old and I’m NOT climbing on my roof. They did send out a technician to pull it off for me. I’m going with another company with NO CONTRACT!!

  • lauren

    Exede is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. I tried to disconnect 3 different times, was hung up on twice after waiting 45 minutes. Long story short, I have been charged $1035.00 FOR SERVICE I NEVER USED. and some how cant be refunded? 8.3 stars? I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Steve Wilfong

    This whole service is a joke. I started out with a cheaper plan and quickly had to upgrade. The speed was so slow we couldnt watch a movie even if we still had data to use. Called several times and complained and nothing was done. Then I upgraded to the Fastest and biggest plan plus paid additional money per month for the faster service which required a new modem. now im around 120 a month for internet. They turned the old modem off and left me for a week without internet till i got the new one. No credit applied.. Then after several calls over a few months for speeds at a whopping 1 mbps to 3 mbps I had enough. It wasnt worth having. I disconnected the modem before my next billing cycle ended in the meantime they took out a payment of $109 out of my account i called to cancel 3 days into my new cycle and they wont credit me for that whole month plus i had to pay for early termination fee. They said they couldnt remove it with out running a test. They had already run several tests in the months that I had called and complained for that slow of a speed and I was told it is what it is. So to top this off I switched to dish network internet and tv. I specifically asked dish if they had anything to do with exede and they told me NO!! Liars!!!!! I get my new dish stuff installed and what do you know slow speeds. Had tech come out and look at it. I look at the modem and what do you know it says Viasat the same second company name exede has… Its the same through dish network now im stuck again. I now have an attorney and I will be taking them to court for several different things along with dish tv. I had tried to work it out with exede but they said they didnt care..

  • Scott

    While I used Exede for my mountain home for 3 years and when I called to disconnect they basically begged me to stay. The service was very slow with high latency that many devices do not work well with mainly voice and video so for basic web pages and loading your ereader with a book occasionally its ok . Besides the fact you have limitation on data the speed and latency is awful. I suppose if its your only choice as it was mine until recent its better than nothing although barely. The cost is outrageous and they practically ignore you if you attempt to disconnect they also charge a full month even if you disconnect 10 days into the billing cycle. Ive never been billed for a service I was not getting until now Satellite ISP are the biggest ripoff out there . I recommend exhausting all other options before signing up for a 24 month contract.