Charter Spectrum Internet Review

Charter Spectrum is a unique ISP because there are no modem fees and its lowest download speed is surprisingly fast.

Charter Spectrum Fastest Internet
Charter Spectrum is a unique ISP because there are no modem fees and its lowest download speed is surprisingly fast.
Overall Rating4 out of 5
No data caps
No modem fee
One internet-only plan

THE QUICK AND DIRTY: We’ve picked Charter Spectrum as the fastest cable internet provider, but it also happens to one of the better internet service providers (ISPs) overall. We checked the FCC’s annual report and found Charter Spectrum delivered faster download speeds than Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox. Also, Charter Spectrum doesn’t require a contract, so no need to worry about making a blood oath to get internet service. Not everything is sunny and clear skies, though—the Spectrum merger with Time Warner Cable has caused plenty of headaches and confusion.

Charter Spectrum price and plans

You’d think Charter Spectrum’s pricing would be more straightforward, especially since there’s only one internet plan to choose from. However, the advertised price is not the internet-only price.

Charter Spectrum internet plans

PlanAdvertised price*Download speedDetails
Charter Internet (bundle)$29.99/mo.60 MbpsView Plan
Charter Internet Only$44.99/mo.60 MbpsView Plan
Ultra Internet**$89/mo.100 MbpsView Plan

*Pricing varies by location.  **Only available in very select areas. 

The advertised price never tells the whole story, and it’s no different with Charter Spectrum. Charter Spectrum’s website lists internet service at $29.99 per month, but if you take a closer look at the fine print, you’ll notice the price is good only if you bundle internet with TV and phone service. That’s not a bad deal necessarily, but it’s not the internet-only price.

Little pin Little pin

FYI: Time Warner Cable is now owned by Charter Spectrum

FYI: Time Warner Cable is now owned by Charter Spectrum

Spectrum, Charter Spectrum, and Time Warner Cable are now all the same company: Spectrum. In this review, we used data and research specific to Charter Spectrum’s internet service from 2016 to 2017. In the future, we’ll review Spectrum as one service.

We had to make some calls and stumble around the Charter Spectrum website for the internet-only price. Where we tested Charter Spectrum service, the internet-only option was $44.99 per month. That’s $15 a month more than the advertised price we found on the Spectrum website. In other words, it’s a 50% price increase from $29.99 per month.

That might seem like not-so-amazing pricing for internet service. However, we have to point out it’s not a bad price for 60 Mbps download speed. In our case, we were bumped up to a 100 Mbps plan for the same $44.99-per-month price, but only because we happened to live in the right place. We don’t like how far off the advertised price is from the actual price, but we think there’s still value to be found here. Besides, there are a few other ways to shave some dollars off the monthly service price.

Pricing and contract options

Other ISPs have plans and prices coming out of their figurative ears, but Charter Spectrum keeps it simple—perhaps too simple.

We try to emphasize that pricing can vary, especially with ISPs. However, for most Charter Spectrum customers, they’ll be able to choose only one plan. To compare, when we researched Comcast’s XFINITY internet service, some locations had six or more service plans. Charter Spectrum has one, and it’s called “Charter Spectrum Internet.” It’s as simple as that.

Charter Spectrum’s discount lasts one year, and then the price goes up.

With some ISPs, you can get a lower price if you submit yourself to the confines of a long-term contract, but Charter Spectrum gets bonus points for doing away with such nonsense. You can cancel Charter Spectrum service anytime you want, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re immune from any and all fees, you’re not subject to the dreaded early termination fee (ETF). We’ve seen ETFs for hundreds of dollars, so we’re more than happy it’s absent here.

There is a pricing shenanigan to be aware of, though. The monthly price will always increase over time. (Yes, other ISPs do this too.) If you land a discount, you’ll see it marked as the “promotional rate” on your monthly bill. Charter Spectrum’s discount lasts one year, and then the price goes up. It will go up again after the second year, too. We can’t tell you the exact amount of the price increase because it’s not the same for everyone.


The “single internet-only option that’s actually pretty good” plan

PlanPriceDownload speedDetails
Charter Internet$29.99/mo.60 Mbps.View Plan

We know there’s only one Charter Spectrum internet plan, but we still feel good recommending it since the majority of people will start with 60 Mbps download speeds. That’s twelve times the speed Netflix recommends to watch its service in HD (720p), so no need to buffer your way through season two of Master of None. Not to mention you could even get more than 60 Mbps download speed if you live in the right place (we did!).

The “please add hundreds of TV channels to my internet” plan

PlanPriceDownload speedDetails
Charter Internet + TV Silver$59.99/mo.60 Mbps.View Plan

We usually don’t bring up TV in our internet service recommendations, but we think Charter Spectrum’s bundle special deserves a shoutout. It’s basically adding Charter Spectrum’s TV to the internet plan we mentioned. For $30 more a month, you get 175 channels, which includes HBO, ESPN, AMC, and more, as well as on-demand programming (10,000+ shows and movies).

Service fees for Charter Spectrum

Every rose has its thorn, and every ISP has its fees. However, we could find only one or two with Charter Spectrum.

  • Installation: When we ordered internet-only service, we were quoted an installation fee of $35. When we ordered the Charter Internet + TV Silver bundle, we were told the installation was free. It goes to show you’re never quite sure what you’ll pay, but we think it’s wise to always try and talk your way to into getting a free installation. (We usually just ask nicely.)
  • Wi-Fi modem: We discuss this more below, but if you want a Wi-Fi enabled modem from Charter Spectrum, it will cost an extra $5 per month.
Get money Get money

Charter Spectrum deal alert: $500 contract buyout

Charter Spectrum deal alert: $500 contract buyout

You know how we mentioned the dreaded early termination fee? If you sign up with Charter Spectrum, you can get up to $500 reimbursed for leaving your previous provider. It’s part of Charter Spectrum’s contract buyout program, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to get out of your current service but don’t want to get hit with cancellation fees. Ask your customer rep for more details.

Charter Spectrum equipment fees

If you’re paying to lease a modem, you might as well be throwing your hard-earned money down the drain (okay, maybe that’s overdramatic). Luckily, Charter Spectrum has no modem fee, so if you don’t have a cable modem, by all means, borrow one from Charter Spectrum. Will the modem you get be amazing? Not likely (models aren’t specified), but there’s no cost to you, so why not try it? We should mention there is a catch, though, and it’s going to be a big one for most people.

Light Bulb icon Light Bulb icon

Can I get my own router and modem?

Can I get my own router and modem?

If you need a modem/Wi-Fi router combo, we suggest this one from Amazon. Trust us—it’s a smart and simple way to save money on internet service down the road.

Charter Spectrum’s free modem doesn’t include Wi-Fi, which means you’re without a wireless connection. If you already have a Wi-Fi router, then don’t sweat it. If you want or need a modem/Wi-Fi router combo, you can pay an extra $5 per month to get one from Charter Spectrum, or you can buy one yourself. We recommend the latter because it saves so much money in the long run.

Just be sure to 1) check online if the modem/Wi-Fi router combo is compatible and 2) call and check again with a representative on the phone—we always check twice.

Charter Spectrum speed and data

Actual speed vs. advertised speed

When it comes to speed and data, Charter Spectrum doesn’t disappoint. We picked Charter Spectrum for the Best Cable Internet this year, and the biggest reason it won is its download speed. From what we hear from customers, actual download speed is what matters most, and Charter Spectrum gives 100% of its advertised speed (60 Mbps) to its customers. We didn’t pull that percentage out of thin air—it comes from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) annual report.

The FCC report surveyed tens of thousands of internet users, and it found that 80% of customers experience 100% download speeds 80% of the time with Charter Spectrum. The FCC calls this measurement 80/80 speed, and it matters because it means Charter Spectrum delivers the speeds you pay for. You may think, “what’s the big deal about getting the speed I paid for?” Well, most other ISPs don’t deliver the speeds they advertise.

For example, Cox, another cable internet provider, came in at 75% download speed using the same 80/80 speed measurement. Even worse, AT&T’s DSL internet delivered only 45% of the download speed it advertised (again, using the same 80/80 measurement). In fact, the majority of ISPs don’t deliver 100% or more of the speed they advertise.2

Charter Spectrum gets a thumbs up because it does what it says it does, and we like not worrying about how much data we’re using.

What’s Charter Spectrum’s data limit?

Charter Spectrum doesn’t bother with a data limit, so go ahead and open Spotify and put Earth, Wind & Fire on repeat because you’ll never need to worry about paying extra to groove nonstop. The same goes for streaming entertainment. With no data worries, we’re watching the first two seasons of Rick and Morty over and over in order to prepare for the end-of-summer season three premiere.

Charter Spectrum customer satisfaction

We’re pretty sure you won’t be surprised to hear that customer satisfaction for ISPs is less than satisfactory. To be specific, the American Customer Service Index (ACSI) surveyed 43 industries, including subscription TV and telephone service, and found ISPs to be the worst industry with an average score of 64 out of 100.3 That’s a D grade!

Because every ISP could improve, we can only compare Charter Spectrum against other ISPs (i.e., mostly D students). How does Charter Spectrum fare? It scored a 63 out of 100 in the latest ACSI report.4 We think it’s a fair assessment. In a sea of lackluster customer satisfaction and service, Charter Spectrum looks and acts like most other fish—it’s average, and the average is not very good. Don’t despair, though: we have some tips on how to deal with Charter Spectrum.

How to handle Charter Spectrum customer service

Charter Spectrum may test the patience of even the most saint-like among us, so we recommend tempering your expectations and using a few tricks to maintain your sanity.

For starters, if you call to speak with a representative, being nice will go a long way. If you start yelling, there’s a good chance you’ll “accidentally” get disconnected. Also, be sure to use the representative’s name when you speak to them. This all sounds like basic manners (because it is), but being nice is going to make things go so much more smoothly.

Charter Spectrum may test the patience of even the most saint-like among us...

Now that we’ve tried to develop some empathy for the people you’ll be talking to, why not treat yourself right. Grab a pint of Rocky Road ice cream or another favorite treat before you call. If you’re feeling good, talking to customer service representatives is going to be a lot less painful.

One last thing, and we know we’ve been a little tongue-in-cheek mostly, but it doesn’t hurt to use a notepad. After all, you’ll want to take notes of who you spoke to and any other important details that are related to your service. Being informed and asking plenty of questions is the secret to being a happy customer, so get comfortable, be polite, and write down the details.

The one-hour installation window

If you’re wondering about the installation process, Charter Spectrum prides itself on offering a one-hour appointment window. In other words, a technician won’t be more than an hour late. That sort of promise doesn’t make our hearts flutter, but it’s better than the competition. (We’re looking at you, Comcast.)

The bottom line

Charter Spectrum has unlimited data, little-to-no fees, and as-advertised speeds—it’s better than good.

Charter Spectrum

We’ve mentioned the confusion around Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, and Spectrum service, so it doesn’t hurt to ask plenty of questions about which service you’ll actually get. It’s also a good idea to inquire about the contract buyout option, which could get some dollars back into your pocket if you qualify.

Because the internet service price varies by location, double-check the price you’ll pay the first year (the discount price) and the price you’ll pay when the first year is up. Charter Spectrum doesn’t require a contract, so set yourself a reminder in your calendar (digital or otherwise) to call the month before it ends to negotiate a new price when the discount expires—we say the best way to do this is to come prepared with an offer from another ISP and calmly mention that you’ll be leaving Charter Spectrum for someone else. After all, Charter Spectrum should be working hard to keep you.

Find an internet provider near you.

Charter Spectrum FAQs

Q: How much is just internet with Charter Spectrum?

It depends where you live, but the price we were quoted was $44.99 per month for the first year. We recommend calling to get the exact price, but be aware that representatives are pressured to upsell other services, like TV or phone service.

Q: What is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is much like any other cable TV service—hundreds of channels, on-demand programming, DVR, etc. You can find out more in our Spectrum TV review.

Q: How much is Charter Spectrum internet after the discount ends?

Pricing isn’t the same for everyone because it’s based on where you live. For us, the price for internet-only service increased by about $15 after the first-year discount, and it will increase again after the second year is over. But we won’t let that happen because we’ll always call to renegotiate pricing.


  1. Federal Communications Commission, Measuring Broadband in America Report
  2. Federal Communications Commission, Measuring Broadband in America Report
  3. American Customer Satisfaction Index, Telecommunications Report
  4. American Customer Satisfaction Index, Telecommunications Report

Have questions? Ask us.

Got a question about Charter Spectrum internet service that we didn’t answer? Check out our FAQs or leave a comment below.

Have a complaint? Make it count and tell the FCC.  If you want to help an ISP improve its service, tell the FCC. The FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center is the best place to be heard.

  • James towne

    This is the worst Internet service ever. We put a package deal together for TV, internet, and phone. The internet is the worst. We called and complained, spent over an hour on the phone with a non English speaker only to have him give us guidance which shut down our Internet that he could not get running again. My wife hung up and actually read the information and got it going. I continually get your Internet can not connect. We gave up Verdon to get this garbage….I am writing this on my phone because my tablet will not connect.

  • Warren

    We were on Brighthouse years ago, then accepted a 2 year UVerse contract with ATT. Like all plans, the advertised price was about half of what you inevitably pay each month. With huge increases or severely lessened TV channels at the end of the contract, we went back to Brighthouse. Again, the advertised package was a sore disappointment compared to the actual billing and the bill wasn’t sent, either by snail mail or email; I finally got a call about my bill being delinquent! This last bill was a shocking increase, making my bare-bones Brighthouse package almost as expensive as the UVerse package we just left. Trying to contact BrightHouse right now is a nightmare as they are merging with Spectrum. I get “sorry, not available, our technicians are working on the problem” online responses when I try to log in. My cell battery died as I listened to the ubiquitous “We appreciate your business, you are a valued customer” loop. I left Spectrum an email and a callback number; it produced crickets. That is why I’m researching on this site to find decent internet and TV.

    • Scott T.

      Thanks for checking out. So is your TV/Internet package officially with Spectrum, or is still under Bright House? We haven’t reviewed Bright House yet, but we have reviewed Spectrum (we liked their internet service more than their TV service). Are there any other providers in your area you’re considering?

      • Warren

        We are grandfathered to Brighthouse prices, but we automatically got the 60 MBPS “upgrade” from 50 MBPS. My original email message was finally returned on a Sunday afternoon. That $500 buy-out sounds patently unfair, as all existing customers are being shafted by the inducement for a few new customers; the cost is spread onto all our subscriptions.

        I am at a loss as to why “existing” customers are shut out of discount pricing available only to new customers. Newspaper delivery is a great example. Our local Orlando rag offers new customers $10-$12 a year (yes year) for a Sunday-Thursday newspaper delivery. When they try to raise it after a year, they will “back down” and offer a second year, usually for about $15. After that, the annual subscription is about $65.00. Because all the supplementary ads (grocery, WalMart, Target, etc.) are on line, and TV and Drudge supply the news, I find most of the newspaper ends up wrapping dog accidents or in the recycle bin. So I cancelled it. After about 6 months, I may “re-qualify” for their $10 annual price again.

        I am seriously thinking of finding an internet-only service at about 25 MBPS and using rabbit ears (free local) A movie service (HBO or STARZ) and Sling at $20/month for TV and a Walmart-like “landline” service for $10 per month that runs over the internet. The only channel I will miss on this configuration is CNBC, but I want to cut the cord from these 100-200-300 channel packages when I only watch a limited array of channels. Any suggestions?

        • Scott T.

          If it’s internet-only service, we’d go with Verizon Fios, Optimum, or Suddenlink. Even Comcast XFINITY is a pretty good option if it’s internet-only. You can also start by finding what’s actually available in your area by going to

          We do use HBO GO and feel mostly positive about it (we might review it in the future). And the same can be said of Sling; we have one team member who’s used it for a year, and he would recommend it.

          We’re not sure there’s much use for landline service these days, but if you haven’t taken a look at Google Voice, check it out. It might work as an alternative, and it’s “free.”

          Also, from what we see, CNBC is available on Sling.

          • Warren

            I have an update on the BrightHouse/Spectrum merger… or is it a fiasco? Yes Spectrum tests out at 57MBps out of a promised upgrade to 60, but their billing procedures are indescribable. When I try to create an online account, they ask for an account number, “which can be found on your monthly bill.” Hard to find when I haven’t received a bill, either on line or in snailmail. Somewhere in their labyrinth of clicks, I found an 800 number to get my account number and a PIN. Try as I might, the account number doesn’t exist. To further complicate things, Spectrum detects my old BH account and tells me to move it to Spectrum, then puts me to a screen asking for — you guessed it — my Spectrum Account number. The only contact I get from Spectrum is their nasty “pay your bill” phone calls, not emails where I can view what is going on. Oh well.

            Methinks I will try to get an internet-only account using your recos and Sling. For mobile I use Boost Mobile, opne line, and pay $30/mo for unlimited Text/Talk/Data. I like the comfort of a landline as well, and that can run VoIP for next to nothing. I just hate getting new numbers when I shift providers as I have to change all my friend and business contacts. Can 25MBps handle HBO, NetFlix and streaming?

  • Jim Dowson

    I think you have a typo – 768 Mbps (or did you mean Kbps)?

    • Scott T.

      Thanks for the catch! We fixed it.

  • Roger

    Thanks for the review. Can you answer a couple questions about the picture quality on charter? What is the HD signal broadcast at? 1080i or or 720P? (before it gets to the box). Also what is the streaming HD signal resolution before gets to the box? Last question is what type of compression are they using? Thanks

    • Scott T.

      It looks like this comment was meant for Charter Spectrum TV and not Charter Internet. Would you mind posting your question on the Charter TV Review? Here’s the link: That way other people can see your questions as well.


  • Scooter

    It appears the Charter Spectrum has many unsolved issues. The special modem you must use has been on back order and the followup information about this is awful.I have received 4 delivery promises and still do not have it. It seems the will tell you anything just to get it off their desk.The supervisor seems to rattle on a 100 miles an hour and basically say nothing. I guess if you talk long enough and fast enough it doesn’t sound like you are reading a prepared script.

  • ralph richardson

    Honestly I’ve been very happy with Time Warner/Spectrum. I have their 300mps internet and it always runs great. I run a Ark game server from my home and people are playing games and watching Netflix on computers at the same time. Granted, I’m less than a block away from the ISP……………

  • hanime

    It was kind of tricky because of the small print on their ads. With the bundle, it’s actually $29.99/month EACH bundled item. So if you have internet + cable tv + phone, that’s $29.99×3/month.

  • hanime

    That’s sad to hear. In Dallas, TX, they have better prices and speeds than ATT U-Verse. It’s TWC Spectrum here.

  • Adam Kennedy

    that was indeed most helpful in many lights. thank you Scott Teran for a truly insightful piece of literature. i do hope you continue writing these reviews, or in similarity too. i believe you are quite good. bye now

    • Janith Murrell

      Adam Kennedy: Your response to Miguel Frias makes no sense at all. Are you a robot? This isn’t intended to be funny.

      • Keith Bingaman

        Adam kennedy, I found your respond degrading and insulting. You should be ashamed.

  • Adam Kennedy

    im sorry you have had a negative experience. but thank you for passing on your struggles.

  • Janith Murrell

    There are no charges for equipment because the equipment is so old that it frequently breaks down. No only that but it looks like early 1980s equipment, big and ugly. For 2 1/2 years they have said that they will spend the money for equipment upgrades but they haven’t as yet. I have a weekly call with Charter concerning the malfunction of the day (not recording programmed shows, cable deciding to not operate at all, snowy screens, etc etc etc. All service calls go the same way: they send signal to reset the cable, that doesn’t work, then they tell me they haven’t the foggiest idea why). If there is any possible alternative to Charter Spectrum internet or cable for you, take it. It doesn’t make any difference how crappy it is it will be far better than Charter Spectrum. TIP: In order to get past the 20 minute menu with a detour to a virtual assistant then to a live chat (that I swear is a virtual assistant also) you need to say a couple of curse words. Example: “Customer service, customer service, customer service, assistant assistant, agent agent G*D M***er FKN Customer Service.” The reason for this is that computer assistant that controls the menu is programmed to disregard whatever you say unless you say a few very obscene words that it will interpret to mean that you have gone over the edge and may cancel your service. Then you will be allowed to talk to a human being whose sole purpose is to allow you to vent your rage at the company’s lousy service. Then they’ll say they’re sorry for the 100th time and then say “Have a good day!” Really, if you’re the type of person who likes to hit themselves in the head with a hammer on a weekly basis, this is the service for you.

  • Tony Price

    I’m a cord cutter so, while I have not seen actual bandwidth usage, I would guess my monthly data usage to be relatively high. Moreover, I also use Amazon Drive and I have had no problems or complaints from Charter. This is my second go around with Charter. The first time, the Paul Allen days and bankruptcy, it seemed each month there was an increase in my bill of some sort. Customer service and tech support were abysmal. So, I left for AT&T with their DSL service but their lack of bandwidth drove me back to Charter after they had emerged from bankruptcy. It’s been a total turnaround for me. Their customer service is perfectly acceptable and my internet connection has virtually never been disrupted. This is with the added bonus of getting more bandwidth than I actually pay for. in past times they had, and deserved, a black eye. In my experience that is no longer true. My only minor complaint would be concerned with higher upload speeds. Despite this you can color me a happy camper.

  • Slayer_Fil

    Regular price for internet only just went up to $65/month

  • Sam Pecor

    Count yourself lucky. I signed on 10 days before they switched their services from Time Warner to Spectrum, even though the physical location in Portland, Maine, had all the signs up and everything. I was told they’d honor the online promo for the 60 mbps for $54.99 as opposed to the retail price of $64.99. I just got my first bill and guess which one it was?

    To make matters worse I referenced the online price to see new customers get it for TWENTY DOLLARS ($20) less than existing Time Warner Cables (how’s that for a slap in the face?) at $44.99 vs my $64.99. After some arguing over the phone and an obnoxious low level representative who told me upon being asked for their manager: “They’re just going to say the same thing. Don’t waste your time.”

    While on the phone with the manager, I discovered the list price of the 60 mbps locally is $59.99, NOT $64.99! I told her this and she explains that must be a mistake through a local retailer, but thanks for pointing it out! I also was repeatedly berated, being told “We can lower your price down to $54.99 but that will also lower your speeds” NO S**T!!!

    From bad to worse I guess it is. Got to love monopolies, and here in Maine 60 mbps is the highest we can get so we’re stuck with these con artists.

  • ralph richardson

    I live in Moreno valley, California. I guess it also helps I’m about a block and a half from their building!

  • Todd Perry

    GREAT internet, phone and tv but TERRIBLE email service.
    DO NOT US THEIR EMAIL through the browser !Their email is the slowest that I have ever used through a browser with times I can not even log in. Search option for emails does NOT work at all and if you try to use it it WILL most of the time lock you out and will not allow the page to reload and makes it EXTREMELY hard to look for older emails that you have to do one page at a time with NO way to jump to a certain page or date.
    –Their email service through the browser is hands down the WORST I haves seen in the 30 years I have been on the internet and this is coming from a 25 year computer tech that sets up networks and email accounts for people.

  • Tyler Adkins

    After the merger with TWC my price increased and the preformance/service is about the same or worse. The speed increase is useless as there is almost no available bandwidth during peak hours. There are also intermittent (every 45-60 second) lag spikes throughout the 11am-1pm timeframe (Central time zone) almost daily.

  • Scott T.

    We’ve discussed this quite a bit, and we decided to grade on a curve. That means we rate ISPs against other ISPs, and in general, ISPs have a lot to improve. It’s kind of like how a C student stands out when the class average is a D. Many people come here looking for the best of what’s available (emphasis on what’s available), and we want to help them find it. Does that make sense?

  • Daniel Garrett Irwin

    I have heard horror stories about Spectrum TV, but their internet service is actually good. I actually had no technical problems to speak of.

  • robbyrobs

    They say theres no modem fee but yet I get billed for using theirs. Spectrum is still garbage to this day, changing the name of the company doesn’t change how crappy of a service we get. As always thanks Time Warner.

  • Damay Foo

    I tried to sign up with Spectrum but they had a glitch in the system. No worries said they would fix it and call me back in 24 hours. 10 days later and 8 calls to them… (they never called me back.) Now they are saying maybe they will call me back 6 days from now. This is just to sign me up not set up Internet service. Thanks for wasting my time. Going with someone else

  • TenaciousJ

    Not sure what time frame that information is from but Charlotte has Spectrum (Charter) now after they took over TWC’s coverage area, and they dropped TWC’s previous top bandwidth of 300mbps down to 100mbps as the max available within a couple of months of merging. Meanwhile, ATT fiber is available at asynchronous gigabit speeds for about the same price ($80 a month internet only for 1000mbps up and down vs. like $70-80 for 100mbps/20mbps at charter) But with ATT you’re stuck with DirecStatic which is lame. I wish Google would get back on their fiber wagon and start spreading unified fiber internet and tv service again. Glad I got grandfathered in at 300mbps… looks like it’s gonna be a while before the network improves.

  • Angela Meng

    worst experience ever!!! they wasted me 4 hours without sending any technician, and today they wasted me another 4 hours without any help!!!! someone in the call center (844-849-0145) named Kevin who claimed himself as the supervisor, however, after the conversation with him, he didn’t contact me anymore!!! i was waiting for his reply!!! NEVER EVER GO FOR SPECTRUM!!!

  • Karen Shell

    Why do they keep raising prices and service is not very good. The guide has been showing the wrong programs or it’s always unavailable so you can’t see what’s on. Get it together Spectrum. Getting to be to expensive to watch TV anymore:(

  • James Hinman

    I noticed nothing was mentioned about customers with a voice/data plan being limited to the option of ONE modem, while other ISP’s support the “new standard” of modems requiring only a coaxial connection.

    Looking at the list of approved modems, not a single one is compatible with voice. The TM822 may be adequate for some with 8×4 bonded, but not when it’s a very large home with 5 or 6 occupants linking multiple devices simultaneously. Telephony modems supporting docsys 3.0 were quite scarce, but there is now a good handful that Charter simply won’t approve.

    Customer service is extremely inconsistent. Each time you call, you will be told different things that conflict with previous calls. I was told a tech could come out and install an adapter to separate voice from data. Next call claimed there was no such device. I am quite knowledgeable and capable of obtaining and installing this adapter, but a third call insists I must pay for tech to come out and evaluate the situation, then be advised of the solution’s cost.

    3 “phone transfers” into a call, each one supposed to be tech, and the last person I talk to did not know what an R11 jack is.. or a “phone port.” That’s like hiring someone to work the front of a bowling center with no clue what a bowling ball is.

    This is my favorite, though. Want to upgrade your speed? With no equipment change, it’s a $200 switch fee.. plus termination of any existing bundle pricing and initiates full cost pricing.

    To upgrade from 60mbps to 100mbps! But what is the advertised “minimum speed” for basic internet? 100mbps at the same price existing customers are paying to remain at 60mbps.. nearly half the speed of new customers “basic minimum.”

    4 out of 5 stars is a joke, and based on no real figures. If they weren’t set up like a monopoly and competition was present, there would not be any customers left to give reviews and ratings. Try looking at the reviews on their own website. You will scroll through long strings of 1 stars before catching a 3 star. Everyone wants the same thing.. any alternative at all aside from DSL.

    They are not a good company because they don’t have to be, unfortunately.

  • Rob

    Internet goes out at least 3 times a week and is currently out now for me. It’s always like this and they’re totally a rip off because of it. I would rate them a 1 start for high speeds at most.

  • Patty Ramirez

    They have the worst customer service. Called to inquire pricing. The man I spoke with was rude since the beginning of the call, tone of voice was rude he didn’t even really want to tell me much on different pricing. And when I said I’d call back he just said mmhhmmm and clicked on me. How rude! Get better people to work there!!! Definetly will not be getting any type of service with them.

  • Adam Schoonover

    Horrible horrible HORRIBLE customer service!!!! After over 5 years I canceled my high speed internal, cable, phone and security. Their unwillingness to admit that its even possible to make a mistake there or to be willing to correct it to keep a customer it just sad.

  • FBooker

    I recently canceled services after moving to a new home. When I called Spectrum to cancel services, I requested the option to mail my equipment to Spectrum and was told that I should deliver the equipment to a Spectrum location since I was local. After a week of trying, I contacted Spectrum again and explained that I was unable to make it to a Spectrum location during business hours as my work hours made it impossible. Once again, I requested to mail my equipment. I was told that I could mail the equipment, but Spectrum would not send me boxes since my account was already closed. I mentioned that I requested to mail the equipment before closing the account and was told there was nothing that could be done since the account was now closed.
    If Spectrum is not willing to work with costumers to return equipment via mail, they should have better business hours for working costumers needing to drop off equipment at a store location.

  • Geo Rankin

    Spectrum will not fix my cable. It has been macroblocking for almost three months now and they can’t get it fixed. I have made 18 phone calls just in the past two weeks and spent hours, yes, HOURS on the phone trying to get this resolved. Last, I spoke with a supervisor, Mariana Kroger (guessing spelling) from the Melbourne office and was assured at least a phone call by yesterday. I still have unwatchable cable and zero communication from this company. This company could care less about it’s customers while charging premium prices for service…THERE IS NO SERVICE…tv wise or customer service wise. Get yourself a Roku or something. This simply isn’t worth the hassle.

  • Janolyn Jackson

    This is the worse cable company ever. Integrity is not a core value of the company. I was promised a $50 credit then a $105 credit and after checking my bill online and didn’t see any credit I had to reach out to a supervisor. I had to call 4 times before I was able to get in contact with a supervisor. When I finally reached a supervisor she told me that I would only be eligible for a $12 dollar credit. I had to explain to her how insulting that is being that I was offered an initial credit of $50 dollars. She offered me a $34 dollar credit and I told her that is not acceptable. Considering I had multiple service calls and Jennifer (the supervisor) was very insensitive to the amount if interruptions in service I had and did not honor what was initial offered to me. I am glad I am not in a contract with Spectrum and I will be disconnecting my service and moving to DirectTV or Dish.

  • Janolyn Jackson

    I totally agree with your opening statement. Charter Spectrum has definitely made Time Warner Cable into something worse.

  • Cory Guidry

    Boy, many people complaining about their low mb speeds and I’m stuck with u-verse dropping down to 900 bytes a sec and caps at around 250 KBps. Thought I get it, it is disappointing not getting the expected speeds you had paid for. AT&T told us that the problem was our like 30+ year old copper lines that were placed by bellsouth, though they aren’t required to fix it. They apparently don’t have a minimum speed requirement here either. The speed fluctuates atbetween all times and every time we test we get a completely different reading.that is way off from the last. I just called Charter to install their service here this coming Wednesday because I found out that I could still get Charter service for myself while the rest of the family keeps their AT&T TV service since they can all use the DVRs to watch recorded shows. Hopefully it solves my problem. If not, then I will just have to wait till some day when fiber comes here, if it does ever come.

  • dhw423

    internet is slow, cable is snowy at times, phone cuts out too, cost is outrageous, cost went up after they bought out Time Warner, they dont work with you on the billing date, being that i am on a fixed income and get paid once a month, they wouldnt change it to the day of the month i get paid, customer service is not always helpful, sometimes i feel like im talking to a recorded script. I wouldnt refer them to anyone, find a better deal folks, this one sucks

  • cyberb0b

    And you think they have that information here? smh

  • Susan Jones

    NY state has 3 more years under Time Warner cable. Who do i make my check out to TWC. I had 2 techs there level 3 techs come to my home for slow and outage of my internet still happens.They can’t deliver the modem speed they lie and come up with a excuse. When the modem is down or don’t work properly my phone service I can’t use. Let go to cable I have 6 channels including the spectrum news channel these channels you get a black screen..No sound.break up in pictures. Charter Ceo made 99 M in 2016. Charter and bright house still going through the FCC. There service is bad they don’t care there scamming people out over money month after month. Why should any customers pay for poor service at full price.. It’s charter greed..

  • Battlestar

    I believe the 44.99 internet is only for new customers So if you are a loyal existing customer you get the shaft

  • Ira Kennedy

    The Basic package has fewer free channels than Dish or Direct. As a former Dish customer I know that is a fact. The internet speed is excellent. The draw back is that if bundled when one service goes out you loose tv, internet and phone. It has been a total pain in the butt since installation. wish I was back on Dish!

  • Think Outside

    Just got my Internet-only bill… going up 33%. I’ve got an ‘old’ (3 years) 3mbps @ $15/mo. Spectrum is raising it to $20 a month. Until the TWC takeover, there were speeds of 6mbps, 15mbps, 50mbps and up to 300mbps. Now, there’s only 65mbps for $65/mo… unless you are a ‘business’ and new customers can get 100mbps for $44.99/mo for 12 months. ‘Chatting’ with Customer service: they offered to upgrade me to 100mbps for $65/mo… higher speed (100 vs 65) for the same price as a week ago – probably a promotion that will bite me in a year. Personally, I think the cable companies should be forced to breakup into hardware (cables) and service, just like electric companies. That’s the only way take down the monopoly.

  • Dalia

    The worst Cable Service EVER since they’ve taken over Time Warner Cable! They’re prices are extremely high they’re inconsiderate to the customers in lowering their rates. It’s disgusting. We live in a community of low income families. They’re VERY money hungry too without a doubt!! 😡😡😡 I wouldn’t recommend anyone to signing up with Spectrum plus their channel line up is screwed up trust me on that for every package Tier 1 is a high fee for
    Channels one wants and than to make it complicated they’ve decided to add a Tier 2 in mixing all the channels so you can pay more. How screwed up is that. Think long
    and hard if you want to sign up with these losers!! Their services internet is slow and sucks trust me on that!

  • Dalia

    Thank you least I have some concept I’m not the only one who thinks THIS way!!!

  • Keith Phillips

    TWC seems to be getting worse since becoming Spectrum. Had 2 outages in 5 days, may have to call Frontier back This is not acceptable!

  • Christophus Johnson

    Don’t know about the service being offered or provided mainly bc if you move into an apartment that had service and the previous customer left without paying, you cannot get service in that apartment. I moved my daughter from Atlanta to westchester calif to start a career with a consultant firm, which require her having access to a wifi connection, and after proving that she Is the new tenant in the apartment, service is still being denied, ordinarily if another service provider was available we would be there, subsequently if her job is terminated because of her failure to do what is expected of her, this will not be the end of this story.

  • Bobby Johnson

    Internet speed is acceptable when it’s working. I have outages / blackouts regularly. Also they upped my monthly bill with 10 dollars without any notice or my consent. This reallly dissapointed me. Only reason I’m with them is because in this fairly rural area they are the main provider.

  • Das Towers

    I tried to cancel my service with Charter. They continued to charge me for four months until I caught on. Their marketing callers kept telling me that I was nolonger being charged until one of them slipped and mentioned that they had also double my monthly rate. When I called to complain, I was told that since none of the calls (marketing or for cancellation) were time stamped there wasn’t much they could do. Additionally, they are also going to charge me for a modem I was told I didn’t have to bother returning because it was an older model.

    Charter has great internet, but will screw you out of as much money as possible.

  • Andrew Stern

    I’m paying for Charter Spectrum’s High-speed Internet. I’m paying $44.99/mo and I typically hit speeds of 130M or higher.

    I’ve had to call every couple months to have them send a reset code to my modem, but I purchased my own, and twice it was after power outtages (storm season in St. Louis). So, this might not be a long-term issue.

    Honestly, my biggest complaint with Charter Spectrum is they keep calling me trying to sucker me into the bundle package. I cut the cord 6 months ago, and I haven’t had a home phone line in 12 years.

    If Charter would give me a website where I can click radio buttons to select/deselect channels I do/don’t want at will, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. But I will no longer pay for garbage that I’m not willing to consume. That’s how ESPN got so powerful, and why professional sports in general has gotten so insanely expensive.

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