AT&T U-verse Internet Review

AT&T’s GigaPower fiber internet has some of the fastest speeds in the nation.

AT&T’s GigaPower fiber internet has some of the fastest speeds in the nation.
Overall Rating4 out of 5
Data Caps:
150 GB–1 TB
Contract Terms:
1 yr. minimum

THE BOTTOM LINE: AT&T covers a wide range of users with a range of packages from basic to premium across DSL, cable, and fiber optic networks. Speeds range from 768 Kbps all the way up to 1 GB. High data caps mean even large families won’t have overages. Although their pricing is a bit higher than average, they provide fast and reliable service for 21 states.

Is it Right for Me?


  • If you need high data caps
  • If you want to pair internet and TV
  • If AT&T’s fiber network is available (1 GB speeds)


  • If you’re in a remote or rural location
  • If you’ll exceed the data caps

AT&T U-verse pricing and plans

DSL, cable, and fiber optic internet—Oh my! 

Below we’ve broken down AT&T’s plans into cable/fiber offers and DSL offers. If it seems like too many options, it’s helpful to keep in mind that not all plans will be available in your area, check online or call an agent.

AT&T Pricing and Plans

PlanDownload SpeedAdvertised PriceDetails
Max12 Mbps$40/moView Plan
Max Plus18 Mbps$50/moView Plan
Max Turbo24 Mbps$50/moView Plan
Power45 Mbps$60/moView Plan
75 (or Power Plus)75 Mbps$70/moView Plan
GigaPower 100100 Mbps$60*/moView Plan
GigaPower 300300 Mbps$70/moView Plan
GigaPower 1Gbps1000 Mbps$80/moView Plan

Updated 8/19/16. Pricing and availability may change depending on location.  Advertised prices often vary depending on location, promo offer, bundling options, customer history, and more. GigaPower plans effective until October 22, 2016. *Requires My Preferences Agreement

For internet service only, AT&T offers a wide range of plans with max speeds up to 1 GB. The majority of the plans are cable internet, with the lower speeds. The GigaPower plans are part of the Fiber Optic network, which still has limited availability.  AT&T’s GigaPower plans are actually competitive. AT&T’s 300 Mbps plan (GigaPower 300) goes for $70 per month, whereas similar plans from Verizon and Comcast have prices closer to $150 per month. In fact, the GigaPower (1 Gbps) plan has the best speed-to-cost ratio of the plans we’ve reviewed (so far).

AT&T U-verse DSL plans




Advertised price
Advertised price
Advertised price
Regular price
Regular price
Regular price
Download speed
768 Kbps
Download Speed
1.5 Mbps
Download speed
3 Mbps

Note: AT&T’s older DSL technology is still out there, which means slower speeds. Clarify with your agent which service you’re getting. One quick tip is to see if they offer the U-verse Triple Play with internet, voice, and TV, which indicates the newer, faster service.

Don’t be mistaken—although DSL plans aren’t ideal for heavy online gaming or multiple users watching HD video streams, the plans are perfect for casual users who simply browse the internet and check email. You can probably get away with the 3 and 6 Mbps plans if you’re just doing light gaming or a single video stream.

When it comes to getting a good deal, we found that similar providers charged less for roughly the same download speeds and data caps. For example, the AT&T Power (45 Mbps) plan’s advertised price is $70 per month, whereas Comcast and SuddenLink both offer similar plans for $50 per month.

Bundles: U-verse internet + TV plans

With AT&T you can combine your high-speed internet with either U-verse TV or DIRECTV options, depending on your location. Most bundled TV packages include up to two receivers and a U-verse Total Home DVR.

Although bundling increases your overall price, you save money on the individual services. AT&T advertises that you get a $30 per month value with bundling. Most bundles offered by AT&T come with bonus “rewards cards” up to $450. These reward cards arrive within 4 weeks after service is activated.  These cards can be used to pay for AT&T products and services, or used anywhere that accepts VISA.

To add U-verse Voice Unlimited, AT&T’s add-on phone service, it’s an additional $9.99 per month for the first 24 months. You cannot get U-Verse Voice Unlimited by itself, you must bundle it with phone or TV service. AT&T’s standard home phone service starts at $26 per month.

What’s the real price?

You must opt into Internet Preferences, an information sharing program with advertisers, to get the GigaPower Premier offer, which drops the monthly price from $99 to $70. AT&T claims your information won’t be sold. They also say you “won’t necessarily receive more ads”—only ads better suited to your interests. Only later do they explain that you won’t just see ads online, but also receive emails and direct mail (as in physical mail in your mailbox), all based on your browsing habits.

Megaphone Megaphone

Heads Up

Heads Up

GigaPower plans from AT&T offer a $20–$30 discount, but you have to agree to “My Preferences,” which gives consent for AT&T to share your habits with advertisers who will directly market to you. On the one hand, you save up to $30 a month by opting for the “Premier Offer,” which is quite significant. On the other hand, some users have expressed concern over this tactic, claiming that it’s a steep price to pay to maintain your privacy.

Hidden fees

Be aware of the following fees:

  • Early termination fee (ETF): If you agree to a contract, you only have 14 days to cancel your services and return your equipment. Early Termination Fees can be upwards of $180 depending on how long you’ve been in the contract.
  • Activation fee: AT&T advertises activation fees of $50 for both TV and internet. Activation is usually consolidated into one $50 fee if bundled. The fee may be waived altogether if you order standalone internet online.
  • Installation: AT&T claims to have a $99 installation fee, but most promotional offers waive the fee. We do recommend professional installation, but you may be able to set up your services without help (AT&T provides self-installation guides here).


AT&T provides your wireless router and wireless gateway, which deliver all of your U-verse services to the rooms in your home network in a safe and secure way. The technician will try to put it in a place that minimizes wireless dead spots.

If you don’t have a modem already, you can rent one from AT&T for $10 a month (waived with some plans). Or you can buy your own wireless modem for less than $100, which gives you the benefit of having more control over the speed you’re getting and avoiding any possible leasing fees or non-return fees. If you do have a router, you can contact an AT&T U-verse representative to see if it’s compatible with the plan you want.

Is AT&T U-verse available near you?


A wide range of speeds allows every user to stay within budget.

AT&T U-verse’s download speeds range from 768 Kbps to 1 Gbps (.768 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps).

AT&T covers the gamut of DSL and high speed internet via cable, and it is expanding its fiber optic network. Anything labeled “GigaPower” is AT&T’s 100% fiber-optic network, which is great for gamers and HD video streamers. With these high speeds, AT&T U-verse ensures that the majority of your downloads, even HD movies, will finish in under a minute, if not less than 10 seconds.

Heads up:

Internet speeds are not guaranteed.The factors you should consider are:

  • Multiple users

  • Computer hardware and software

  • Modem

Below are the FCC’s minimum broadband speed requirements for a single user.

Activity (single user)Minimum Download Speed
Web browsing1 Mbps
Watching video4 Mbps
Video conferencing 4 Mbps
Online gaming5 Mbps


AT&T U-verse plans have more than enough data 

Data is a measure of the information coming to your home, and some companies have caps or limitations on data, which from their perspective benefits the customer because other users can’t hog all the bandwidth the company can provide to a specific area.

AT&T recently changed its data caps in March 2016, so now most plans offer 300 GB.  According to AT&T, “300 GB is far more data than a vast majority of customers use in a month. An average AT&T High Speed Internet customer uses just over 100 GB of data per month.”

PlanData Cap
DSL Plans150 GB
768 Kbps–6 Mbps300 GB
12 Mbps–75 Mbps600 GB
100 Mbps–1 Gbps1 TB

As with speeds, your data is affected by the Internet of Things. The more devices connected to your network, the more data you’ll use. If you have a large family where every member has at least a cell phone, if not another laptop or tablet, you may want to consider a higher data plan.

AT&T provides a data calculator for customers, so you can estimate how much data you will need. In the example below, you’ll see that even the DSL plans are still unlikely to go over data caps. The majority of plans have at least 300 GB, and most users will do okay with ~100 GB of data a month. HD video uses far more data than other activities, so consider how many people watch it on a regular basis in your household.As with speeds, your data is affected by the Internet of Things. The more devices connected to your network, the more data you’ll use. If you have a large family where every member has at least a cell phone, if not another laptop or tablet, you may want to consider a higher data plan.

What if I hit the limit?

AT&T wants to give customers the benefit of the doubt if they’ve underestimated their data usage: Your first two data overages are free, which we haven’t seen with other providers. After that, if you go over your plan’s data cap, you’ll pay $10 for each additional 50 GB. Note: you can add up to $100 per month, which translates to 500 GB total.

Customer Support

AT&T internet has 99.9% reliability 

The American Customer Satisfaction Index gave AT&T U-verse a score of 64 this year; in 2016 it was 69. This 7% decrease may be a result to transitional difficulties after the merger with DIRECTV, or they could be slipping. The average for this year was 64, so they’re not falling behind per se, but they’re just average, not outstanding in this field.

JD Power & Associates rates AT&T pretty high compared to other providers. The average score was 3.15, the only other internet brand we reviewed who scored better on the list was Verizon Fios.

AT&T customer service

AT&T’s customer service is easy to deal with. On two different occasions, I asked direct questions regarding availability and specified I was not interested in purchasing anything. I wasn’t rushed or pushed to buy; they were hassle-free and provided the information in a timely way and ensured my questions were answered thoroughly.

Finding and visiting an AT&T U-verse store for support should be easy enough. Our search yielded 12 different stores in roughly a 5-mile radius from our service location—a benefit for customers who don’t want to face unreturned equipment fees.

Extra features

The optional AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee features anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection, as well as a pop-up catcher and parental controls. McAfee’s site advisor gives a security rating for websites and warns of potential threats. AT&T additionally provides 11 email accounts with virtually unlimited storage, also protected from security threats.

Although they advertise it and recommend it, we would personally avoid the AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar. In general, toolbars not only bog down your browser, but they’re also filled with spam-like advertisements. It’s not worth the convenience to have so many gadgets, extensions, or otherwise extras packed into your browser. We’d recommend minimizing your needed applications and extensions to the strictly necessary.

The takeaway

AT&T U-verse internet is for (nearly) everyone.

AT&T U-verse covers everyone’s internet needs in terms of both speeds and prices with a wide range of services that just about anybody can find a plan that suits them.


Our Recommendation: AT&T U-verse GigaPower (1 Gbps)

AT&T offers the 1 Gbps plan at a great bang for your buck, assuming you give up some privacy for the $30 per month discount. For power users, this is what you need to ensure lag-free gaming, quick HD movie downloads, and enough bandwidth for a large household to handle.

Other great options:

  • If you have access to cable internet only, we recommend the AT&T U-verse Power (45 Mbps) plan. At about $60 per month, you get high speeds and all the data you need (even for multiple users).
  • If you’re looking for a bundled package, we suggest the U300 TV plan (75 Mbps). You’ll get all the popular channels and sports with fast internet speeds. You can also add phone service for only $10 per month. We chose the 75 Mbps internet in the bundle because of its cost efficiency.

AT&T U-verse unavailable? Find an ISP near you.

  • Scott T.

    You’re welcome.

  • Fill2

    Are you sure you were talking to AT&T customer service? They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. You cant understand what they are saying and they wont go off script and actually talk to you. After holding for 30 minutes to find out why the installer had not showed up for the second time, I was disconnected. Upon calling them again with the same results, I found myself screaming. I have never screamed about customer service before dealing with AT&T and I am 61. 4 days later they showed up. Internet service is horrible. Have had service out and they can never find anything wrong. But you should at least be able to watch Netflix if no one else is doing something. Just keeps loading…. Getting ready to change to Time Warner since we are coming to our year end.

  • Claire AwesomeSauce

    My experience has been very different.I’m on a 18Mbps plan and after two phone calls to customer service and two technicians coming out to the house, I still can’t get more than 5Mbps for most of the day. All of the speed tests that I run show wild fluctuation too, ranging from 11Mbps to 0.5Mbps averages throughout any given hour.

  • Jason

    AT&T has the worst customer service period. If you are looking at this review for help, I do not have a suggestion on who to go with but definitely would not suggest AT&T for customer service, cable internet, or even cable television.

  • Sarah Williams

    I have been a U-verse customer for over 4 years and each year after my contract is up they try to jack my bill up around $40. This was not a big deal for a while because I would call them and they would give me a promotion to knock my bill back down close to what it was when I originally signed up making my bill usually in the $130’s for 2 tv’s with DVRs (no HBO Uverse 200) and internet. Now my bill is in the $170s and they say they cannot find a promotion to help get it back down. Mind you, I have 2 accounts with them at 2 different homes and they are refusing to help me get my monthly bill down. Very disappointing considering I have recommended U-verse to 3 ppl who ended up going with their company. Time to start searching for a new cable company!!

  • lakeguygb .

    Unfortunately, ATT advertises things they can’t deliver. When you complain, they say it’s your equipment. I have been forced to use them twice as they were only option. Once in a rural area, had 512K DSL, paid to upgrade to 3mb, for 1.2 at most, paid for 6 MB, got
    2.5 at most. Moved to a new city, one location had Mediacom 250MB down and ATT Bonded pair U-Verse 25MB down. The ATT rep told me there 25MB was as fast as 250MB as cable was a shared medium. lol, so is DSL/Uverse. After teller the ATT rep
    that everyone still hops on there backbone in the area, so it was shared too, she hung up on me.
    Moved to a new 244 unit complex, fiber fed. Ordered Gig internet. Same shit. They are feeding 48 units with a 2.4 gig fiber connection, and those 48 units are also streaming, using internet and have 2-4 TV watching HD TV which is also sharing that 2.4GB connection. Needless to say, best I have seen with GIG internet is about 250 down. Usually it is about 100 down and 200 up.

    There marketing is so out of bounds…

  • zd

    i have AT&T internet service it is probably one of the worst ISPs i have ever had the displeasure of having. i am a online gamer and i have never had to deal with more lag spikes and disconnects. i believe the plan i am under is for 18megs and on average i get about 6 wireless and wired directly i am lucky to have one day without any spikes. an average user probably would not notice these things because they only come in spikes every few minutes or so. there is also a problem where the latency just jumps to about 150-250ms for a test server that is less then a mile away from my home when this spike happens it happens for hours at a time. overall it has been very frustrating to deal with.

    • Mary Locke

      Hello. I was about to switch from Comcast to AT&T fiber. My sons are both gamers and when they are each online, one or the other is lagging. In the meantime, I am in my room unable to watch my Roku stick because they are gaming. Which network did you end up switching to?

  • Joe Tuck

    Horrible, horrible customer service! I signed up for the 50Mbps service with a $40 monthly rate. Technician came out and said no way could I get better than 18Mbps. Called AT$T to cancel same day and they said “sorry you are under contract” and then they told me my rate was $60 per month!! These people are the most incredible liars I have ever seen in what used to be a reputable business name like AT&T. LIARS, LIARS, HUGE LIARS!!!!!

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