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Why do we do it? Because we’re customers too. We know how hard it is to find the real price, to get the best service, and to make our money stretch the furthest. We’re experts, and we’re here to help.

Scott Teran

Staff Writer

Scott is a staff writer for He has an MS in technical communication and is an experienced content creator. In his free time, Scott likes to figure out how things work … even if it means breaking them.


Trevor Wheelwright

Staff Writer

Trevor is a staff writer for with a degree in Creative Writing and Communications from Weber State University. A minimalist at heart, he refrains from purchasing anything until it’s been thoroughly processed for cost and functionality. With that in mind, he strives to find the balance between “less is more” and “getting the most for your money.”


Caitie Giauque

Editor & Writer

Caitie is an editor for with a background in copywriting and editing. She graduated from BYU with a degree in English language and a minor in editing. Caitie knows how to get a good deal and wants to make sure everyone knows the best way to save a buck.


Vilja Johnson

Editor & Writer

Vilja is an editor for She has an MA in English and a background in writing, editing, and university instruction. Trying to sift through the fine print to find the best deals makes her furious, and she enjoys making that process less painful for others.


Paige Sjoblom

Community Manager

Paige is the Community Manager for She’s been building and engaging with online communities for over three years, always working to adapt to the changing social landscape. Paige loves the nature in which her job allows her to research, compare, and honestly review brands to better help save others time and money.


Heather Adams

Website Designer

Heather is a designer for with a degree in Graphic Design. She loves design, not for its own sake but for what it can do for people. Heather believes that in an environment that is always changing it is her job to observe and evolve to help others have a better experience with the world around them.


Kurt Michelson

Website Designer

Kurt is the Design Lead for, specializing in Interactive and UX design. He loves solving complex design problems, and believes design is the perfect balance of a product that is easy to learn, looks great, and is fun to use. His knowledge of User Experience Design also helps with every aspect of the Process, guiding customers to pick products that are not only a great deal, but products that are hassle free and easy to use.


Dave Gillette

Website Developer

Dave Gillette is the do it all developer for He has degrees in Multimedia and Web Design with a creative background in print and illustration. He finds inspiration everywhere and loves to bring the functional part to great design.


Kurt Alward

Website Manager

Kurt is the website manager for, helping to strategize content that targets new products and services to review. His goal is to make content easily digestible, allowing for quick intake and scanning while providing all of the necessary details needed to help consumers make the best purchasing decision.