Month: April 2016

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How to Choose a Premium Channel

adult friends on the couch watching premium television

Adding a premium channel is a great perk, but deciding between them is a headache. We’ll help you make the best choice.

How to Get TV on the Road

trailer and suburban at sunset

Preparing for an epic road trip this summer? Here’s how to take your TV service with you on the road.

MLB Extra Innings vs.

Amazing catch at a night game M.L.B.

What’s the best bet for baseball fans, MLB’s Extra Innings or See a rundown of pricing and number of games included in every subscription.

Cord Cutting Isn’t as Popular as You Think

Scissors cutting cables

Though cutting the cord is becoming more popular, it’s not necessarily all that much cheaper than your monthly cable or satellite bill.

Do You Need a DVR?

Not all DVRs are the same and there are lots of things to consider before taking the plunge. Do you need a DVR? Read on to find out.

Cable vs. Satellite TV Service | In-depth Comparison

Which is better: satellite or cable TV? Our experts put the options to the test and the verdict may surprise you.